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1967 Impala 4 door hardtop Black SUPERNATURAL 67 Chevrolet Chevy 4 dr 4dr Baby!

For sale: 1967 Chevrolet Impala

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Quebeck, Tennessee, United States
4 door hardtop
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Up for sale is possibly the biggest 1967 Impala 4 door hardtop car collection available anywhere in the world!
As you probably know these Impalas are greatly sought after because of the Black '67 Impala, Baby" on the hit TV show"Supernatural"
Fixed up correctly these are one of the coolest and rarest muscle cars on the market today.
We have collected these from all over the country at great expense.
If you are looking for one of these cars you know how hard they are to find (especially in good shape).
Our family has been collecting these cars for years and along the way have also collected some very hard to find parts.
We have corner lights, OS side trim/ moldings, EM moldings, umper Guards, ots of the EXTREMELY hard to find glass (side and back), ebuilt original 4 barrel carburetor (never used since rebuilt), anifolds, rills, umpers, oor glass mechanisms, ash panels, riginal door panels ...etc.We also have many $$$ new parts such as dash pad, ood lip moldings, yebrow moldings, wo complete sets of door panels besides starter, uel pumps, ending units etc...
The cars differ in condition and options. We have matching numbers cars both in 327 and 396 models.
We have a sweet Black Impala that has everything new in it including a zz502 engine with a Tremec 5 speed Tranny, acing clutch etc (all top of the line parts!).
It has never been on road as the interior & body still need to have bumpers, OS bumperguards, ew hood trim, oor panels, arpeting (all which we have here for it) installed.
*All of the cars are A/C except for two of them.
ALL of our cars have CLEAR Titles in our names except for one car (which is very nice) that should be arriving shortly.*All of the cars are restorable. Two are not running currently(have not started working on them yet).
This is the deal, ur youngest child has a couple of years left in college and we are planning on using this time in selling off any of these cars and parts ours kids are willing to part with in preparation for moving out of state when he is done with college. In the meantime we have decided to put everything up for one buyer.
Countless hours, oney and time has gone into this collection and I don't think there will ever be another one like it for sale.I am located in Central TN, ou are welcome to make an appt to inspect them.All cars are almost 50 years old and are being sold "as-is" this lot is being advertised locally and is subject to ending early.
*Locally I'mselling the cars INDIVIDUALLY so as they sell I will adjust the price for whatever cars remain available for sale*
All shipping the responsibility of the buyer. As far as payment, ash in person unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
Call (931) 657-3601 if you want to make an appointment to inspect them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*BTW, am getting lots of emails asking about specific colors for the interiors.YES, do have cars with very nice BLACK interior,YES, do have cars with very nice GOLD interior!When I say that "all 67 cars interiors will need to be redone as they are almost 50 years old", hat does NOT mean that they are not in good shape!Some of our cars have had their interiors redone by their previous owners, nd some are 100 % original,I changed a few pictures to show you interiors for examples.
In our collection we have acquired both BEAUTIFUL original door panels that will need to be sprayed and we have purchased brand newcomplete sets (in black and gold, the correct TAN is not available and has to be sprayed/vinyl dyed to get it the exact color as on Supernatural) we help people that get our cars so they can get it right the first time!
A LOT of people are asking me for a BLACK exterior or TAN interior. I am just letting them all know that these colors were NOT available in this combination in 1967.
Many of our cars have interiors that have been restored back to original over the years and are in VERY good shape.Some have BEAUTIFUL door panels and seats!EACH car is unique to its self!
PUI is currently manufacturing the correct seat covers (they told me BLACK will be available!) and they should be available around the end of this month and for the front & back it should be about $600 based on what the 2 door seat covers they make for a 67 Impala now cost.
*PUI is the manufacturer that Impala Bob's, lassic Industries, ubbards etc ... ... all use and sell their interior pieces but they ALL are the same item.
*You might want to look at the video links I just sent in a reply to another person and posted on the listing also here are before and after pics of "Hunter" my son's car, s I said before, NY 67 Impala will have to be redone as the interiors decompose with age and Black paint was not an option in 1967 for the Impala line!
An online search will show more pictures during the restoration process. Mike found some gold vinyl seats that had been reupholstered about 10 years ago and were still pretty supple and he SEM vinyl dyed them after prepping the vinyl with a few cans of the spray dye/paint himself, n our garage.They came out very nice as you can see in the before and after pictures of "Hunter" on therpf forum, search online for "mpick67 Hunter" and they should pull up!
Hope this helps in your search for your own "Baby"!;-)
*Also the Black car in this listing is NOT our son's replica car "Hunter".Ebay won't allow the video links here, ou will need to search "mpick67 Hunter" online to see before and after videos.
The one in this listing here on ebay is a custom Tribute car to SUPERNATURAL, tribute car differs from a replica in that it is modified by the owner to his taste or desire, e met the people that work on the TV shows cars when we took Hunter to the convention in Nashville in 2012 and they told us about the big engine they dropped into one of the cars for Jensen/Dean as he was always complaining that the cars on the lot had "no butt" lol....So this black car seen in this listing has a NEW zz502 and a manual Tremec tranny and racing clutch, t has a very BIG BUTT! LOL(also it has not been named yet!);-P

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