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1969 Citroen ID21F Safari

For sale: 1969 Citroën

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Ferndale, Washington, United States
Station wagon
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What you are looking at it a very rusty 1969 Citroen ID21F Safari wagon or "break". As an added bonus it doesn't run! However the motor is not stuck. Frankly I don't think the car is worth saving such as it is. It would however be an excellent parts donor. As an added bonus I will include a 1970 Citroen ID21F Safari wagon that is essentially a stripped chassis. The good thing about this is that it is devoid of serious rust, came from California originally. Unfortunately it has been sitting outside for a few years in NW Washington which is not really an ideal environment for vehicle storage out of doors. I have been wire brushing and grinding away the surface rust with the idea of coating the pitted areas with POR-15 then priming and painting it then swapping over all the good bits from the '69 onto this one and then VOILA! A complete car that should run and might even drive! So far the only serious rust issue I have found on the '70 is the left rear window frame that has a lip that holds the window gasket and window. I have recreated the lip using JB Weld and there is a tiny little pin hole that could easily be welded up and ground down. The foot wells had standing water in them which did not do the metal any favors but again no rust perforation, pretty severe pitting. The way back footwell area has been covered with POR 15. After tearing out the sound deadening material for the driver and second seat passenger areas I found that the floors are dented in a few areas. Looks like someone ran over something a time or two. Probably should be straightened out before going crazy putting it all together. I am not sure how to do that. As another added bonus I have a whole bunch of extra parts that go along with these two. I believe with a reasonable degree of medical certainty there are are enough parts here to have one complete car less a good windshield and a proper dashboard for the '70 (it currently has none). The dash on the '69 is in bad shape and I understand the design was changed for 1970. Supposedly the '69 ran just a few years ago when it was "parked" owing to a hydraulic leak. NO guarantees can be offered that it can or will run. There is an extra engine and transmission that goes along with all this, it's condition is unknown. I am not sure all these parts are specific to these particular cars, I think some extra doors I have might belong to a sedan. The body panels on the '69 would need some help in the form of rust repair to before being put to use. I got all this stuff as part of a trade and it really seemed like a good idea at the time, you might say I "drank the kool aid" in seeing the vision of all this stuff being assembled into one cool and very French wagon. Those who wish to inspect all this stuff in person are welcome to do so. Shipping would be the responsibility of the buyer. I will help with loading etc as there is a lot of stuff here. A good time to ask questionswould be before you consider bidding, I will do my best to answer. If it isn't already obvious this is a major undertaking. Worst case scenarioI suppose is you wind up with a whole bunch of quasi valuable used Citroen parts.

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