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1936 Cord 810 Phaeton Convertible 1937

For sale: 1936 Cord 810

Technical specifications

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Danville, California, United States
Engine size:
288 cubic inch
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
Rich Maroon
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1936 Cord Model 810 Convertible Phaeton
First and Foremost....
It pays to understand fully what goes into a nut-and-bolt restoration of one of thesecars. There are many examples of Cords that upon first glance appear lovelyor even near show quality. For many of these cars, heir presentation dependssubstantiallyon creative photography and the talents of the last body and paint person to have exercisedtheir craft on it. The quality and condition of this 1936 Cord Phaeton speaks for itself..... Here are the details of this 810 Phaeton;
This is a completely rust-free California car. This 810 Phaeton was delivered from the factory as a naturally aspirated version of the incredible Gordon Buehrig design masterpiece. In 1937, ord introduced a supercharged version of the car which included exposed polished stainless steel flexible exhaust pipes coming from either side of the hood. This was an instant success with the automobile public and an added hallmark to the Buehrig classic . Almost immediately, any of the 1936 and naturally aspirated 1937 models were returned to the dealer or even eventually back to the "factory" to have the exhaust pipe feature added. This phaeton has had that done and includes the ultra-rare cast iron exhaust manifolds, uper charged screens and stainless flex pipes necessary to have them function properly. A very common misunderstanding of peoplerestoring a Cord automobile is that the most difficult and expensive part of the restoration is its mechanics. Contrary to this, he most expensive part of an810 restoration is the body and chassis. The intricately curved panels and Art Deco forms are near impossible to restore well by craftsmen trained after say, 960. Hammer and dolly metal work is far different than that of gluing a quarter panelon to a late model Buick with a caulking gun of panel adhesive. When you are lucky enough to locate someone to do the work, ou generally pay an incredible premium for their services.I have attached a few pictures of this Phaeton at various stepsof it's restoration to date. The most telling pictures are of course the ones showing the car or specific panels in bare steel. All of theeloquent descriptions in the worldcannot substitute for a picture at this level. No fillers, ofancy photography, o nothing; just plain steel. The hard work has been done. This Phaeton is finished in high quality satin black PPG epoxy primer. The carefully metal finished areas can be seen in the pictures. The pictures show where there were door dings, mall dents or steel repairs in many cases no larger than a American quarter coin. The metal has been fastidiously cleaned and prepared for the next level of show quality paint preparation. The cleaning process was multi-step and quite thorough. After stripping nearly the entire body to bare steel, ll body components were further cleaned with either a walnut shell, lass bead, oda or aluminum oxide blast. The parts were then treated in a phosphoric acid-rich bath to convert any imperceptible iron oxidation into iron phosphate, n inert non-reactive film which in itself creates an excellent auto primer base. This level of preparation is critical in protecting the car from any unseen oxidation that would come back after the final paint process and reassembly or worse, n the show field.

There are no covered over holes, erforations orincorrect non-factory designed details on the body whatsoever.There are no poorly done or modern short-cutted reproduction body panels anywhere on thisautomobile. All repairs to the factory sheetmetal where necessary were expertly done in fully welded steel with the ultimate goal to make each repair as undetectable and correctas possible. This was accomplished in many cases by not only using the same material as the factory but alsoby utilizing the same methods of manufacture and detail asthe Auburn assembly plant in Connersvilledid in 1937. The floor areas have been cleaned, cid etch primedand painted in the factory type red-oxide color matchedmodern formulation epoxy primer. After this was completed, theappropriate areas were then undercoated utilizing a modern versionpolyurethane based material to replicate the the asphaltic based undercoating used at the factory. This was done to insure permanent adhesion as well as stop moisture from being trappedover time as occurred when the original tar-type delaminated from the metal. Not only is the texture correct, t's application to the factory specified areas also substantially enhances the quiet ride design of the car.

