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For sale: 1972 AMC Javelin

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Houston, Texas, United States
SST/AMX clone
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HAD gremlin sold(I thought), as kind of sad about it too, hen buyer's $ fell through because of his current Gremlin breaking down, e couldn't afford to fix his and pay me for mine.
SOOO, or short time remaining, 'm offering BOTH rare GREEN car's for $10,500.00!
I LOVE both because of their RARE GREEN color's and either I want both or neither(may sound weird I know but it's just how I feel).
So, f they sell they sell and if they don't, hey dont!
First off, really do NOT even want to sell it to be honest!
And I don't have to, just have a handful of project car's at the moment that I'm trying to get finished and since I'm fixing to try out a new paint guy I'm not sure how fast that I will get any of them finished.
And honestly since I have 6 free listings for vehicle adds, 'm just taking advantage of them.
First off, onestly, 'm not even an AMC type of guy BUT I dig them and especially one's that have a RARE color.
And, don't think that it gets any better than JOLLY GREEN!
There are less than a handful of JG Javelin's on the internet, o they r RARE!
And I know that with true car-guy's like myself, ometimes color is everything!
And here is an example of that.
A few year's ago I owned 2 1970 Plymouth GTX's.
One was Bright Blue and the one was Panther Pink.
Really, nough said right here, ust by stating colors!
Bottom line, he PINK car sold for rt at 3x more than the Blue car sold for and the Blue car was in better shape!
And then, few year's later the Pink car came up for sale again and it was $10 GRAND more than what I had sold it for!
Point here is, know with my BIN price on a great day u may find one in a little better shape for the $ BUT I seriously doubt that it will be factory JOLLY GREEN car!!!
Now, ere is what I have!
An almost RUST FREE '72 SST car, factory AC car, nd a car that only needs simple restoration at the most!
I honestly do not know a great deal about the car and what u r seeing is exactly how I bought it minus the added AMX gauge/trim cluster.
Also, bought AMX door trim for it along with a Green rally steering wheel for it, nd last, bought brand new Green carpet for it but it hasn't been installed yet.
Overall, t is in GREAT condition!
Previous owner had fixed a few dents/dings and had had a brand new front windshield installed into it***(which now has a huge crack in it)***, nd before having new windshield installed into it, e had the area around/under windshield repainted in JG and he did an awesome job on it!
Previous owner put aluminum foil over holes where he had removed SST trim mounts and also, e told me that there r 2 RUSTED places at each corner of rear glass, inor and easy to fix.
Car still probably has some tiny dents/dings but I honestly do not see any.
Front bumper has lite surface rust, ear may have too however I didn't see any on rear bumper but just count on rechroming bumper's whenever restoring.
And don't let pics of hood fool ya, t is rock solid!
It has just been sanded down for new paint.
And the only 2 other things that I can think of to mention about exterior r 1, eft rear qt molding is damaged(but all 4 need to disappear anyways if cloning as an AMX and 2, revious owner added a NICE AMX rear spoiler, OT TO HAVE THIS)!
So as far as exterior, t's very close to being ready for new paint!
Also, iper system has been removed already for re-painting and is currently located inside of trunk.
Dash overall looks good for the most part minus a little damage to AMX bezel that I added, amage is on upper left corner.
Rear seat is passable(may need a little tlc), ront seats majorly need recovering.
Headliner needs attention.
Door panels r kind of warped(maybe something can be done with them though), hifter handle was missing and to get one I had to buy a whole complete shifter so missing handle is covered(I just remembered that I bought this too).
And again, ew carpet needs to be installed.
Floors/trunk floor r both SOLID as is everything that I can see underneath(+ previous owner told me that underneath was/is very SOLID)!
Car actually runs pretty darn good!
I believe that it has oldskool glass packs on it so it really sounds like an old 70's HOT ROD!
I've only got to move car a little like back and forth on my driveway because it has NO BRAKES!
I've just moved with its emergency brake on so I wouldn't run into anything.
So, ar will drive onto an Auto transport truck but that's about it.
The last 3 things that I know to mention about car r 1, ll 4 mag wheels(4th mag wheel is inside of trunk), wheels match on front and 2 wheels match on rear but all 4 r not the same.
Front wheels have a few more fins on them + r 14's where rears r 15's.
And tires r shot!
So, t will need tires soon!
2, ar majorly needs a front end alignment(and possibly some work on front end ?).
All I can say here is, he steering wheel can be turned very little to the left and a lot more to the right ?!
