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For sale: 1929 Ford Model A

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Rochester, New Hampshire, United States
Model A
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WILL SELL WORLDWIDE ART DECO ROCKET AGE INSPIRED !10 DAYOPPORTUNITY TO ACQUIRE ONE OF THE MOSTDYNAMIC & MAGNETIC PRE-WAR & ALL STEEL BODY ART DECO FORD SPEEDSTERSEVER BUILTTHE 1929 "SKIPIT III"This hottie is no trailer queen. she'll let you hop right in and is always ready to get "down and dirty". Drive 'er hard!! My car is presently. nbsp;and has been stored indoors in Rochester. New Hampshire where she has spent the winter in storage. I will hesitantly offer my 1929 Ford Model A "Skipit III" Speedster for sale on eBay for a one time 10 day auction. and if it doesn't sell the first time around. I will ship her home to Key West. Florida that I may enjoy her throaty idle and wonderful curves in the balmy. sticky Key West sun this summer and try to fight off the shutter bugs from pilfering pictures and selfies of my sexy iron maiden!! And after a sweaty. delightful afternoon of manhandling her. she'll never complain when you just leave her somewhere. anywhere. and like every "dream girl" she's never hard to find. right there waiting where you left her being admired by a small crowd of about 10-15 people posing excitedly and snapping "selfies" with phone cameras. 'cause she's the center of attention wherever she goes and no ego too. Almost as good as a lobotomized and passive Kim Kardasian (who wouldn't be titillated by the potential excitement of that kind of uncontentious companionship?) I am admittedly indecisive about separating from her so you eBayers out there probably won't have another opportunity to "court" this salacious. sexy crowd pleaser in the fall because south Florida is home to some of the finest car collections/collectors in the world and it's here she'll remain once she's shipped home. ALL STEEL BODY (EVEN THE TAIL FIN) This is a rare opportunity to acquire a very. VERY unusual and beautiful Art Deco inspired and rendered. all-steel body 1929 Model A Ford Speedster that will steal the attention and crowds away from half million dollar Ferarri's and Lamborghini's at ANY car show. Nothing at a car show pisses off a high-end exotic car owner more than to be slotted next to a uniquely designed and economically priced Speedster that costs about as much as a Ferrari tool kit (yes. some vintage Ferrari tool kits costs over $25. 00) steal throngs of gawkers away from the half million dollar exotic cars! I know because I see it happen ALL THE TIME! This truly amazing speedster body was designed and built by the inimitable Paul Normand. a world renowned Speedster stylist and veteran master automobile fabricator from New England who has built more than 40 museum quality automotive masterpieces in his nearly 40 year career of building imaginative vintage collector automobiles. Mr. Normand is well known in the hand-fabricating world of custom Speedster/Roadster coachwork and he builds only ONE car in the winter of each year. I have offered him a very lucrative commission to construct a massive speedster body on my hulkish 1921 La France chain driven fire truck chassis and he kindly responded "I don't take commissions". Mr. Normand embodies the creative spirit and commitment of every great artist and is not motivated by money to envision. design and create cars. he only builds cars that he wants to see created. Trust me. books will be written about this legendary custom Roadster/Speedster builder one day!! His cars are voraciously gobbled up by deep pocketed collectors worldwide and world class auction venues like Mecum and Barrett Jackson has sold his cars in the past with astonishing results. Opportunities to acquire Mr. Normand's automotive artwork are dwindling as it is my understanding that Mr Normand is over 70 years of age. In the very strange consumer age where mundane. mass produced kit cars can now cost upwards $100. 00. (AC Cobra Replicas) it is becoming increasingly difficult to find old world artisans who can manually hammer; bend; manipulate and weld steel skin over buck molds to create unique and beautiful car bodies as was executed in the golden age of the custom automobile of the Streamlined Art Deco period of the 1920's and 30's. This has been professionally accomplished here with the wonderful and whimsical "SKIPIT III". The drive train is an all original 1929 Ford Model A (which it is titled) and powered by an inline smooth running 4 cylinder Ford engine. The "SKIPIT III" is outfitted with 16" super rare 1950's Cragar spinner Hubcaps and chrome beauty rings and has been outfitted just this winter with a brand new custom interior that will last for decades. It is a relatively simple car to own. enjoy and maintain as there are many early Ford Speedster collector car forums and clubs. Friendly professional advice is just a few clicks away with your computer mouse. As far as investment potential. Speedsters as beautiful and unique as the "SKIP IT III" will always find impassioned and aggressive buyers as unique cars are really just an extension of a well expressed personality and fabulous collector automobiles such as the "SKIP IT III" accomplish that goal quite effortlessly and have no price comparisons and this car BELIEVE ME. will delight and excite certain personalities. This year the SKIPIT III may sell for around $24. 00 and in the next 3 years it could easily bring $35. 00. There is no depreciation for this Art Deco Speedster automotive masterpiece (or any unique automotive masterpiece). And when is the last time you have seen an Art Deco inspired Ford Speedster?? Perhaps you can find a dozen fabulous examples in the membership cars of the Northwest Vintage Speedsters in Portland. Oregon but these cars are almost NEVER offered for sale outside of the membership base and if one were to be offered. plan to spend upwards $45-50K for such an example. My car perfectly embodies the Art Deco "Rocket Age" of Speedsters and will make an interesting extension to an extra ordinary personality. If she tickles your fancy don't hesitate. because you WON'T be finding another Ford Speedster with this much distinction and value at this price!!! I am currently listing two very desirable and unusual pre war Speedsters on eBay. and depending on which one sells first. I may end up keeping the other. Please take a look at all of the pictures and email if you have any questions or trade propositions. This car has a clear New Hampshire title. Thank you for your interest and thanks for reading. Please check out my other Speedster that I am listing on eBay Just click on seller's other items to view my cars

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