Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate, Nice Original Shape +$10K Truckload of Alfa Parts

For sale: 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider

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Savannah, Georgia, United States
Alfa Romeo
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We will start this out by uttering the cliche of "no good deed goes unpunished" and be done with it but not before I explain why I have this Alfa and why it has so many extra parts. The short story is that I received a phone call from a "friend" about an Alfa Spider and lots of parts located in Atlanta. The original story was that it was a Quadrofoglio, nice 1988 Spider and tons of vintage parts, ll I needed to do was pick them up. Yeah. Then as I am about to go and pick everything up plans shifted to "can you pay for the car and parts and I will pay you when you drop them off". Why do we ignore red flags such as these? Well idiot me knowing that I had not long ago paid him for a car figured cash was no problem with him plus the guy was old. You can trust old guys, ight? So I pick everything up, asting a day of my time and energy to pick the parts up and another day to bring them to him whereupon he tries to pay me with a check. Now we have a problem. If you can pay with a check certainly you can pay in cash, ell not with this character. After about an embarrassing 20 minutes of him trying to explain why he couldn't give me the cash but his check was good, had enough and inherited the lot of Alfa parts and car you see before you today.
As it turned out the Alfa was not a Quadrofoglio, t is however a pretty nice 1984 Spider with 90K miles. I bumped the front of it in a fit of rage when it wouldn't start and decided to push it with my Armada that was a little higher on the bumper than anticipated (see picture). The car runs and drives but since sitting the fuel pump has decided to call it quits. Rust is only on the rear top by the top trim (pictured). Trunk is dry and excellent as is the rest of the car. Wood steering wheel. Not museum quality by far but a nice driver. It's an Italian car, f you are still reading you understand what this means. It will run just fun on starting fluid, ut it gets very hard to steer and spray at 60 miles an hour so obviously you will need a trailer for this one. Well, ou'll need a trailer anyway as included in the price is a truckload (the white bread van pictured is full) of misc Alfa parts. I had them estimated at over $10K from a local Euro parts guy when I sold him some parts. I don't have the time to catalog, esearch, escribe and sell these parts individually so I am selling everything to an intrepid Alfa lover that will make lots of $ off this deal. Included are transmissions, umpers, auges, lectrical, runk lids, xhausts, adiators, ub caps, tc etc. I sold 3 pieces from this lot of thousands and made $450, here is a lot of money sitting here. I am not an Alfa guy so I know little of what is here other than the obvious pieces. All I want is my investment back which is the starting bid.
Please feel free to ask any questions and if you want to inspect the car and parts I will be glad to assist. The car is sold with a bill of sale from Georgia as it does NOT have a title as Georgia didn't need a title back then to register your car. Again, lease ask any questions and I will be glad to help.

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