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1969 Mustang Mach 1 S-Code Big Block W/NOM Vintage 427 Side Oiler 4-Speed BEAST!

For sale: 1969 Ford Mustang

Technical specifications

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Denton, Texas, United States
Mach 1 S-Code B.B. W/ Vintage 427 Side Oiler 4 Spd
Engine size:
427 Side Oiler
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1969 Mustang Mach 1
True Mach 1 S-Code Big Block With NOM Vintage 427 Side Oiler
Less Than 500 Miles on FULL Mechanical Restoration
If you grew up during the muscle car wars of the 60's and 70's then you surely remember the dominance on the street and track of the 69 Mach 1. This is the car that Mickey Thompson took to the Bonneville salt flats and broke 295 U.S. and international records with. The car that you are viewing is all about performance/endurance and is old school cool as old school cool gets. Under the hood is the motor that Ford and Carroll Shelby built with one primary goal in mind, o beat Enzo Ferrari, nd the car that bears his name, t the 24 hours of Lemans. Enzo had dominated that venue for 5 consecutive years but in 1966 1st 2nd and 3rd went to 427 Side Oiler powered GT40's. This was the first time that an American driven and powered car had ever won this prestigious race. This dominance continued for the next four years. This is also the motor that Ford used in their factory built drag cars to crush the competition on the drag strip and in the Cobras that made Shelby a household name. Google it if you don't already know.
The 427 Side Oiler under the hood of this Mach 1 is the first year that it came with hydraulic lifters, 968. I have searched and read forums all over the internet and this may be the lowest mileage Side Oiler in existence. That is NOT reckless hyperbole and I will post your correction if there is another engine with less mileage. The majority of the blocks that were manufactured, nd the number was small due to their expense (more than doubled the cost of the car), ere destroyed or were bored out to the maximum, esleeved, od damage through the side, elded and abused some more. The one in this car has less than 500 miles on it since it was built and has NEVER been raced or abused. It has been bored five thousandths over only to create the stroker motor that it has become with a displacement of 453 cubic inches. The previous owner purchased it in 1980 and took it to the machine shop in 2003. It has the cross bolted mains which gave it the bottom end strength to handle the rigors of high horse power and the necessary endurance needed for racing. It is called a Side Oiler because of the oil channel on the left side of the block which directed oil to the crankshaft first. This motor put Ford on the performance map and if you are unfamiliar with its history do some research. This is a muscle car with a capital "M."
Engine Build Details
Because the engine in this car is a significant part of its value let me state that it won't be a 'mystery' to its new owner. They will receive the invoice from the machine shop (they have been in business building engines for 38 years) that built it, long with an entire envelope of receipts, nd this invoice begins with the words "1968 Ford 427/428 New Block." The block was delivered with a 428 stroker kit and 428 CJ heads (C80E 6090-R) that were thoroughly rebuilt. The crankshaft is a $ sign stamped forged steel 427 crank that was milled for the necessary stroker offset. The rods are Eagle H-beams (6490F3D), he pistons are inverted dome (J & E 162117), he rings are J & E (J100F8-42805), nd were "file fit." The cam was manufactured by Crower (16241). It is somewhere between mild and wild but while substantially improving performance it also allows it to idle well. Breathing is easy through the Hedman headers and series 40 Flowmaster exhaust. If you have never heard a 427 Side Oiler pushing an estimated 500 horsepower pounding out the exhaust through series 40's you are in for a real treat...Mothers will hide their children and rice burners who fear being stomped into oblivion will pretend to be texting when you rumble up next to them at the same light. Up top are Isky adjustable rockers, Weiand dual plane intake and a Holley 780 double pumper. All of this is brought to life by MSD ignition that is chipped for 6000 rpm., bout 500 rpm. below redline. Want to live dangerously? Remove the chip.
The Interior
In the interior the car looks close to a new car. Everything that didn't appear like new has been replaced and there are no rips, ears or wear marks throughout. It has the "deluxe" interior with the wood grain inlays, ide door lights, omfort weave seats, houlder seat belts, rim blow tilt away steering wheel, n in dash tachometer, clock and an aftermarket Jensen stereo that sounds pretty good. When the interior was redone the heater core and the fan motor were also replaced. Everything works in this car right down to the door and under dash courtesy lights, igarette lighter, linker return, linker indicators on the hood, ipers, tc., ith the exception of the tachometer and clock. When the MSD ignition was installed the correct adapter to sync it with the factory tach was installed but something is causing it to register incorrectly. Just in case this is due to a faulty factory tach a complete used dash cluster will be provided that has both the tach, peedo, nd other gauges for parts. I will also include a year correct stereo with eight track tape player that has the mounting bracket and an uncut plug. There are NO shorts in the original wiring harness.
