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For sale: 1947 Ford Woody Wagon

Technical specifications

Item location:
United States
Woody Wagon
Engine size:
239 Flathead V8
Interior color:
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Wow, everything about this 1947 Ford woody wagon is remarkable. Hailing from long-term ownership, where it has received not one but TWO restorations, it's a fantastic example of one of the most appealing woodies of all time. With that wonderful flathead purr, the gorgeous wood, and impressive quality, this is a car that satisfies on every level.You can imagine how expensive the restoration was, given that woodies are the most demanding cars of all to restore. The wood is beautifully done, a combination of new and original pieces, and it has a wonderful all-of-a-piece look. Of course, with a wood body, there was plenty of fitting, finishing, and final assembly, making this car better than new in almost every conceivable way. The lovely maroon paint is a great contrast to the vivid ash and mahogany bodywork, with the steel staying in the background to let the wood do all the talking. The post-war Fords were pretty darned good-looking cars with restrained styling and a bit more flash than their pre-war counterparts, and they're arguably the best-driving flatheads ever built. The steel bodywork was refinished to the same standards as the wood, and after two restorations in the past 45 years, it's very hard to find fault on this car, with great fit, a wonderful gloss on the fenders, and a vinyl roof insert that looks like new. All the chrome was restored, and there is a lot of it, and the car includes rare accessories like the bumper ends and spare tire cover. It does show a few signs of use, but it's easy to forgive a guy for wanting to drive a car like this.The burgundy leatherette interior still features all three rows of seats, a rather rare find on an old wagon, since early owners often removed the rear bench for additional storage space. All the seats were reupholstered using correct materials and someone did a marvelous job of woodgraining the dashboard, making it almost a match for the ash door frames. Correct stainless screws, original hardware, and a beautifully re-cast steering wheel make this a very comfortable place to spend some time, like your favorite cabin in the woods. The gauges were restored with bright faces and a very upscale look (this is Ford's top-of-the-line vehicle, after all), and there's an AM radio in the dash and a heater underneath, both desirable options in 1947 and both fully functional. All four doors fit well, regardless of the weather (ask a woody owner about humidity), and there's a bit of storage space in back with a tailgate whose lights swivel to always face rearward.The 239 cubic inch flathead V8 really needs no introduction, and in this neat little woody it provides a wonderful punch and a great soundtrack. Rebuilt during the first restoration in the late '80s, it's still mostly stock but feels quick around town and it doesn't mind carrying a full complement of passengers. The engine is nicely detailed but does show signs of use and age, but it doesn't have many miles on it, so it runs great. It still uses a correct oil-bath air cleaner, and the radiator hoses are proper reproductions that won't sag. It still starts using six volts so you get the full experience and no worries about careless workmanship on an electrical "upgrade." The 3-speed manual transmission shifts easily and even though Ford was still using buggy springs and rigid axles at both ends, the ride is surprisingly plush with the wagon body on top. The chassis is nicely finished and quite correct and the color-matched steel wheels have shiny hubcaps, trim rings, and fresh 6.50-16 whitewall radials that ride and handle great.This is a really easy car to fall in love with, combining the romance of the woody with the performance of the Ford flathead. With no stories, it's worth every penny of the asking price. Call today!

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