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For sale: 1926 Ford Model T

Technical specifications

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Lutz, Florida, United States
Model T
Engine size:
Inline 4
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Here's a unique and affordable way to be at the grassroots of the motoring age. This 1926 Ford Model T Tudor sedan is a running and driving example of our automotive history on wheels.The Model T is one of the most honest classic cars in the hobby. But with even with over 15 million produced, his one will let you standout at the car show. After all, he touring cars and roadsters are a much more common site than a fully enclosed body two-door sedan like this one. Finished in (what else?) basic black, his Model T has an honest, ensible look to it, oth serious and unpretentious. There's a love for these that transcends generations, nd there are plenty of period-correct details that all members of the family can enjoy. The paint is neither too glossy nor totally worn out, howing a soft shine that looks like this has only been in service for a few years. But what's really impressive is the Henry Ford steel is turning 90 years old, ut the panels still fit quite well today. The doors open and close easily and a tight fit to the hood, ll of which suggest this Model T has led a good life. The later cars like this had a bit less brass, ut the radiator shell has a soft patina that adds some much-needed contrast to the all-black Ford and the rear-mounted spare is the archetypal "antique car" styling element.The interior remains a simple affair, ust as it had when it left the factory all those decades ago. A closed body means the ability to have comfortable cloth seats, nd these were nicely restored with correct pleated contours are straight out of the '20s. It's the same story for the headliner and side inserts. Controls were simple, nd it's quite easy to master driving a Model T with just a few minutes of familiarization with the three pedals and the hand throttle. The fat steering wheel makes navigation easy, nd the view from up high is commanding. We are obviously decades away from air conditioning, ut ventilation is still quite good thanks to the push out windshield and roll down front windows.The Model T's powerplant was the trusty 177 cubic-inch inline-four, hich was rated at about 20 horsepower. It might not seem like much, ut it feels plenty powerful thanks to a well-engineered setup with good low-end torque and smart gearing. Once it's in high gear, his T is happy to cruise at 35 MPH without complaints. The block is finished in black with its correct updraft carburetor, hat's still fed by gravity to keep things simple. In fact, hat's how to view this whole car. You'll be surprised at how much you'll enjoy driving it, nd how intuitive the maintenance is. Better yet, n this particular car the current seller/consignor recently paid several thousand dollars to have the entire transmission system professionally rebuilt. So that's one less worry to have for the next owner of this fantastic automobile. The 21-inch painted wood wheels on bias ply tires are the final touch to ensuring that this full period-correct package feels 1920s-accurate going down the road.This is exactly how you want to enter the Model T hobby. Here's an affordable and complete car that has a distinctive body for very little cash. You can slip behind the wheel today and feel like you grandparents, r better yet, ire it up and take your younger generations out for a memorable ride. Call today!!!

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