The most difficult part of any restoration is adhering to factory standards. Many 75 year old cars have been restored multiple times over the years. Each time a little something is lost due to limitations in the restorer’s knowledge, abilities and or budget. Proper restoration techniques were utilized in every phase of the work performed on this car. The front fenders on thisphaeton have been metal finished with all properfactorywelded and finished seams.Due to their complex design and construction, any Cord front and rear fenders are areas which have been the site of some fairly horrific bodywork over those same 75 years. You can see the underside of one of the front fenders in the photo array after initial cleaning. That is factory red lead primer you see that the undercoating is applied over.

The valance below the trunk lid is another area on both open and closedcars that can be a disaster due to rust, ollision damage or poor workmanship over the years. These areas are excellent on this phaeton.Both doors as well as the convertible top cover were metal finishedto virtual perfection. Door bottoms, ven on California cars,routinely had rust problems early onsince the design from the factory did not incorporate a proper drain system for condensation or moisture. The doors on this phaeton were perfect. All preparation, abrication and repairs, f any, ere professionally done by an artisan with over25+ years experience on concours level classics and exotics including multiple Cord automobiles such as this. Door, ood, enceand trunk gaps are excellent with the doors closing effortlessly confirming once again the cars damage-free history.

This phaeton has its original VIN tag. It is also a known car in the Cord registry and has complete title work included.

Factory Serial Number 2459H

I have spent a good deal of time describing the fact thatit is so straight simply because that is hardly ever the case with these cars. I have included a few pictures of these stages of restoration and repair to give the buyer a better understanding of the condition of this car and the simplicity of their restoration going forward.

While it would be great to have this car finished at a high end restoration shop, t is far enough along at this point to have the Buyer Enthusiast or their own local quality body shop complete it.

This Phaeton has most if not all of the hard work done and includes most if not all of the hard parts. Parts that are replaced as a matter of wear or maintenance should be expected to be purchased. I am including many parts that would normally be purchased as a part of a restoration. This will be done to further insure the ease of restoration of this incredible car. Difficult parts such as quarter window assemblies and covers, eadlight cables, onvertible top mechanisms, uspension, ebuilt master cylinder, heel cylinders and brake shoes. Also included are all steering components, nstruments, radio and control head, indshield frame, ngine and transmission main components areincluded. The complete front and rear seat assemblies are included including the old factory seat covers which may be used a template during reupholstery. The seating surfaces have been covered with a simple set of covers to protect them for this very reason.

Engine and transmission assemblies are complete except for items that would naturally be replaced as a part of a complete rebuild. A new set of .030 pistons are included.

There are many, any talented and trustworthy folks who belong to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club (ACD Club) who deal in parts for these fine automobiles as well as offer professional rebuilding services formany of the car's mechanical components including complete or partial engines, ransmissions, rakes, teering, tc. At the appropriate time, would be pleased to make those introductions. I recommend that the very first thing you do if you are the successful bidder is join this great organization as well as the ACD Museum. As an added bonus, will include a one-year paid membership to the clubif you are not already a member. Additionally, will include a new copy in the publisher's wrapper of the original definitive book on this marquetitledCord 810/812 The Timeless Classicwritten by noted automotive historian and author Josh B. Malks.You cannotsuccessfully restore a Cord of any kind without this piece of incredible research. The book is also available new onAmazon.comfrom Hickman Books for $250.00.

I am a private collector without affiliation whatsoeverwith any commercial enterprise dealing in the restoration or sales of classic cars. I have been a automobile enthusiast my entire life and have collectedmany automobiles including severalCords and other ACD examples. This Phaeton was built with the intention of having a number one car upon completion. I have decided to sell this project prior tofinish to allow me the time and opportunity to finish several other restoration projects I have ongoing. I can assure you, ou will not find or commission a Cord 810 Phaeton quality restorationto this stage of completion for even a multiple of the reserve set on this auction. Good luck and thank you for your interest.

Please ask all of your questions prior to bidding. While this is an incredible car that will be worth every moment spent on it, t is nevertheless a seventy-five year old car being sold as-is, where-is without any express or implied warranty whatsoever. The car will be transferred to the new buyer with a clear titleand Bill of Sale without any liens and or encumbrances whatsoever.

This 1936 Cord Phaeton is for sale locally and we reserve the right to sell it prior to auction end. Thank you for your interest.

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