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For sale: 1960 Chevrolet Impala BISCAYNE

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Eureka, Montana, United States
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NOTE: This is not an impala. Biscayne is not one of the ebay options for model, o I chose impala. Most of you know that the biscayne and impala are the same basic bodystyle, he impala was just fancier.
This is a neat old car that is all original. This car was bought new at Hiett Motors in Colby Kansas, n August 27th, 960. It was driven to Montana in 1976 by the original owners. I bought the car from the original owners son-in-law. It has not been registered since 1989. The body is very dry and solid for a chevy this old, nd has little rust. It has original paint, nd no bondo or paint work done anywhere. This is a great old survivor chevy that is affordable, specially compared to an Impala coupe. This car would look good to drive as-is if you like the rat rod patina. It may look good with some large torque thrusts on it or? I guess whatever turns your crank. My great grandmother had a suntan copper '60 biscayne just like this, hat I ended up with when I was about 19. I sold it, nd always regretted it. I bought this one to possibly keep and paint that color, ut decided to move on for now. Below are all the details on this car. It has the original owners manual, aintenance schedule, nd battery warranty. The jack instructions are also included, lthough weathered. Clear montana title. I have many more pics I can send and video. I have pics of the trunkpan with the mat out, loorpans from underneath, nd others. I've also included pics of other '60 impalas just to see the potential, nd because they're cool. Thanks and happy bidding.
The body on the car is all original. It has very little rust and is straight for the most part. The paint looks completely original with no sign of any paintwork ever and no bondo. The drivers front fender is pushed in a little, ut should push out mostly with a porta-power. The rust on the car is: Very minor rust right in front of the passenger side rear quarter down low, nd behind it down low. No rust over the wheel. Minor rust above the drivers rear quarter, nd behind it down low. These are very small spots and easy to patch. That is the only exterior rust on the car. The Floors look perfect from underneath and feel completely solid. I did not pull the floormat because it is in good shape, nd I would have had to take the sill plates off to pull it from above. It may have top pitting but from what I can see they are nice. I have pics from underneath and the floors, loor supports, rame, nd rockers look completely rust free with no pinholes. This car was in kansas, nd then high desert area montana. Montana did not salt the roads when this car was being driven. The roof, runk lid, oors, ams, ills, irewall, ood, ront fenders, rame, heelhouses, nner fenders, ear window area, tc. etc. look very nice and rust free. Trunk pan has pitting rust in the low grooves. It is usable now and solid, ut if you POR-15 it, nd put a new trunklid seal on, ou'll never have to worry about it. I have pics of the pan with and without the trunk mat, nd from underneath. All windows roll down except the passenger rear window. It needs lubed. All doors open. Keys work for trunk, lovebox, nd ignition. I haven't tried door locks but they most likely work also. Besides the areas listed, he only other rust I could find was the battery tray which most of you know is easily replaced. I have many more pics.
This car has what I believe is the original 235 six cylinder. If your concerned about it being the original engine, can try to check the numbers but it looks un-touched with exception of the battery not being original. The motor runs ok. Starts up every time and the automatic choke works. It doesn't tick, r knock. It does smoke when cold. No big clouds but you can see it. When warm, could not see any smoke unless you really revved it up. The motor is not real good, ut not real bad. Definitely usable for some people. It depends on where you live and how much your going to drive. These engines are cheap to rebuild so if your doing a nicer restoration or going to drive it long distances, rebuild may be the way to go. It may help to just run it some too. It hasn't been ran regularly since 1989. I've had a lot of old cars, nd had some that stopped smoking after being ran. I have a 1969 skylark that smokes ever spring after sitting for the winter. It only smokes the first time I start it, ut will have to get warmed up good to stop smoking. It doesn't smoke again until the following spring. I don't understand it, ut that's how it is. The motor in the biscayne has minor blowby, hat is not an issue, ut you could switch the oil cap and run a hose to the aircleaner like newer years had. The carb should be rebuilt but it starts up good and doesn't leak. The car has the manual three speed on the tree (column). The transmission works great, s does the clutch. Exhaust is not real loud, ut needs redone. The muffler and tailpipe are gone. The car most likely drives nice on the highway but I did not drive it very fast. The tires are bad, nd it needs shocks. The brakes are manual and work fine. The master cylinder is newly rebuilt. It has manual steering but is easy to steer and feels like power steering. With the skinny tires, nd big steering wheel, t's surprisingly easy to steer. Wipers work. Heater fan and selector works. Headlights, aillights, nd signals work but need a couple bulbs. Turn-signal cam is sticky. Flasher is also not working. I'm pretty sure the heater core needs replaced. Radio is original but doesn't come on so not sure it if is broke or just needs a fuse or something. Speedometer and temperature gauge work. Oil and generator lights work. Fuel gauge does not work. Wheels look like, nd most likely are, he original 14" and have what I think are the original dog dish hubcaps. Spare tire/wheel looks like the correct one also. The original jack is not in the car, ut jack base is which you can see in the pics. This car should have all fluids checked/flushed, ew spark plug wires etc., ut in my opinion would be usable now with new tires, xhaust, nd minor maintenance.
The interior looks completely original and does not appear to ever have been modified. Unfortunately the seats and dash have a good amount of sun damage and need re-upholstered. They probably sell a complete interior kit for this car, ut I haven't checked. With a new dash pad and seat covers, t would be usable for a low budget ride. The floormat, eadliner, nd doorpanels are usable for a rat rod. Seat springs feel fine. Doors open and all windows roll down besides the passenger rear door which most likely just needs lubed. Ignition, runk, nd glovebox key work. I haven't tried the doors but they most likely work also. Dash/gauge area is uncut.
Thanks, nd happy bidding. Sold as-is.

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