Again, have NO CLUE what is going on here!
But personally, am not worried about this, t just needs a few bucks spent here too!
And 3rd thing, ar will need a new battery.
Add another $100.00 if u want me to throw in a new battery in it(which I highly recommend for transporting purposes).
Carb seems to perform OK minus accelerator pump going bad in it(have to pump gas pedal a lot to crank it whenever cold or if u shoot a little carb cleaner in carb it will easily fire rt up)!
Car comes with a clean title out of North Dakota but was last sold to a guy out of Georgia and in Georgia old car's r sold on Bill Of Sale only but again, do have a title for it(u will probably have to use an Auto Title person to transfer for it, epending which state that u r in).
Well, his is all I know to tell about it!
It is what it is good and bad!
I know what I have, know how RARE it is because if it being a factory JG car, nd, think that I have FAIRLY priced it!
I'd say someone who knows what they r doing could dump $4-$5k into it and have one heck of a RARE/BEAUTIFUL car that would be worth some SERIOUS bucks!
I know if I do not sell it here that I will eventually make it BEAUTIFUL myself!
But if u r more of an AMC guy than I am and if u LOVE it, hen I hope that u make it yours!
I've done my BEST to describe it, owever, t it a 43 year old car so I'm sure that I am forgetting a few minor things.
First off, otor is STUCK!
I've tried putting tranny fluid down cylinder's with spark plug's out but no dice!
However, THINK that with a breaker bar/ratchet on crank that it just may turn(I'M ONLY GUESSING HERE THOUGH, ON'T HOLD ME TO IT)!
I just have a lot going on rt now(+ I'm trying to build 4 car's at once and I honestly haven't done very much to it)!
What I have done though is this, put a decent set of oldskool 14" Cragar's on it(skinny wheel's up front, ide one's in the rear), ront tires look new but have age to them, ear tires, ne is good and the other one is wore down plus 2 wheel's need center cap's(rt front wheel is now 4th matching Cragar).
Also, ally wheel's r gone(sold them).
Cool thing too that I did was buy factory AMC mag wheel style hubcaps for a dual look(as shown in pics).
Also, ne lense cover was missing on gauges so I bought some rally gauges with a clock and I threw these in.
BUT, ow car shows more mls on it then it has(car now shows like 70-80K mls but actually only has 51K mls, till have original gauge cluster though).
Car's front brakes r majorly stuck!!!
A buddy of mine tried to unstick left front one, ook it a little bit apart BUT no dice(but of course obviously there r ways to unstick)!
Deal with car is, RUE STORY, 5 year's ago original owner had wanted to put 2 pc headers on it so he pulled it inside of his garage and he pulled off its original manifold and he never touched it again!
He had even ordered headers, sold them recently though because I want to keep it original!
Anyways, is garage leaked and u can see the result from it leaking for many year's.
Original owner told me that "LIFE" happened and he moved off for awhile and he needed a truck so he bought one so he didn't need the use of this car anymore!
Fast forward to 8 month's ago whenever I bought it.
He hadn't even lived at house where Gremlin was for year's but was fixing to sell property so out of garage came the Gremlin!
I'm honestly NOT really an AMC guy but I bought this and then a '72 Jolly Green Javelin a month later and I honestly LOVE both, ainly because of their BEAUTIFUL Green color's!
And could honestly care if I sell either!
I'm just using up my FREE ebay listing's before the year is up!
It definitely will not be relisted, t least not until after it is restored!
If u r a beginner in car restoration's then this car is probably not for u!
BUT, f u r like me and see a simple to work on little 258 6 cylinder mtr and a little car in need of simple restoration then u would probably LOVE it like I do!
Car has only a few small rust spots from garage leaking but definitely no body panel's need replacing and frame/floors r SOLID!
After all, his was/is a life long Tx car!
And then of course there is my main attraction to it, ts
BEAUTIFUL Green on Green color combo!
It is what it is and again I honestly could care less if it sells(in fact I know that I will regret selling it if I do because I know that I couldn't ever replace it)!
This could easily be a $10-$12 GRAND car after being restored and it would only increase in value from there, specially in this AWESOME color!
Oh, nd I just remembered too that I had bought a rebuilt carb for it for $100.00 here off of eBay, his would be included too.
I'll require an immediate non refundable $500.00 PayPal deposit if u hit buy it now and then full balance will be due within 3 business days.
And, f u need a fairly priced and reliable auto transporter I can recommend a good one.

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