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1969 AMC AMX 390 Dyer's 8-71 supercharged THM400 9 inch blown blower

For sale: 1969 AMC AMX AMX

Technical specifications

Item location:
Roswell, New Mexico, United States
2 door
Castillian Grey
Engine size:
AMC 390
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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Up for your consideration is my 1969 AMX. Originally it was a drag strip vehicle and previous owner had painted the car yellow. I purchased the vehicle and went through it with the intention of a street/strip dual purpose vehicle. The door code was Castillian grey so that is the color it went back to. In some of the photos you will see various stages of the build process. It was on a rotisserie to get to all the proper areas. The vehicle is drive able and has current tags. I do drive on occasion. If you plan on showing the car the paint should be redone. I was not too pleased with final product for various reasons. The hood is fiberglass and has a carbon fiber wrap since painter never finished the job. The original go-pack stripes were painted on but not correct so a decal was placed over it until repainting was an option. Overall not too bad looking but not a correct paint scheme if you plan to show it. Now onto what is in the vehicle.Engine is correct 390 with Racetec custom blower pistons. Forging type is A3818FB with a -35cc dome and weigh 534 grams. (piston build sheet included). The crank is original 390 but the rods are 401. This was done to make future replacement if needed easier to locate. The block was prepped and assemble by Bud Long Motorsports in Albuquerque, M and I have the balance sheet. The oil pressure hose/block mod was done. Oil pan is an 8 quart unit. Heads are new Edelbrock aluminum with the dogleg ports. Cam is a Crane solid with laser drilled comp cam lifters. Lift is about .550 but will try and locate cam card. Balancer is an Innovators west 402X-1 with modified adapter hub and the blower is a Dyer's machine service 8-71. The belt is an 8mm unit. The engine has a 7 1/2 to 1 compression and with current pulleys is about 8 psi of boost. Effective compression is about 12.2 to 1. Can run on super unleaded but I run a blend of super unleaded and 110. Headers are Hooker supercomp and the engine is set back 4 inches. The exhaust is cheapie summit 3 inch mufflers. These were temporary until I could get sidepipes built but never finished that. The firewall has been modified so there are no windshield wipers. Carbs are two Edelbrock 750's jetted 20% richer and heaviest springs. If you plan to seriously race I recommend boost referenced Holley's. The edelbrocks are good cruising carbs. I have an AEM wideband and AF ratio is between 11.8 - 12.6 depending on rpm's.The original 4 speed trans is gone but had a th400 in it with converter. It was out of a jeep so it has the proper bellhousing. I recommend replacing the bellhousing with a JW ultrabell so you can use any th400 and it will be stronger for racing. The rear end is a ford 9 inch with a detroit locker in 28 spline and 3.90 gears. Rear springs are Cal-tracs with calvert front shocks. The front suspension was all new at time of build including rebuilding the trunions. Suspension bushings and engine mounts are Prothane. The vehicle wiring harness is a new updated Rebel wire assembly so the fuses are blade type. The radiator is aluminum and has electric fans. They work decent but on really hot days the temp will see about 215-220 for a couple of minutes and then drop. Normally hovers at 210. No thermostat but it has a restrictor. Cutting timing will help or a blower spacer if you want to go taller. Brakes are manual and the lines are new stainless steel units. Disc up front and drum in the rear. Steering is a manual gear box. Fuel is a 16 gallon cell in the trunk. All line are -6AN.The interior is mostly complete but you willdefinitelyneed to replace the seats. The foam is hard and leaks out when you sit in them. They are not original AMX seats but came in the car. There is an 8 point roll bar installed. Both doors have swingout bars and currently removed for ease of entry. Both swingouts are behind the seat. The drivers seat has both a 3 point seatbelt (street use) and a bar attached harness for the track. There is no speedo in the dash but I do have the original cluster (tach and 140 mph speedo assembly) to go with the sale of car. The current trans does not have a provision for cable. Other extra parts are the steering wheel (original but has cracks) and 2 hood hinges in case you want to install a metal hood.Wheels are Weld racing 15x6 in front and 15X8 with 275/60R15's. The vehicle has had minitubs done and could use a bigger wheel/tire combo. The frame is reinforced and the springs moved in closer.Please message me with any questions you may have that I may not have covered or is unclear. If you wish to talk on the phone please include you phone number. Most return responses will be in the afternoon/evenings. The title is a clear New Mexico title and sold as is where is. This is a driveable vehicle but still needs work for show quality. It is far from stock. Buyer responsible for shipping and shipping arrangements. I can help with delivery up to 200 miles (Albuquerque for instance) for a small fee. Thanks for looking and reading the long winded description.

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