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1968 Impala SS 396 #'s V8 4spd Muncie M22 Factory Super Sport AC Chevy Caprice

For sale: 1968 Chevrolet Impala NO RESERVE

Technical specifications

Item location:
Salem, Oregon, United States
Super Sport
Hugger Orange
Engine size:
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Muncie M22 4spd, Air Conditioning
4spd M22 Muncie
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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1968 IMPALA Super sport

SS396 – 4spd – 12 Bolt Posi – AC - Protecto Plate


Hi, thanks for checking out my 1968 Impala SS, actory SS396 High performance, actory 4spd.I have always loved the looks of the late 60’s Impalas, eautiful lines, woopy quarter panels, n ’68 Chevy designers brought back the triple taillight combination, hich I think are suburb. These cars are just a work of art, true masterpiece in my opinion, verything flows beautifully. This is were it gets good, sually when you think of an Impala, hey are viewed as a true cruising machine, he ultimate cross country driver, hichis my type of car, love to drive and feel comfortable. Many of these cars had small blocks, nd even inline sixes, his car wasspecial ordered withSuper Sport Options, S/396 High Performance 325hp, spd Manual transmission, C and Posi!!! I have the Original Owners Manual, rotecto Plate, ome general documents and receipts from 1972-2014. It is believed that this vehicle has 112K on the odometer, do have some mileage receipts though, but hard to know it has been many years. I have a tire receipt from 1979, 8K,receipt from 1984 - 80K on it, n 1987 91K, nd in 1994 it has 103K.I know since 1994, t has not spent that much time on the road. The last sale previous to me, as in 2011, here it sold at Silvers Collectors Car Auctions, here it read 12K (112,151), oday it has 112,389.A retired gentleman bought it to relive his glory days, e had a car exactly like this back in 1968.He is in his early 80’s now, nd as youcan see it hasunder 300 miles since he bought it, hich I have put 75 of those miles on it.This is a very good looking car, epainted in Hugger Orange back in the early 1980’s, I’ll go with Hugger Orange any day.There has been some spot painting on it, n various areas through the years, ou may notice the drivers door is off color a little bit, nd the bottom rear quarters have spot work on them, t looks good from the distance, ut when you get up close you will notice chips, few bubbles, hings that have been touched up.The car has always been a driver its whole life, ever a restoration, ust upkept. This is an Impala you can enjoy right now, making small upgrades as you go, nd then eventually restore it if you like as time allows.Take a look at the photos, ead the description, sk questions, please, f you can send out someone to take a look at it in person before you bid, am willing to work with anyone, n the states or overseas.This is a hard car to find, nd fairly rare in today’s Muscle Car market.The SS396 engine is numbers matching, he VIN is on it, s well as IA suffix code, hich tells you that this engine is the correct one for this car, S396 325hp/410 torque, spd Manual.I can’t explain every detail on the car, ard to do in writing, all me if you like, tudy the photos, veryone looks at things differently, try to do a very good job, iving you over 100 photos, nd description, uch more then you get from most sellers, ith 10 photos, nd one liners.Give me a call would love to describe it over the phone before you bid, nbsp;also if interested in aBuyIt Now option, e can discuss this as well.Thanks, Jason 503-910-2085

