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1991 Legend Coupe-New Timing Belt at 55K-Most Pampered in the World

For sale: 1991 Acura Legend Coupe

Technical specifications

Item location:
Fresno, California, United States
Engine size:
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
Sunroof, Leather Seats
Vehicle Title:
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ADDENDUM (12/10/15) -The local Acura dealership inspected and serviced my Legend last week. The front brake pads were down to 2mm, o they were replaced with new (10mm) Acura pads, nd I also had them resurface the front rotors ($400 total). The rear brake pads are at 7mm, o they were left alone. The car's fuel filter ($112) and air filter ($68) were replaced with new Acura parts. The spark plugs, hich have been in place since 1999 at the car's 60,000 mile service, ere inspected, nd they do not need to be replaced. The TIMING BELT was also inspected and found to not need replacement at this time. It and all 3 drive belts were replaced at 55,406 miles. My Legend passed the CA smog test on 12/12/15. Please see its tailpipe emission figures, elow. Its tags are good until August 2016.
ADDENDUM II (12/13/15) - Later today, will add to the bottom of the ad a summary of the service paperwork I have on the car, oing all the way back to its first oil change on 4/1/92. I look at lots of used cars on ebay, ust as you do - not because I buy and sell them, ut because I like cars - and I have learned to be cautious, ust as you are. As you can see, am not exaggerating when I say that this car has been babied. This is a very nice example of a second generation Legend Coupe. You are welcome to have it inspected by a local, rofessional mechanic we agree upon.
*** I want to sell my beautiful 1991 Acura Legend Coupe. It is a 2-owner car, hich I have owned since 1999. It is a 75,000 mile jewel. I have driven this car less than 12,000 miles in 16 years. That works out to about 20 hours behind the wheel per year. I just drove it to the gas station and put 10 gallons of premium in it, nd I was reminded of something important - this car feels like a new car. Tight? Yes. Rattles and squeaks? Nope. Drips on the garage floor? Not even one. What happens to a well-made car when it sits, overed, n a low-humidity garage, riven carefully by an adult every other weekend each month? IT DOESN'T AGE. If you are looking for an Acura coupe, ou need to consider mine. I am the car's second owner. I bought it from the original owner - an older local gal who almost literally only drove it to church and the store - in 1999. I doubt that it has has ever been out of CA. No RUST. All the paint is original. It has never been in an accident, nd has ALWAYS been garaged. I even rented a neighbor's garage slot for it for a few years 2002-2005 when I didn't have space for it at home. It has lived its entire life in Fresno CA - it has probably never even been rained on. I have EVERY dealer service record on the car since it was new - all the way back to its 7.5k mile service paperwork from 6/1/92.
The engine is a 3.2 liter V6 that produces 200 horsepower. The transmission is a 4-speed AT. It has the optional Ivory leather interior, hich is in amazing shape, s my several photos show. It has 4 NEW Goodyear Eagle GT V speed-rated tires ($800), hich were mounted just 2 months ago. It has a new Acura battery ($150), nstalled in October 2015. It got a new brake master cylinder and a new anti-lock brake pressure module when I bought it in 1999. I added the Acura Gold Package then. Except for oil and filter changes as needed, driver's door lock actuator, he master window switch, nd 1 new hood strut, othing else had been done to it while I have owned it until I had it service work done on it on 12/10/15 (see addendum). Why? Because nothing else has needed attention. Everything on the car works - radio system (AM/FM / casette) and power antenna - power driver's seat - radio and cruise buttons on the steering wheel - even the low fuel warning light. Please see the included AutoCheck report for information / documentation. Want to see a photo of something? Just ask.
My Legend is being offered elsewhere for sale. If it doesn't sell on eBay this time around, won't be offering it here again until next spring. This is a used car. It is being sold as-is and where-is, ith no warranty, ritten or verbal - except that I warrant that it has passed CA smog in the last 90 days and it has a clean CA title in my name. Contrary to what the listing says, his is only available to US buyers in the Lower 48 - it is not available to HI or AK buyers or to any foreign buyers. Thanks.
**Smog Check Info (6/20/15)
Test HC (ppm) CO (%) NO (%)
15 mph 76 25 0.50 0.01 767 5925 mph 58 16 0.40 0.05 706 174
**Summary of service history
date mileage work performed date mileage work performed
9/11/91 ______ Resistall paint 12/21/98 59,484 60K service LOF sealant applied new rear brake pads12/6/91 ______ lube, il, nd filter (LOF) new fuel filter 6/1/92 7,059 7.5K service LOF new air filter1/30/93 12,043 balance and rotate tires 5/11/99 62,198 new ABS pressure switch LOF 5/24/99 (62,309) smog check 9/15/93 16,773 15K service LOF 6/4/99 62,618 new ABS modulator compression check 6/16/99 _____ new Acura battery1/17/94 18,862 18,750 service LOF 7/14/99 62,678 4 new Michelins5/27/94 22,287 22.5K service LOF 7/17/99 62,697 4 wheel alignment7/16/94 23,517 smog check 2/19/00 62,743 LOF9/8/94 25,432 LOF 6/22/01 62,986 LOF12/19/94 27,126 LOF 6/20/02 63,154 smog check5/8/95 30,078 LOF 9/4/02 63,241 new master window switch10/30/95 34,525 new front brake pads 7/12/05 63,477 smog check10/31/95 34,544 LOF 7/17/08 67,721 new left hood strut LOF6/19/96 39,360 LOF 9/26/09 71,024 smog check8/10/96 ______ LOF 10/16/09 71,074 LOF10/2/96 41,105 LOF 4/7/10 71,971 left door lock actuator12/4/96 42,971 4 new Michelins 9/27/11 72,803 smog check 4 wheel alignment 4/30/12 72,937 LOF1/20/97 44,679 LOF 7/1/13 74,278 smog check4/17/97 46,605 balance tires 11/15/13 74,292 LOF5/28/97 48,134 LOF 6/20/15 74,380 smog check7/31/97 _____ rotate and balance tires 8/21/15 74,402 new Acura battery12/3/97 51,535 LOF 9/4/15 74,410 4 new Goodyear Eagles4/10/98 53,719 rotate and balance tires 12/10/15 74,423 new air filter6/18/98 55,332 LOF new fuel filter6/23/98 55,406 new TIMING BELT new front brake pads new drive belts resurface front rotors smog check 12/12/15 74,435 smog check8/10/98 56,598 rotate and balance tires

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