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1966 FORD MUSTANG COUPE PROJECT Disk Brakes 5 Speed 9 Inch New Wiring & Gauges

For sale: 1966 Ford Mustang 289 V-8 Coupe

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Los Angeles, California, United States
289 V-8 Coupe
Originally 289 Automatic
Wimbleton White
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Air Conditioning
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Sadly I have to sell my Dream Car 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe Project Car.
This was my dream car, ut now it will have to be someone else's dream.
This is the Mustang I wanted to build in the late 70s when I was in my early 20s.
This was going to be the last car I ever built.
I spent years tracking down all the parts needed to build this car exactly the way I wanted to.
But I am caring for my 94 year old Mom, nd I desperately need the money to care for her. I'm all she has and she depends on me every day.
I had a really bad year with my retail gift business, nd am falling behind on my bills, o my Dream Car Mustang has to go with great regret and sadness.
My Sister passed away several years ago, nd I have been the primary caregiver for my Mom ever since.
My Sister had been caring for my Mom since my Dad passed away.
Mom is blind and almost completely deaf, as asthma, pacemaker, nd a crooked back from a childhood injury.
But she continues to hang in there, nd I am going to continue to care for her as long as I can.
It's been a real struggle, nd it's come down to this.
I have to sell my Dream Car 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe Restomod Project.
I love my Mom and need the money to continue to care for her.
I can always build another car.
I only have one chance to take care of my Mom for the rest of her days to the best of my ability.
My Mom is going to be 95 next year.
I would like to have a surprise lunch for her 95th birthday with all of Mom's relatives and friends so she can see everyone again.
I would like to take my Mom on one last road trip to the place where my Mom and Dad spent many vacations together.
I would like to take her to visit her friends and relatives in Central and Northern California one more time.
And I need to catch up on my bills.
I always wanted a Mustang since I was a kid. A first generation Mustang was the first car I ever remember wanting as a child.
It was the first time I ever thought 'that is a cool car'.
My Sister once asked me which car I would choose between my Ford Mustang and my old BMW M3. She was surprised when I said the Mustang. I told her that I wanted an M3 since 1993, ut I wanted a Mustang since 1965.
I've had this car for about ten years, nd hoped to finish it some day but things happen. But the project came to a grinding halt several years ago when I moved my Mom in with me so I could take care of her.
I bought it from a friend who got it from his aunt, little old lady from Southern California who didn't put many miles on it.
She just drove it locally, ever got on the freeway, nd only put a few thousand miles a year on it. The body and chassis probably have less than 120,000 miles on them total since it had less than 100,000 miles when he got it.
My friend drove it around for a couple of years, lew the 289 engine, ut a 302 in it, rove it for a few more months, nd then got another car to drive so it just sat.
It is a very very solid rust free Southern California Mustang with good floors, runk, irewall, nd fenderwells. No major rust repair needed anywhere.
I bought it to set up as a good handling and good braking long distance cruiser and occasional track and autocross car. I wanted to tour the USA in this car.
I had bought a used E36 BMW M3, nd wanted a Mustang that could handle and brake as well as the M3, ave good power, nd could cruise at 80 - 90 mph all day long with decent mileage.
It was my low dollar homage to the Terlingua Ford Mustang Coupe racers.
The Mustang's body was totally stripped, nbsp;All the badges on the side and the hood were removed and the holes were all welded shut.
The sides are totally smooth except for the door handles. No fender badges, o trident on the rear quarter panel.
The sides are perfectly straight with no ripples or waves or dents.
The Mustang was completely repainted Wimbleton White with the doors, enders, runk, ood, nd windows off the car. But it has sat for the last five years and the carport leaked, o it has rust bubbles appearing on the lower front of both doors where water got in which needs to be repaired and repainted. And a ding and large paint chip on the driver's door thanks to my neighbor. The rest of the body is in great condition. Smooth and straight. The paint should buff out nicely. It really was a beautiful paint job as you can see in the early photos.
