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1952 half ton shortbox

For sale: 1952 Chevrolet Other Pickups OLD TRUCK

Technical specifications

Item location:
Clancy, Montana, United States
Other Pickups
half ton shortbox
Engine size:
216 six cylinder
Number of cylinders:
Manual, 4 speed
Drive type:
Interior color:
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General -- Like so many other ads on eBay these days, this is a project that I will probably never get around to, so I want to pass it along to someone who will. It is a 1952 Chevy half ton shortbox, one of the most sought after of the 1950s. Anymore these trucks pretty much fall into two categories; the first being a total basket case, the second is one which is already restored and beyond most budgets. This one is the hard to find in between and is an excellent candidate for either restoration or to hot rod, and with very little work can be driven while you work on it. The mileage is unknown but eBay will not let you enter that so I just entered 1111111. The truck has a clear Montana open title.

Exterior - The best part about this truck is there isvery little rust; we are very dry here in Montana and use no salt. It does have the standard outer cab corner rust and a small amount around the tailgate and on the floorboard. No matter whether restoration or hot rod is your goal you are money and time ahead by starting with as solid and rust fee vehicle as you can possibly find. It does however have 64 years of farm use and dents, tears, dings, and lots of what some people call patina. The welding required in this one will be minimal and primary consists of replacing the cab corners which are redially available from The Filling Station, Jim Carter or other vendors or simply cut patches out of sheet metal and go at it. The bed and tailgate are in good condition. The bed retains most of it's original wood and could be used as it or it would serve as a pattern in case you want to replace it. I always thought putting the wooden bed back in would be a fun job. The tailgate and sides of the box are in very good condition, which is atypical as most are beat up and the tailgates are missing. The running boards which are difficult to find and expensive are intact. I cleaned up and painted the old wheels and replaced the worn out old flat tires with tires which have probably 60% life left.

Mechanical - The engine is a 216 which is either original or correct for the era, It does run as I have had a friend pour fuel in the carburetor while I started it and it did run as long as an external source of gas is fed to the carburetor. I did not allow it to run long enough to bring up fuel from the tank, as I am sure it needs to be drained and cleaned as well as the fuel pump. The carburetor looks rebuilt, but I don’t know for sure. The transmission is a four speed and it goes into each gear and clutch feels alright. The brakes need rebuilt and you need to pay particular attention you do this correctly as the old master cylinders were only a single chamber unit, so any leak anywhere and you are quickly out of brakes. The differential appears to be a stock 50s vintage. I will furnish the truck with a good used 6-volt battery. Fortunately no one has tried to convert this one to 12 volt. Beyond this description I know very little, as I have never actually driven it.

Interior – Not much to talk about here. The seat is the focal point of an old pickup interior and this one is in surprisingly good condition. The original headliner is still present. All gages are present and no one has cut the dash or doors for an 8 track or whatever. The interior of this truck is mostly all there; if you are going for an original restoration - clean it, sand it and paint it. If you are going for a hot rod you probably have your own thoughts as to what you want to do.

Summary – The simplicity of an oldpickup is what makes their restoration so popular and easy. This one would make a great project for a father and son/daughter or whatever. While this one will require some body and paint and mechanical work, much of what needs to be done is that which one would normally do anyway in either a restoration or hot rod build. The main point is you have a very solid body and clear title to work with. The old truck deserves another chance in life to show up at your local cruse or car show.

Payment, Disclaimers, Storage, and Transportation - I require a nonrefundable deposit of $500.00 within 48 hours and the remainder prior to me sending you the title. Please send only the deposit byPayPal unless you also will pay the 3% surcharge. Well I have tried to represent the little truck as honestly and accurately as I can; please look closely at the pictures. Make no mistake it is not currently a roadworthy vehicle, rather it is a project for restoration or hot rod, but could be roadworthy in a very short time. The truck is sold as is, where is, and with no guarantee nor warrantee implied or specified. I am very proud of my 100% eBay feedback rating and will answer questions. I will post some of them so that others may benefit. The truck is stored in a secure compound and can remain so as long as you want as long as you pay the rent of $25 per month. I will help you with shipping in any way I can, you should make sure you advise your shipper that the truck does not currently run on its own

Good luck with your bidding and thank you for your interest..

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