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1955 Chrysler Imperial 4dr LOADED AZ SURVIVOR Factory HEMI 331 V8 AC rust free

For sale: 1955 Chrysler Imperial

Technical specifications

Item location:
Tucson, Arizona, United States
4 door sedan
Imperial sedan
Jade Green Metallic
Engine size:
331 Hemi V8
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Town & Country AM Radio, Heater, 8 way power front seat, Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Outside rear view mirror, solex glass
Vehicle Title:
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1955 "Hemi" Chrysler ImperialWhile checking out the car below. keep in mind it is 59 yrs old !and not restored. just a well kept desert survivor classic. Arizona car minimal rust / still probably less rust on this car then anything on ebay not restored. BUY 1 of our AZ vehicles and spend less timerepairing rust for weeks on end. and keep more of the original sheetmetalmaking your project worth more in the end and spending less money too. Alot of people done know this. but Ive been told that this exact yr . model Imperial cost MORE then a Cadillac of the same model yr in 1955. wow !~ITS A DAILY DRIVER. YES ! hop in and fire it up and take it anywhere around in townor out of town. This car was used as a daily driver for the last few yrsthat was driven 30 miles everyday to and from work. Its not perfect butthen again. its not restored 100% either. Yes. it drives great and everything still seems to work likeit was meant to and its just a fun get around vehicle. and being a 4drthe car still looks almost like a coupe. but you can carry 4 of your bestfriends around town or a night out with plenty of room !!READ THRU A FEW PAGES OF OUR 100% feedback on cars we have sold. We put more time and effort into our ads making it mucheasier for the potential buyers to bid with confidence. NOT MANY OF THESE left with original sheetmetal still like this one. UN RESTORED SURVIVOR. Our auctions clearly show the most detail of what to expectOver any other auctions Ive seen online. Buy with confidence !!This Imperial has been in Az as far back as we can research andrust is minimal. Alot of the original undercoating looks like its comingloose and peeling off from age. but other then surface rust. its a very solid car. 90% of the car is very solid and unrestored / non repaired sheetmetal. We try to show all the areas well in the 100+ pics below. Arizona cars are time capsules and the best kind of project to restore. Its just a fact that the AZ dry desert climate is much nicer to our vehiclessheetmetal. although at times the plastic. vinyl and rubber take a beating. DRIVETRAIN: Matching #s of sorts original 331 Hemi V8 (kind of on the rare side . yes)The trans and rearend also bone stock and work great. Motor sounds and runs great ! as does rest of the drivetrain. Id hop in thecar and drive it anywhere to be honest. Motor runs great. not sure when itwas tuned up last. but it fires right up every time. runs smooth and no weird noises etc. The original Afb style carb was replaced recently with a more modern Edelbrockafb style and it works well. along with it youll see the aftermarket air cleaner. Rest of the drivetrain looks bone stock. The last owner didnt have the originalpieces he took off. sorry. Tires decent and all the brakes where just gone thrutoo. YES. the original exhaust did exit thru the rear bumper (like some othercool cars from that era) although its no longer like stock back there. it would beeasy to change it back to like factory. It still has a nice rumble to it As Is and works with rest of the cars current condition. INTERIOR: Lots of factory chrome. yes ! The Arizona sun and heat havebeen hard on the interior too. but what you cant see in the pics is it hasthat 50s car smell :)/ . In the pics youll see where the previous owner put ina pair of front buckets from another car. Im taking those out and putting thestock front bench back in this week. Pics of its condition are below. Theframe is not bolted to the lower seat but Ill try to make it all as solid and usable before the car ships. Chances are the new owner is going to have the front seat re-done anyways so when I do it. it will be considered a tempinstall. None of the interior is restored. and it needs carpet. door panel workand more. But for a driver. its not all the bad. People who see it in person nowLove the worn. un restored look. I do have the dr side door panel. but its in bad shape. I also have the dr side 4 panel PW switch and all the PWs do workand go up and down. but the wires to the switch need to be correctly re-installed. Front windshield on pass side has a crack. its been like that for 20 yrs. The original Town & Country AM radio is sitting in the back seat. and comes with the car. All the chrome. and there is ALOT in there for its age looks really nice. Pretty sure allthe gauges work too on the dash. as do all the lighting works too outside. Some extra gauges where added just left of the steering wheel. not sure ifthey are even hooked up. Interior floors and trunk are very solid too. AC stuffthat was in the trunk youll see some of the parts are missing. All the door panelsAre there. but the interior is really showing its age. At least the components arethere for making new units. This car was a factory A/C car / blowing out from the rear window/and some of the more important hard to find items are still with the car. I believe the car to have the factory Solex glass from the factory too. EXTERIOR: the original color was like a Jade Green. but it was repainted the offwhite coloryou see whats left in the pics back in the 70s. Az sun has burnt alot of that offOver the yrs and you can see the original green in many spots now. alot of coolpatina actually. The stainless on the outside is in really great shape for a car soold. the chrome on the bumpers looks old. the grill still looks nice. Original wheelcovers are gone ( I