Drive Train/Suspension/Etc.
Mated to the engine is the nearly bullet proof 4 speed top loader wide ratio that has been thoroughly rebuilt from clutch to tail. I have owned and driven several and this one is the tightest yet, o slop at all. The rear end is a 3.50 posi-trac that has also been completely rebuilt including bearings, eals, rake shoes, heel cylinders, tc. In addition to this work the car has new, ot re-arched leaf springs, ew shocks, ew front disc brakes, nd all of the steering components are new or function as new. There is ZERO slop in the steering and the car rides and handles like new. The tires are at 95% (still have the nubs) and they are mounted on Magnum 500 wheels.
Body and Paint
All of this mechanical restoration was done on a car with ZERO rust or rust repair. The torque boxes, einforced B.B. shock towers, loors, runk, nd exterior panels have no rust damage. This excellent shell condition can be attributed to two factors; the car spent its entire life in Texas and it hasn't been registered since 1983. The previous owner purchased the car at that time and it became a father son project for the next 32 years stored in a garage only being driven briefly after the engine was installed (2003) around their small town neighborhood out in the Texas boonies. Furthermore, he bottom has no dings or dents or crushed frame rails caused by uninformed individuals trying to jack the car up in the wrong spot. Everything is amazingly straight. I have owned perhaps ten Mustangs in my 57 years and this one has the best shell. The paint is a base coat clear coat that I would say is a 9 out of 10. It has a few chips from the miles on the road but it has a high gloss and could easily take down a local car show in its present condition. Furthermore, he car will come with left over original paint to do touch ups with. Want a trailer queen that you're afraid to take out on the road and need to keep securely tucked away? Spend another $1,500.00 or so, epaint the underneath, ix the insignificant paint flaws, nd purchase a big lock for your garage door and there you go... All of the weather stripping was replaced after the paint as well as the felt strips, tc. The doors hang perfectly with no hinge slop, hey don't 'rattle' when you close them hard, nd all of the panels mesh together nicely. The windows roll up and down like new and everything is really tight.
Arguments For Your Spouse (Ha)
Join the Mecum auction site, econd only to Barret Jackson, nd by joining (for the cost of a verified email address) you will be able to search their site for live auction values. Yesterday there were 221 69 Mach1's that have passed through their auctions and big block cars probably sold at an average of 50k. Check it out. Many of those cars had NOM motors and because Ford didn't put VIN numbers on the block many cars are presented as though they have their original drive train but there isn't any way to really verify those claims. The engine in this car is intimately linked to Ford's racing history and has a tried and true pedigree. It has become a favorite with the aftermarket builders and something comparable would probably cost 25k. Furthermore, ith this engine your car will be UNIQUE in a good way, ot like these guys pushing a Marti Report that says that because their car came with green paint, o clock and an AM radio with eight track it is one of one. Really, ho cares. The auction values are driven higher by shell condition and big block performance engines with 4 speeds. If you want AC it can be professionally installed for about $2,500.00. If you want rear window louvers and a center counsel they can both be had for about a grand. Lastly, astback Mustangs are the hottest ticket under the sun. This car, n this condition, ill NEVER depreciate. It was built at the height of the muscle car wars and they rule at the auction block.
I have 1 negative feedback in 8 years and it came from someone who wouldn't honor the payment terms explicitly outlined in my ad. He never laid eyes on the car and when I got tired of his grumbling I offered to refund his non-refundable Paypal deposit and then he left me negative feedback. Because of the Ebay guidelines at that time I could not get it removed. If my long history of integrity isn't sufficient I will make the car available for inspection. It is presently in storage and if you hire someone to come see the car and he determines that the car is misrepresented I will pay them $100.00 of your fee to hire them. It is not insured or registered so test drives will be limited to the storage yard. If you buy the car I will keep it in storage until it is picked up. If you want any additional information or care to make an offer I encourage you to call me at (817) 403-7723. Thanks for your interest and good luck bidding. Oh, f there are any zero feedback bidders they must contact me. If they fail to do so and I contact them through Ebay but get no response their bids will be CANCELLED. By bidding you are entering into a legally binding contract and failing to pay will have consequences. Be adults, e responsible. I have done my part, ou do yours.

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