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Grab a beer first... 138 VIN ● 4 Spd ● Complete Drivetrain ● Garaged 30 yrs!

For sale: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport SS 138 VIN

Technical specifications

Item location:
West Chester, Ohio, United States
Super Sport SS 138 VIN
Sport Coupe
Engine size:
Number of cylinders:
Vehicle Title:
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The winning bidder will make a $500 non-refundable deposit via PayPal and the balance wired to my bank account.

I will not accept: Monopoly money, a good story or your ex-wife as payment. I prefer bank transfer but will accept Ben Franklins.

Mark Twain said, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." Well they’re not making these beauties anymore either.

I’ve watched for 67 Chevelle project cars on eBay for the past 8+ months and the one word that can best describe nearly all of them is “rough.” I’ve seen ones full of trash and others that looked like they were just fished out of the bayou. But hey, these cars are now 50 years old.

But what if you came across one that a guy has owned for 35 years, since he was in high school; a real SS that has been GARAGED for the last 30 years.

Hmmm, interested…?

Yournew Chevelle is located just north of Cincinnati and five minutes from Interstate 75. It is ready to load onto your rollback or trailer. All you have to do is win. Don’t let this one get away.

I bought this girl in 1981. I was in high school and working at a body shop in the evenings learning the body business. The car was originally Marina blue, had typical rust for the age: quarters behind the wheels, trunk floor, lower fenders behind the wheels, cabin floor, windshield channel/post. But it wasn’t that bad. I’ve never replaced any body panels and never had to do any rust repair on the hood, deck lid, rockers, or doors. That’s pretty good.

This is NOT a numbers matching Chevelle unfortunately, but it is a real 138 VIN. The drivetrain is period correct/close. Price out the casting numbers I’ve listed for the block, heads, intake, Muncie, etc. Enter the casting numbers into the eBay search box and look at the scarcity/lack of availability and the prices. This car has a complete drivetrain although it hasn’t been running/started for 30 years.

I have 100+ quality pics, including old school ones during the time I was working on it and after it was finished in the early-mid 80’s.

This was a bare bones SS:

· Bench seat

· 4 speed

· No PS, PB, A/C, tilt wheel

· 4 wheel drum brakes

· AM radio

Some tempting details…

Drivetrain/Mechanical:Car has not been started for 30 years but ran when last shut off.If you were to assemble these components you could easily spend as much as some of these junky Chevelles’ sell for on here. The question is; are they any good? I can’t answer that. But the car ran when last turned off and has had anti-freeze in it since, albeit the same (which I recently drained). I have seen no indication of leaks and I turned the engine over with a breaker bar recently. The bottom line is, I don’t know.

block: 3916323casting, MQ stamp. The engine that has been in it for 30+ years is a 396/375. Yes a 4 bolt main/396. The “Engine Code” on the head deck is TI020MQ - 18N34379X. According to my research (links below) this 396/375 engine was produced Oct 20, 1968 at the Tonawanda plant and was put into a 1968 Camaro assembled at the old Norwood (Cincinnati), Ohio plant.

Heads: 3964291 casting. HI-PERF Big ASS. Build date on the one head is June 11, 1969. These were used for years on big blocks. Closed chamber, square port. Never ported. Expensive to buy!

Cam: 3863143 casting. I bought a Chev OEM 3863143 from a Chevrolet dealer in 1984, have receipt. This is a stock solid lifter cam for the engine type (L-78/L-89)

Intake: 3885069 casting. Aluminum, kind of pitted, been welded on. Never ported.

Transmission: 3885010Muncie. Build date November 15, 1967. Pretty sure it’s an M-20 close ratio. EXPENSIVE. Not original to car. Tail shaft is 3857584.

Differential/Housing: Original 3.31:1. Housing stamp is: CW 05 17 B. That translates to CW=3.31:1; 05 = May; 17 = 17th day of month; B = Buffalo, NY plant. I put a 4:10 gear in it and still have the 3.31, both go with the car.

Radiator: I assume it is the factory one, was in the car when I bought it. Big ASS HARRISON; 3 inch heavy duty/drivers side fill, 4 row. Had core replaced and repaired in the past and the tag is gone. Rare.


So what has been done to the body? Well, I have pics from when I bought it in 1981. They’re not the best but you can get an idea of the condition back then.

It was basically a 14 year old car that I bought from a guy who blew the motor. I’ve had the car apart and back together several times except for lifting the chassis off the frame and it looked like just an old muscle car. I patched some rust, changed the color, painted interior panels, recovered the seats and put in carpet and a headliner.

In preparation for selling, I’ve yanked and pitched the carpet so you can see the floor, as you will see in the pics. It still has some glue and padding sticking.

I would call it a non-butchered, cosmetically altered 67 SS. I basically drove and worked on it from 1981-86 and it’s been in a garage since then. I didn’t do anything crazy.

How many old Chevelles’ are out there like that? Not many.

NOW, I haven’t started or turned the engine for 30 years; so I was wondering if the engine would turn… It ran the last time it was turned off and I believe I choked it with oil. In May of 2016 I removed the fan and put a breaker bar and socket on the crank pulley. At first it seemed locked, so I put some more muscle into it and the car tried to move forward. Oops, I had it in 4th. To my delight the engine turned smoothly. I also pulled the valve cover for one of the heads and it looks like a thing of beauty underneath. I think this thing can be started with a little work, but I make no guarantee.

Lots, lots more QUALITY pics available:casting numbers/build date codes/stampings on trans/block/heads/differential; pics of interior floorboard, underside floorboard, firewall, jambs, doors, deck lid, hood, post/window channel, trunk floor, underside of rockers, and nooks and crannies. Pics of the things you should want to see, not pictures of tires, decals and SS emblems.

Send me a message with your NAME and email and I’ll send you a zip file, that way you can zoom in on the pics and get excited, and send them to your buddies. My name is Scott.

If you have any questions I will be happy to speak by phone, send me your contact info.

Local pickup only, will not be involved in shipping vehicle.

There aren’t many 67 Super Sports in good shape sitting around as you probably know. This is the car for you to restore the way you want. Picture yourself making a road trip to Cincinnati and loading this baby up on your trailer and hauling it home.

· Who knows when or if another one like this will show up again.

· In a year or two you don’t want to say “shit, why did I let that SS get away.”

· Good luck and don’t let this girl get away from you. You’ll be sorry you did.

Website reference/links check it all out:

Big Block Casting Info from Chevellestuff.net

Chevy Engine Codes from Nastyz28.com

Big Block Chevy ID Info at NastyZ28.com

More Chevy Engine Codes from Nastyz28.com

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On Jul-04-16 at 17:44:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

“Original Factory AM radio!”

On Jul-04-16 at 19:25:23 PDT, seller added the following information:

Question regarding INFO on this car:

I have included... I think 14 “hot links” in this listing. Meaning if you click or tap on them it will take you to websites or eBay listings of components or references. They are in the "DRIVETRAIN/MECHANICAL” and “Website reference/links check it all out:

They are red bolded or blue; and underlined when you hover over them with your mouse.

You will find background/reference info on the casting codes/stamps or current listings of the components for sale. Check it out. I’ve tried to well document this vehicle and offer third party info.

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