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1969 CHP Polara Police Pursuit, 440 Magnum,rare Mopar,Hemi 727,Real deal,fast

For sale: 1969 Dodge Polara Polara Pursuit

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Laguna Hills, California, United States
Polara Pursuit
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440 Magnum
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Here is the CHP Polara again-the auction was temporarily cancelled by EBAY as I hadn't clarified that the emergency equipment is disconnected and non functional to meet EBAY rules.

Up for auction is the holy grail of police vehicles-a 1969 Dodge Polara Pursuit edition. This is an original California Highway Patrol ordered Polara that was specially equipped by the CHP to their exacting standards. There are many differences between this Police Interceptor and standard Polaras(and those of other police agencies). Very few were produced in 1969(about a thousand in total), aking them a very rare Mopar. Even more so when you realize that the vast majority were stripped of their drive trains the instant they went out of service. Many of their mighty 440 Magnum mills went directly into Cudas, hallengers, oad Runners and Chargers and whatever cars survived were usually crashed or rusted on their way to the scrap yard. There are probably less than a dozen true CHP Pursuit Polaras left in running condition today. Any book or website about police squad cars will always acknowledge the legendary status of the 69 CHP Polara. With a 14 flat quarter and a 150 MPH top speed, hese remained the fastest police vehicle produced for decades. Some believe they may have been surpassed in recent years by the Hemi Charger or Mustang-perhaps. I'd bet the Polara would still outrun the vast majority of current police cars.
These special Polaras were equipped with same 440 Magnum that you would normally find in a Mopar Musclecar. They had extra heavy duty Hemi spec Torq Flite transmissions, ig torsion bars, sway bar, eavy duty springs and shocks and Goodyear Blue Streak Pursuit Specials. They were also fitted with a quicker ratio manual steering box, D brakes, uper duty cooling and a massive hi amp alternator. Other CHP specific goodies included a special white steering wheel and spotlight handles(so they wouldn't get too hot to hold in the desert areas) AC was also standard on all of the 69s. They had a massive Cadillac overflow tank fitted, extra duty Leese Neville voltage regulator and a police spec rubber floor mat.
These cars were built to run down the musclecars of the era and they did it. They are every bit as special as the cars they chased for a living-and MUCH harder to find.
This particular Polara is the real deal-a CHP car with both of the special fender tags present and intact to prove it. I also have the build sheet(virtually impossible to find with one of these cars). Unlike many vintage police car restorations, his car was built to run and run hard. It has a date coded 69 440 HP engine that was rebuilt a few years back. It has the Mopar HiPo cam, P exhaust manifolds and a very expensive TTI mandrel bent 2 1/2" factory style exhaust with the correct down turned tips. It has been converted to a discreet Mopar electronic ignition with a hi-po coil. All of the wires,plugs,belts,fluids,etc are fresh. While I have an original carb, it is currently fitted with an Edlebrock blue printed carb. The trans is also freshly rebuilt by one of socals top high performance transmission shops. Extra duty parts,special valve body and bands ensure that the 727(original) is ready to handle years of fun. The driveshaft is also new with a high RPM balance and new HD U-joints.
This Polara also has new,expensive, lack Bilstien shocks(the same type used on the latest sports cars), ew ball joints and fresh bushings. The rear differential has a new Sure Grip unit installed as well. Radiator is correct and fresh.
Most importantly, his Squad has spent hours at a well known race shop being super tuned. It was common during the years of the musclecars to have super tunes performed-its a lost art these days. This car has had its distributor blueprinted on a Sun machine, he timing adjusted to run on today's crappy fuel and the carb flowed and optimized for this application. In short, his car runs fantastic! No stumbles, o hesitation, o pinging, o flat spots,no fuel starvation and no vapor lock-those of you that know Mopars realize the importance of this. Stomp on the gas pedal and this Interceptor hunkers down and lays down two stripes of rubber on demand.
Also of importance is that this CHP car the original police equipment present-of course, t is all disconnected per EBAY rules. The proper CHP issue, nity spotlights(with Red and clear lenses)up front and the correct Deitz red and Amber lights(mounted on the CHP bracket) on the rear deck lid-again, hese are currently disconnected and non functional per EBAY rules.