It's a great car that runs good and handles like a dream. The entire Mustang suspension is basically new. It handles like my 1997 BMW M3 did which means really really good. Great balance and really tracks through a curve with precision.
The ride is not harsh even with the Koni Shocks, nd the car feels like it's on rails.
The Traction Master suspension system works incredibly well.
The four wheel disk brakes work great since they were originally designed for Ford Granadas and Lincoln Versailles', hich are much heavier cars that weigh about 1000 pounds more.
This Mustang stops as well as my 1997 M3 did too. And you can get all the parts at your local Ford dealer.
It was originally an automatic, ut converted to a mid 1990s Ford Mustang World Class T-5 five speed manual with a used Factory Ford pedal assembly.
The handbrake has been moved to the center transmission hump using an old Ford Contour handbrake.
The car basically need a couple of thousand dollars and a hundred man hours to make it complete.
And I don't have either one right now.
All the pieces marked New are six to nine years old and have less than 100 miles on them since I never got the Mustang on the road.
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
Original California Black License Plate Car.
302 Ford V-8 with low miles. Less than 10,000 miles.
New Edelbrock 4 Barrel 650 cfm Carb
New Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Intake Manifold
New Edelbrock Performer Mild Cam
New Hooker 4 to 1 Headers
New 2-1/2 inch Exhaust with X-pipe and Magnaflow Mufflers
New Rebuilt 5 Speed World Class T-5 Manual Transmission - No speed sensor installed.
Used Rebuilt Ford 9 Inch Rear End from a Lincoln Versailles
New Limited Slip Differential
New 3.55 Rear End Gears - You might want to replace the ring gear since it makes a whining noise. We tried setting this up like ten times, nd couldn't get the noise to go away.
New Koni Shocks Front and Rear
New Traction Master Front Coil Springs
New Traction Master Complete Polyurethane Bushing Kit
New Traction Master Front and Rear Sway Bars
New Rear Leaf Springs with Traction Master lowering blocks.
New Global West Front Upper Control Arms with Shelby lowering modification
New Subframe Connectors
New 15 X 7 Circle Racing Spun Steel Stock Car Wheels
New 205/60 - 15 Yokohama Tires
New 15 X 8 Circle Racing Spun Steel Stock Car Wheels
New 225/60 - 15 Yokohama Tires
Ford Granada Front Disk Brakes with New Rotors, ew Rebuilt Calipers, nd New High Performance Brake Pads.
Lincoln Versaille Rear Disk BrakeswithNew Rotors, ew Rebuilt Calipers, nd New High Performance Brake Pads.
Relocated Emergency Hand Brake to center transmission tunnel.
New Painless Complete Wiring Harness - All the wiring is new.
Six New Autometer Gauges - Two of the Autometer gauges have orangish lights and four have bluish lights. Not sure how this happened.
This is easy to fix since all of the gauges are set up with connectors.
Relocated Battery to trunk.
New Larger 20 Gallon Gas Tank from a 1967 Mustang for long distance cruising.
Was a Ford Factory Air Conditioned car and I have most of the AC pieces.
Body was completely stripped and debadged. All the badges and the rear trident were removed and the holes were welded shut.
The sides are completely smooth except for the door handles.
The F O R D was removed from the front of the hood and the holes welded shut.
The repaint was stunning when it was first done.
The fender lips have all been rolled so even larger wheels and tires will easily fit.
I feel really bad that the doors rusted, ut they can be fixed and the rest of the paint looks good.
There is also a ding and large paint chip on the driver's door from my neighbor's workman who built a new fence.
The Front and Rear Bumpers were stripped and rechromed. These are the original thick heavy factory bumpers, ot cheap aftermarket ones.
The wind wings were stripped and rechromed.
Stereo speaker wires and amplifier wires have been prerun.
New Alarm with remote.
You are going to need a trailer to move the Mustang since the cooling system is empty.
Serious Bidders Only Please.
Ask questions before you bid.
I need to make as much as I can to care for my Mom.
If you don't bid with your head, id with your heart and help me out.
I'll be sad to see the Mustang ride off into the sunset without me but,
I Love My Mom.

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