may have 1 left). Check out all the pics below. the outside ofthe car front to back is in great shape for its age. I couldnt find any signs of anyprevious major damage and the only dent I can see currently on the car is onpass side rear door lower area. Not bad. but worth mentioning. See pics !SUSPENSION: basically bone stock suspension thats been taken care of over the years. It drives and handles great !. . and fun to cruise around in. Shocks feel a littlesoft. but really its the only thing I can report that the new owner may want to look into down the road. Still drives great and handles very well for its size and age. Disc brakes up front ? not sure. Ill check Monday. But I do recall the last owner sayinghe just went thru all the brakes all around including the booster and master. Its a cool old car that you just dont see many in this shape much anymore (unless you live in AZ maybe)but they dont sell for as cheap as our Reserve is. Check out ALL the pics below ----->If you see other auctions are not showing areas under their cars. nbsp;who really knows what sort of shape its in. Dont find out the hard and $$ way. At least our auctions show as muchas possible to potential buyers and bidders. Its amazing tosee other auctions with small dark pics. I cant imagine tryingto bid on a car without seeing pics like we do in our auctions. it may take a full minute for them all to load if you have aslow connection. so be patient AND looks for the extra scrollbar on the right side. Az gets maybe 12" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate. more info AFTER the pics etc. There are OVER 100 large pics below !! Heres a great chance to buy a nice RARE Hemi car / Imperial that youhave been wanting. An auction with as much info and pics possibleand the best way to buy a vehicle long distance. A vehicle marketed for ALL ebay bidders and buyers. Survivor cars likethis are getting harder to find and more popular too. UN RESTORED and affordable to most all buyers !!!Being sold by us. a seller with excellent feedback and history With ebay and buyers. What more could you ask for ? :)There you have it. probably The BEST represented CARS on Ebay. Shows you all the good as well as any bad. hope you appreciate them. We put a lot of time and effort in marketing our cars and it shows. IF you choose to buy someone elses car we wish you the best. butif you dont see nice clear pics like ours. who really knows what youare getting unless you can check it out in person first. Also. if you buy a car thats been "restored". who knows what sortof surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating. People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs arefast. for a quick buck and quality suffers. Our auctions have NOTHING to hide . Sometimes after taking the pics we notice stuff we didnt even know was there when we bought the car. and now you can see what we see too. Restore a car like this yourself or locally and you knowexactly what you have in the end. Email us with ANY questions before you bid please If you treat yourself to buying one of our vehiclesyoull never buy a total buckets again from anyone !!Our Impeccable FEEDBACK speaks for itself. Doing restoration on this type of project is less laborintensive which means overall cost is less too !With less horrid surprises later on. Dont let auctions with little to no pics try to fool you. With other auctions. you really dont know what to expect until you take the car apart. While we go over our cars ALL OVERwith great pics to help making your decision easier. Along with ANY other questions you may have. Email me for a quote for shipping from AZ We have several companys to get quotes from and who we haveused in the past we trust. This truck will easily load onto a haulerAZ TITLE - IN HANDI wont end the auction early !!CAR MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 14 days of auctionsEND ! we can no longer store cars for anyone !!Unless other arrangements have been made before auction ends. Can help with shipping outside the USA too if you need help. This car. you can see clearly what to expect with no surprisesand our Feedback speaks for itself !EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE !!Car will drive onto a hauler no problem. Not sure Id drive it across country yet. but around town. its readyto go. We can help get this car shipped all over the USA for a fair price quickly. Chances are people overseas will be bidding on this car. so wecan easily get the car to the docks in LA Calif or Houston for a fair price andpromptly if you need the help. IF you need a shipping quote. just email us with your city/stateand Ill find out our best quote for you !!ATTENTION FOR OVER SEAS BIDDERS !! HAVE ALL YOUR FUNDS READY TO GO IN CASE YOU WIN !THIS CAR WILL COME WITH THE PROPER PAPERWORK IE:CLEAR CLEAN AZ TITLE SIGNED AND NOTORIZED READY TO GO AND BILL OF SALE FOR THE WINNER TOO all this making shippingYOUR CAR EASIER AND easier for you to once it hits your country. No problem helping it to the docks if you are shipping overseas . Alot of these cars go overseas and we can help for those buyers. We have had alot of experience in shipping cars worldwide . If there is a winner. please email me when the auction endsand say Hi and we can take it from there. Bank Wires need to be prompt if you are out of the countrybecause they always seem to take longer then expected. I bank with B of A which makes things easy for many out ofstate for payment. direct deposit or Cashier checksIf you wire the funds we must add a $50 fee that our bank charges us. must clear before car can move. Its a sign of the times. sorry. IF RESERVES NOT MET. email us anyway maybe we can workout a deal after it ends. Optional PAYPAL with a $500 deposit only - rest direct bank deposit or wireOr just ALL bank deposit. which we prefer to save on cost and time for everyone.

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