Condition:There are over 100++ photos below. Overall, his Impala is a very good car, t is not a 40K restoration.It is a driver, he paint is from the arly 1980’s, ut does hold a nice gloss, as its fair share of touch ups, hips and scratches. The car has painted a few times, nd does have some filler behind the rear wheels on lower quarters. Whenyou look down the sides, t looks straight, ut you can some ripples down the panels. Thehood has some dings in it as well, p in the front passenger side quarter. The chrome has pitting and scuffs, nd some of the stainless has dings, but it is all there, ould use a good buffing on the trim, he trim on thepassenger dooris close but does not match, ne you repaint it one day, ou will probably remove it anyways, nd make the sides super slick. Interior, s actually pretty decent and from the looks of it, t looks like factory interior, oes not look recovered. The seats are in very nice condition, adding feels good, rivers seat shows a little wear see pictures, own on the lower and side of bolster, eadliner is nice but it does have a small hole in it, nd a few seams starting to spread, ut I probably would not change it, because it is black, nd it still looks nice, ot an eye sore.The horn works, ut sounds a little weak, ore like a road runner beep beep.The dash pad is in excellent shape, ost of these have cracks in them.The door panels are in nice condition, he carpet on drivers side, s coming apart at the bottom front corner.The instrument cluster area and under dash is in good original condition.The gauges seem to be working, he odometer is working, s well as speedometer.The cigarette lighter works, he radio is not working.The clock is not working, he gas gauge is working, ot sure how accurate, ecause I have never filled it up to the top, nd tested it. Dome light works, he door locks work, the windows roll up and down nicely, ut they will need new window felts,it did come with new door gaskets,I installed them on the car today. No check engine lights, ol, he good old days!!! The 4spd shifter boot is missing, ctually these cars came with 2, ne below and one above, nd I have been told they do not reproduce the top one, o many of these cars are missing them after age.The rear seat is in nice condition, s well as carpet, little faded in areas, ut still decent.If you want to restore the interior obviously you might want to update everything, ut honestly unless you are building a concours show car, would just fix a few things, nd call it good, ecause it is presentable just the way it is. The vinyl top was replaced in the 80’s, and is worn, here are a few bubbles forming behind the back window that you can see, here is some discoloration in areas, ne day you will want to replace it, ut up you, epends on what you plan to do with the car.The glass is in good shape, o cracks, nd side glass is all there and decent for original.The interior is clean, as a little bit of a musty smell, ike a lot of old cars, ot bad, t has been sitting around for the 20 years, and not driven often.I would take my wife out in it, ny day of the week, t is clean inside for a 48 year old car, 8 years, ow time has went by. It does have new weathers strip around the doors. Trunk pan is in great shape I did look at the Door Drains, nd they are clear, t is the middle of the summer, ut thought I would check them anyway, he keys do lock the doors as well: ). Anyways, ake a look at the interior photos, t gives you a very good idea of what it is.

The Original 396 engine starts right up, nd this car runs very good.It has good power, oes not blow any smoke, ery clean running. Recently installed new valve cover gaskets on it, nd the rockers are very clean and look great.The engine was rebuilt at some point, ut don't know a lot about the particulars, I obviously know it is the original, ecause the correct numbers are on it, A – 396 High performance 325hp, ated with a 4spd transmission. It idles nice and runs very good, t starts up everytime.It could probably use a little tweaking to get a little more performance out of it, ut I like to drive and cruise, nd this is a big car, ut when you want it to go, no problem either. The Muncie 4spd M22 transmission was recently rebuilt, here are no numbers on it that tell me if it is original to the car, o assume it is not. The shifter is a Muncie as well, ut when you shift into 2nd and 4th, t comes back a little farther, nd rubs on the console slightly.It does shift nice, nd smooth, nd the transmission is in good shape, rans was just recently rebuilt.It has a new Pressure Plate, lywheel, lutch and Throw out bearing, lso has new u-joints and yoke.It also has a new master cylinder on it as well.The engine was detailed before I got it, probably when it went to Silvers Auctions and sold in 2011.The rear end is a 12 Bolt Posi unit, es I tried it out. The brakes work good for a car of this vintage, as disc upfront and drums in rear.It does steer good, ut because it has larger tires on it, nd the age of the car it wonders a bit, nd some play in the steering wheel, hen you turn it, there is a little noise in the column. It steers good, ut it sounds possibly like a bearing going out, ot sure, t does not affect it being driven, ust take note that it makes a little noise. It does run nice and cool, o over heating issues, attery is good as well.The engine has minor typical oilresidue, nbsp;around the oil pan and various areas, ut nothing thatreally drops on the ground, ust typical older engine. The AC is all there, t is hooked up, nd the pump is free, ith belt on it, ut is not currently blowing cold.Not a lot of rigs during this time, ad AC, nd usually the manufactures did not like the salesman to sell 4spd big block cars with AC, ecause warranty issues, believe this one slipped through the cracks, hich makes it pretty rare to have AC.The heater fan does work, ut does not blow in all the speeds, t needs a little sorting out.The tires are only 10 months old, ought on 10/4/14, hey are Cooper Cobra GT P245/60R15, ounted on Corvette Rally wheels, hich I believe are 15x8 all the way around. So mechanically it is in good shape, ust needs little things here and there, ut nothing major at this point.

The undercarriage is in decent shape. The frame is excellent, o rust issues with the frame, o repairs. There are some pin holes and rust spots, ore so in the area by the drivers foot well area, few in the rear drivers floors as well. It will probably need a front drivers pan at worst case, ust depends after you get the carpet out and look at it. It is solid feeling, o you might be able to make small patches, r use por15, ust depends on what level of restoration you want to do on it down the road. There are a few other small spots, hat have been plugged, ack by the rear under the seats. The trunk pan looks very nice, o rust issues, r repairs, ery solid. The car will probably need new gaskets thought out, ust from the age of it. Take a look at the pictures, nderneath they tell you a lot about the structure of it. The car has a good stance as well, o suspension though being old, eems to be in decent shape. I am sure if you take it to the next level, ou will replace bushings, tc

