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1954 Buick Special 2 door sedan 264 V8 w/Dynaflow Automatic

For sale: 1954 Buick Special

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Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
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What I have up for sale is a beautiful 1954 Buick Special 2 door sedan with the original 264 Nailhead V8 and the Dynaflow automatic transmission. Car has quite a few new parts and was given a moderate restoration back in the late 1980s or possibly early 90s. The vehicle has 92,560 miles which have not rolled over. Built in Linden NJ in 1954 this vehicle is believed to have had all of its life in the Greater NYC area. To give the right amount of detail I'll break down into separate categories regarding this fine automobile:

1. Body: Body is in amazing shape. There are no signs of rot or cancerous metal. All body panels line up as they should and are free from major defects. The paint on the roof is new as of 2013. The body was painted sometime in the late 80s with a lacquer paint which still has a lot of luster. There arejust a fewminor spots where the paint has chipped and I've touched it up with paint that came with the car when I bought it. Undercarriage is clean and the floor boards are solid. All stainless steel trim and chrome fit the way they are supposed to. Stainless is clean and so is the chrome. All script has been replaced with NOS (new old stock) script.

2. Engine/Transmission: Engine currently has 92,560 miles on it. The miles have not rolled over and the engine runs smoothly. The Nailhead series of engine are known for being robust and this engine has plenty of life left in her (a friends 322 V8 lasted without modification for 255k mi). I've recently removed the valve covers and the rocker arms look very clean with no sludge. I've changed the oil every 2500 miles and I've only driven the car 6,000 miles since I've owned it. Many of the solenoids, allasts, ires, elays, tc have been replaced in the engine compartment with either NOS parts or quality reproduction parts. The radiator was replaced only a few months ago with a exact reproduction of the factory one (from Cap-A-Radiator in NY). The carburetor is a rebuilt Stromberg 2 bbl which is factory correct for this model. The vacuum starter is present on the carb but its not hooked up. Instead a push button has been located under the dash for starting purposes. All someone needs to do is relocate the wires to the solenoid to utilize the floor start feature on this car. The transmission is the correct 1954 Dynaflow and it has been rebuilt. I have receipts from the previous owner for the rebuild. Dynaflow is a unique design in that you do not feel shifting of any gears. It feels like one continuous speed from 0-75mph. This car will start in temperatures from 18 degrees to 100. It will cruise quietly and smoothly up to 75 MPH or faster should you choose to go that fast. I've never had any issues with this car starting and getting me to where I need to go.

3. Brakes: Work as they should. This car is equippedwith non-power brakes. It currently has the standard brake setup with drums. This system is quite effective and it'll stop in a hurry if you need it to. I find stopping with this system is more responsive than other power brake units in cars of todays make. Emergency brake works well and helps hold 4300 pounds of Buick in place on any steep hill (when parked).

4. Electronics: Everything works on this car. Every light bulb from the headlights to the backup lights. Even the trunk light still works as well. The original radio (vacuum tube) is installed with a Redi-rad which is a device that converts MP3 tunes from a smart phone or Ipod to the 1000 AM bandwidth. This allows you to listen to whatever tunes your heart desires without any modification to the original radio. You can use the dials and switch to other stations in your area if you prefer sports talk or news (which is typically on AM these days). All gauges work as they should.

5. Suspension: Everything has been replaced as of 2013 in regards to the suspension. I've installed new coil springs all the way around and I've replaced the shocks with the correct type for 1954 (including the rear lever action shocks from Apple Hydraulics). The kingpins were replaced by the previous owner and are only about 5 years old or so. Other bushings are older but they are still holding up well and show no signs of dry rot.

6. Glass: All the glass is factory OEM with the EZ-EYE markings from the factory. This is a special tint that was applied at the factory for customers who ordered it from their respective dealership. All windows crank up and down without issue. Vent windows have the factory lock mechanism in place.

7: Interior: Most of the interior is original or it has been replaced with correct interior material. The headliner is a beautiful grey mohair and the seats are a combination of cloth and vinyl. Dash is in good shape but some of the paint isn't as lustrous as it could be. I have a yard or two of extra original fabric for the seats.

And now for the extra parts: 1 NOS Buick hood (was preserved in dry storage for 60 years...it is literally brand spanking new), set of rear lever action shocks, arious solenoids/relays, riginal Buick advertisement, OS dash plate, xtra horn ring, tc (I have quite a bit of extrastuff for this car!)

That about covers it. If you have any questions please let me know before bidding. The winner for this auction is responsible for all transportation costs. This car can be driven home without an issue as I've taken this as far as NYC from DC as well as several trips to Philadelphia. Winning bidder is responsible for payment within 10 business days of auction close unless other arrangements are made. Failure to do this means you forfeit your bid and the car will be relisted. She's a beautiful and strong girl....with plenty of enjoyment to give to a new owner. I hope she finds a new owner who'll enjoy her as much as I have. Only selling to purchase another classic car.

For those who are serious about purchasing this vehicle I can be reached at (571) 276 0445. Anyone with a valid drivers license/insurance is welcome to give this car a try (if local to Northern VA). Thank you.

A quick video made this evening. Another one will be uploaded tomorrow: https://youtu.be/GTd4DZPTXhQ

Walk around video: https://youtu.be/MiZ9BxMECFQ

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