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1957 CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE PINK SERIES 62 19541955 1956 1958 1959 1960

For sale: 1957 Cadillac Convertible

Technical specifications

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Excelsior Springs, Missouri, United States
Pink (mountain laurel)
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Power options:
Power Windows, Power Seats
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1957 CADILLAC series 62 Convertible - original 365 cubic in. V-8, utomatic transmission - I am the 3rd owner, ll of us here in my hometown - the original owner was my family doctor, ho was also the doctor for the local General Motors dealer where he purchased the car - he lived one block away from my family when when he purchased the car, nd I was in grade school - the second owner, till local, urchased it in March, 968 with 72,000 miles from the same local dealer, fter my doctor traded it in - I was told that his price then was $200 - now I am the third owner, aving purchased it from him in January, 001, ith 116,000 miles - it now has 137,300 miles - I bought if for my wife, nd she mostly just drove it local, nd always in nice weather, ut we have taken it on two vacations to south Missouri - it has always been parked inside since we've owned it - when I first got it, had it repainted the original color, ountain laurel (pink) - it has not been color sanded and buffed, hich it still could use, o make it shine better - also had a new top and new back plastic windshield installed - the back windshield is still in good shape, ecause we've always padded it with bath towels when we put the top down - (the top is also still in real good shape, ut usually the plastic windshield gets bad first) - I put the top down for the pictures last week, ut I didn't fasten down the boot for driving, s it has been pretty cold here, nd it didn't want to stretch much for the snaps, ut it does fit nice and smooth when warm - the main repair that we have had done, as to fix a small crack that developed in the front frame, ross member joint on one side under the engine - to do it right, e pulled the engine, ad the welder fix one side, nd also match the other side, hich wasn't cracked, o keep that from happening again - I've since been told that this repair is not uncommon on the large General Motors convertibles of this era - although the pictures didn't really show the insides that good, he interior is decent, xcept for an appx. 6 in. seam split under the driver - it has been redone in the orig. pattern, ut with naugahyde on the top and bottom of the front seat, nd also the bottom of the rear seat - the upright of the rear seat is still the original leather - I did have the padded dash recovered when the new top was installed, long with new carpet in the trunk and new exhaust system about the same time - it could use some cosmetic repair on the front side kick panels on both sides under the dash and the original carpet is not the best, ut it is usable - I've also installed new aftermarket hubcap centers, long with the hood and trunk emblem crests, s pictured - I've very proud of the back bumper (which I did have re-chromed) - the center section is from a 1958 Fleetwood, ith the upright teeth, olted right in for a little bit more style, nd the teeth match the teeth on the hub caps - I then put in a fold up license plate bracket and installed a very healthy receiver hitch, ounted directly to the frame, nd not the bumper - I used that hitch to pull my single axle trailer to take my Harley Davidson show bike to a couple of area shows - without the receiver installed, ou never see the hitch or know any thing has been modified - I've also installed an electric fuel pump, lectric choke, nd electric windshield wiper conversion - has good working power seats and windows, nd the autronic eye, hich automatically dims the headlights (that's the aircraft styled pod on the top left corner of the dash) - there is one appx. 1/4 in. long crack in the driver's door glass, ight in the corner under the chrome, hat I think has always been there, nd a light appx. 4 in. long windshield rubber rub on the far left of the windshield, ppx. 2 in. from the windshield post and that might buff out - other than that, he glass is all nice - the radio tries to work, ut I think is has an antenna problem, s there is a second antenna I've found that lays down behind the dash - I have had the generator replaced with an alternator, ecent carb overhaul and fairly new battery - it's probably not too far from needing the top motor and/or lift cylinders replaced - the top will lower by itself, ut usually needs a set of helping hands on both sides to be put back up - the brake booster seems to have always been somewhat weak and sometimes needs to be pumped a couple of times - this car does not have air conditioning - the engine, ransmission and running gear all work just fine - the previous owner did say he had the engine overhauled at about 100,000 miles - I put new tires on it about 2000 miles ago, ankook Mileage Plus II P235/70R15 radials - the vin no. is the same on the door post, itle and engine and the Missouri title is clear and in my and my wife's names, nd has been since Jan. 10, 001, nd the back of the title has never been written on - the auction winner will also get some 1957 Cadillac dealer literature that is shown in 3 of the last 4 pictures (the last picture is for show and tell, s described below) - We have owned, riven, nd maintained this car for the last appx, 5 years, ith the intent of having a good, eliable, ependable driver and have described it the best I can - any other questions, lease email me - you can try to call me if you want to, ut my wife says I don't hear very good any more - Ray Cave, -816-630-8184 - I probably won't try to return any calls, ut as you catch me, ou can ask me anything about the car, ut no need to ask me how much the reserve is, lease - I'm in Missouri, hich is on Central Time Zone if that helps - Now comes the part that I don'tlike to put in and you don't like to hear, ut eBay says is necessary - I am not a dealer, ut I have described the car to the best of my ability - I have owned this car nearly 15 years and have tried to tell everything about it, ut this car is nearly 60 years old, here is no warranty from me or General Motors, nd the car is being sold as is, here is, ith no warranties either expressed or implied by myself, he owner. As far as my history on eBay, ou can check my dealings under eagle-hd whereI have been selling 40 year old car parts for the Honda 600's along with a few complete Honda 600 cars for appx. 12 years, o this is not my first rodeo - ( the Honda 600 was the first Honda imported and had the 2 cyl air cooled "motorcycle type" engine )- if you watch a variety of auctions, 'm also the guy who sold my big block Kellison last year, s I'm thinning down my vehicle collection - that's in the last picture of this listing, nd the three pictures before that are some 1957 Cadillac dealer literature that will go with the auction winner - you can also check outone of my custom Honda 600 baggage bay cars with my 45 ft. Eagle bus onYouTube under " ray cave Honda 600 " - Thanks for lookingand good luck with your bidding - and as always, will assist any international buyers in any way that I canand for all buyers,secure indoor storage for a reasonable amount of time after payment, s no problem at all -Ray Cave

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