The rubber floormat is present and very nice. A new headliner is installed. The ElectroLok shotgun mount is mounted and functional(secures a Remington 870 as it should). There is a vintage siren under the hood for show(non functional per EBAY rules)and radio unit in the trunk-original analog style and non functional with today's digital radio systems. The impossible and very pricey, original CHP radio head is installed inside along with the PA set up(non-functional). A CHP spec switch panel is mounted in the dash with all the proper and period correct toggle switches.
Outside, he original spec CHP whip antenna and ball mount are in their proper location and a hold down clip mounted on the roof. The correct Police certified speedometer is present. All the the gauges have been gone through and work. The lights,signals, orn,flashers,wipers,etc all work-these are the items needed for road use-not the police equipment as that has been disconnected per EBAY rules.. An additional set of mechanical gauges are fitted and functional-not really needed, ust didn't want to take chances.
Original CHP door decals and trunk lettering are installed. Original "Out of Service" placards will also be included. In the trunk, n original CHP issue wooden box is present and has the flares and other items present. The State of California first aid kit is mounted in the trunk with the original bracket and contents. I will also include the CHP wooden emergency aid back board(used to help move injured folks out of a scene). I also have two nice vinyl spotlight covers that can be fitted when driving on the street.
This CHP Polara has been driven to a number of events(including the Mopars at The Strip event in Las Vegas-a 700 mile trip in which the car ran flawlessly!). It's always surrounded by crowds and admirers. While there are always dozens of wonderful Muscle cars to see at a show, arely do you find one of these.
Considering that this Polara is now nearly 45 years old, is it perfect? No. The body is indicative of how these cars would have appeared while on duty, n period. It is painted correctly, ut far from a show finish. It presents very well, ut exhibits numerous scuffs,dings,scrapes,etc. When these cars were in service they were repaired at local shops like One Day-not Premier Show finish. A couple minor rust repairs were done to the floorpan. The chassis, firewall, enders,doors, tc are very nice. I have owned the car for a number of years and have not noticed any rust areas forming. All of the AC components are present. I fitted new hoses and valves,etc and pressure tested system. I never filled it with Freon, hould be all it needs to work.
This Polara is fitted with an NOS front bumper. The original is also included and its in nice shape with the push bumper holes. My plan was to drill the new bumper and refit the push bumper-just never got around to it(everything will be included to do this). The seats are upholstered nicely and have excellent foam, ut not the correct, riginal fabric. This fabric is available, just didn't see the point of tearing up nice seats that look good in the car. The dash pad is a mess(covered with a dash guard that looks fine). I have a second 69 Polara dash pad(cracked) that will be included-again, planned to have JustDashes recover it and do the swap when I got it back. They have a few month wait, o I didn't want to have the car down while I waited.
The doors on this Polara were completely disassembled and the latches refurbished as needed. This Polara has perfectly operating door handles(inside and out)-again, hose familiar with vintage Mopars know what a big deal this is-many are jammed or sticky-not this car. I have a lot of 69 Polara extra pieces that I'll include with the sale. This Polara has the correct "H" heavy duty wheels and a nice set of speed rated pursuit tires fitted.
This is probably the best running old Mopar Pursuit Polara anywhere. It is a blast to drive, ets attention from everyone and allows you to take your friends to the car shows with you! In California, ou are required to cover the red lights and door stars(these are vintage and correct emblems for the era-they are antique and different from the emblems used on current CHP cars) in order to drive on public roads. No big deal and you can usually drive it as is in other states-and certainly other countries! Here is a very rare chance to own a legendary, are Mopar or to join the popular collector police vehicle hobby-don't bother with a wheezy, low Crown Vic or Diplomat when you can own the ultimate. Go to a Mopar event and smoke your friend's Charger on the dragstrip with this cool old four door sedan!

Sold "as is" of course. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding!


you tube vid of this 69 and another vintage CHP car heading to an event

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