I have been selling classic cars here on eBay since 2003, 2 years now, ith around 500 classic cars sold over the internet. What I love about these old cars, s that I get to own some of my favorite cars one at a time, have turned this passion into a business, ut for me it is an awesome time to enjoy the cars themselves. It has been such a joy to do business with people all over the world. I have sold multiple cars to many buyers all over from Europe, ubai, ustralia, apan, razil, just to name a few. It has always been a pleasure, etting to know other car enthusiast all over the Continent, specially some that have become very good friends of mine because of our love for cars. I look forward to doing business here on ebay for many years to come, nd look forward to meeting some other like minded classic car nuts like myself. If you would like to call me and talk about the car, hat would be great, ould love to help you out. I invite you to come and take a look at the car before you bid, r send someone to look at it, t would be my pleasure to take itout for a little stroll around the neighborhood one more time. Thanks and happy bidding, 03-910-2085 - Jason

This is a NO RESERVE, tarting bid at $19.68, es, O RESERVE, op bid gets it. View the pictures and read the auction. If you have more questions let me know, nd I would be glad to help youout, try my best to explain andshow as much as I can, es I could have missed something, r over explained something, lease give me a call if you have questions.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A "BUY IT NOW" GIVE ME A CALL!! 503-910-2085 Thanks, ason

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A U C T I O N E N D S August 2nd- Sunday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm
10Day Auction, am looking for a Buyer!!! SCROLL DOWN - OVER 100 PHOTOS
Terms are pretty Simple, f you can pay for it, ithin the time I allow, nd can follow the guidelines, hen please bid, f you can't then don't. It takes 2 to put on a good auction, ou the Buyer and Me the Seller. I have perfect feedback, ave sold over500 well loved Classic Cars on Ebay, nd have pretty much had great experiences with everyone. International Bidders, lease bid, ave sent many cars to Europe, ustralia, sia, nd all has been great. Please read the auction 2-3 times, nd look at all the pictures and study them. If you have more questions please call me or email, would be glad to help.

**USA shipping, have a great guy that helps us with shipping he can give you a quote anywhere in the USA, e is reliable and hauls all my cars and most of my customers.Nations Auto Transport, reat guy his name is Mike, hone 503-718-7838. If you can't get a hold of him for any reason let me know, pretty much know how much it cost to ship all over theUS.

**Overseas shipping, use Schumacher Cargo Logistics, amien Sheilds 818-314-2536, e is the Sales manager, e is very good and very helpful tell him you are working with me. I do have a price sheet for quick pricing as well, o I can give you a basic ball park.

Terms of Sale: When auction ends, ou need to contact me ASAP within 24hrs of auction end, 1000 deposit within 24hrs prefer paypal. Balance due within 7 days of auction end.If you have questions about payment, ive me a call before you bid, f you need special arrangements, s long as I know ahead of time, o problem. I am easy to get along with. When you pay in full, willfax you a bill of sale, nd buyers guide, nd have you sign itfax it back,and I will send you the Washington Title, nd Original Paperwork Ihave by FedEx to you and the bill of sale. If you come in person, bviously I would do all the paperwork with you, nd hand over title in hand when you pay. Most people I deal with have there car shipped, o just explaining all the details. Pretty Simple, ou pay, nd you get the title and thevehicle.

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Numbers matching SS396 - 325 hp - 410 Torque, acked by Muncie M22 4spd, nd 12 Bot Posi.
Love the body lines on these Impala Super Sports.
Back in 1968 the traditional Triple Tail Lights.
This plate does not come with car, f you bought a new car in Oregon at the local Chevy dealer, hey would have put this on for the test drive,
this is out of my personal collection, un for photos.
All the regular exterior lights work, urn signals marker lights, he only thing not working currently are the reverse lights.
Clean Title, IN matches on car as well, IN:164478R133406, ngine VIN as well Matches.
VIN on Dash
Original Cowl Trim Tag.
Engine Pad, assenger side, 1220IA - 396 - 325hp, spd Manual - Partial 18R133506 Matching #'s VIN
Original owners manual, nd Protecto Plate. Add, omes with it as well.
Numerous receipts and bulletins from 1972-2014. Most of the reciepts, ange from 1979-2014.
Have a tire receipt from 1979 showing ( 68,422 ), 984 (80,988 ), 1987 (91,704), 994 ( 103,931 ), 011 (112,151), br>and 2014 (112173)

A U C T I O N E N D S August 2nd- Sunday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm
10Day Auction, am looking for a Buyer!!!

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