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57 Cadillac White DeVille 4 door

For sale: 1957 Cadillac DeVille

Technical specifications

Item location:
Duluth, Minnesota, United States
White 4 door hard top
Engine size:
V8 large bore (was 2/4barrels) Carter AFB carb
Drive type:
RWD 6,300 pounds
Vehicle Title:
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This car was obtained by my deceasedbrother when he was married.. to sell real estate to car club guys havingtrouble with local authorities with collector cars andparts storage. Himself a car collectornut, e would cruise the spots and find home buyer who wanted to relocate.He also had rentals and many business ventures. A very nasty divorce ruin him and all his holdings. He hid this car. A very nastydepression... left him homeless andpenniless. Our momrescued him with acheap trailer home to live in & Igot him a 70% VA Pension ashis health was failing.When mom's sister died, he sold that house and purchase a big house for her and her sons. Mom wanted thefamily to be together.I never moved in as I had my own place set up for an old bachelor who is handicapped. My brother had by now had lost a leg and was bed ridden. He never put the caddy back on the streets.Ihad the caddy hauled 180 miles to Duluth to my service station forkeys and get it running service. (Kids hide the keys and caused some other problems)Theservice station tuned it up with new parts and a new battery. Had a locksmith makes some keys and they drove it to my yard. The gas pedal is messed up and I can't get the trunk open.
The deal is: YOU COME HERE.AS IS ....You pay here and you haul away.I sign and give you the title papers...keeping a signedreceipt.Youcan make "sold" all you want on ebay, ut it is not sold until I have closed the deal here at my home.
I will not deal with exporters andforeign buyers... as I do not speak another language. I have a hard time understanding many people who do notspeakgood english.Vehicle is not mint. It is in fair condition and needs to becherry-ed out. It is a Minnesota car...not a Arid Desert car.
I'm too old to care about having these old cars. Ihad my fill of them when I was young...my favorite was a 57 Olds 98 2dr Holiday coupe J2 engine/4 speed hydramatic with all the bells and whistles. I had to put 8 camshalfs in that car. Dad likedBuickRoadMasters &Electras... but my brother like the Caddys. We had lots of cars in them old days asbrotherDonald was always a used car saleman on the side. When I was in the USMM and sent 80% of my pay home, rother got the checks and spent it on cars. He had 11 cars in one years time....that my checks for mompaidfor.It was all these cars that got us into trucking....but that another story.Yeah, lad I never married... it ruin a lot of my buddies. Wife that is no good and kids that are bums is what my brother got.I learned a song at the VFW...."when I was single my pockets did jingle, wish I was single again....." I never had to sing it, ut lots of my buddies did.
Davy Jones♿️ -100% Disable Vietnam Vet1128 East 6th Street,Duluth,Minnesota55805218-728-0807, ax# 218-728-0450, ell# 218-355-8850

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