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For sale: 1967 Datsun 1600

Technical specifications

Item location:
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Engine size:
1600 CC
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England doesn't have a lock on neat, affordable 2-seat sports cars, and it's probably safe to think of this 1967 Datsun 1600 roadster as a Japanese MGB, although the Datsun got to the market first. And like their British competition, these cool little roadsters are seeing new-found appreciation in the hobby, making them a great choice today and in the future.Repainted in the early 2000s, this Datsun still looks great with a bright shine and a cheerful disposition that practically invites you to slide behind the wheel. The look is familiar, perhaps because various styling elements ha e been chose from some of the great cars of history and they all work rather well here. The hood scoop, the headlights, and vestigial tail fins on the rounded quarters all give the diminutive Datsun a much more substantial look. The bodywork underneath that nicely preserved red paint is in very good condition, and like many 2-seaters, this one has probably lived its entire life more as a toy than daily transportation. Experts will note that the bumpers were painted to match the bodywork, so it has a slightly more updated look that works rather well, but there's still enough chrome to make it distinctive. There are still a few bright bits, of course, including the bumper guards that create a nice contrast, and all the shiny still is in very good condition.We suspect that the interior is original, and that should tell you all you need to know about how nicely preserved this Datsun really is. '60s style buckets with textured upholstery are actually pretty good at holding you in place during spirited driving and once you're behind the wheel, the big, round gauges and low-slung driving position feel very British indeed. The three-spoke steering wheel is now wrapped in leather and has a period-perfect look with three aluminum spokes. The stubby shifter feels great and the pedals are well-positioned for heel-and-toe shifting to really have some fun at the wheel. Black carpets look good and the dash pad is pretty good save for some wrinkles that are probably inevitable on a car that sees a lot of sun. The trunk is well-shaped and reasonably spacious and for inclement weather, there's a black convertible top that's fairly easy to raise and lower.The engine is an energetic 1600cc four-cylinder that makes a pretty decent 90 horsepower, which is plenty in such a lightweight car. A pair of familiar-looking side-draft carburetors feed the engine and it's got a wonderfully playful feel on the road and a great exhaust note to go with it. The engine bay isn't detailed, but it runs great thanks to a recent tune-up and for a mostly original car, the engine bay shows the effect of caring ownership. The Datsun engineers knew that this car would attract car guys, so they gave it a finned aluminum valve cover to dress things up, and even today service is easy and parts are plentiful and inexpensive. A 4-speed manual transmission was the only choice in '67, and it slips through the gears easily and the ratios are well-chosen to make the most of the engine's powerband. An independent front suspension and surprisingly effective brakes make this car a lot of fun on a twisting road. Standard steel wheels with hubcaps are in excellent condition and carry right-sized 185/70/14 blackwall radials.Fan of Japanese cars? Looking for something fun and affordable? Want to stand out from all the MGBs? This Datsun has you covered. Call today!

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