1936 International Harvestor Traditional Style Hot Rod Rat Rod Pickup Truck SCTA

For sale: 1936 International Harvester Other IHC

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Item location:
Reno, Nevada, United States
International Harvester
Pickup Truck
Engine size:
1966 Buick Nailhead 425ci
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1936 International Harvestor Traditional Hot Rod Pickup Truck Here we have for sale a beautiful 1936 International Harvestor traditional hot rod rat rod pickup truck. This is been my pride and joy for many many years now and now it is time for her to go. The truck looks killer and the stance is perfect on the truck. The truck has a perfect angle chop to give it that fast look just standing still. The truck cab has been channeled too to sit over the custom made chassis which accents the overall look of the truck. The truck has been chopped with an approximately 1" difference from the front to back and that is how the truck gets that angled chop that looks so good. The whole chassis was custom fabricated. It is built with reliability and stability in mind. You can safely take the truck down the highway at any speed and hit bumps and holes in the road and not have to worry about the integrity of the frame. The truck was built with reliability in mind and as the number one priority. I have been to the Bonneville Salt Flats seven times and with those long distance drives. 800miles round trip. there has never been an issue. I drive the truck all summer and fall long with no issues whatsoever to speak of. Like I said before. this truck was built with reliability as the priority. I wanted to be able to drive the truck without having any issues that would keep me from getting to where I wanted to go. Its no fun having your Hot Rod broken down on the side of the road. Back to the chassis. the chassis has been z'd both front and back to give it even more of a lowered stance. The rear end is z'd almost 16"! The back suspension was designed and fabricated for coil over springs. What a nice ride it makes the truck when your driving down the street or cruising at 85MPH down the freeway. The original 1936 International grille has been sectioned to look proportional to the lower stance of the chopped cab. The whole entire drive train is from a 1966 Buick Wildcat. The engine is a rebuilt 1966 Buick Nailhead 425ci. The transmission is the automatic SP400. Then the big beefy rear end is out of the same Buick. It all fit very nicely when building the frame. The Buick drivetrain is reliable and fast! The nailhead was rebuilt to factory specs by the previous owner that I bought it from. I stripped a 1966 Buick Wildcat and took the rebuilt engine. transmission and rear end to use in my truck. The nailhead has factory OEM Buick GS polished finned aluminum valve covers. The six deuce intake is an original 1960's Offenhauser Intake that has too been polished. The six Holley 94 carburetors are all nice but I am only running the center two carburetors. I just recently had the carburetor and ignition system tuned up. The truck idols like a kitten and absolutely screams if you put your foot into the gas pedal. There is a finned aluminum valley pan. The carbs are topped with Boettger stainless air cleaners. I had a custom made sheet metal fan shroud built by a well renown sheet metal builder in town. The exhaust manifolds are ceramic heat coated and are original. The exhaust pipes are custom made by an exhaust company in town and are straight pipes. The truck. in my opinion sounds amazing. The nailhead rumbles like no other engine I have ever driven. The wheels on the truck are extremely rare to find 18" front and 20" rear Dodge accessory high clearance wheels off of a 1936 Dodge car and truck. They have been powder coated and pin striped. Those are some of the most sought after wheels because they are so unbelievably scarce. They look killer on the truck and I think they really do it justice. The suicide front end is built very nicely. The front brakes are all custom built with original 1946-1948 Ford backing plates mated to 1966 Buick 45 finned aluminum brake drums. There was a lot machining to get those all to work. Then the original Ford hubs were redrilled to match the bolt pattern of the Dodge Divco milk truck wheels which is 5x4. 5. The axle was professionally dropped by Okie Joe's axles. They dropped a Model A axle 4" for me. The front spring is a reverse eye spring that is actually brand new from posies. The lighting on the truck is too some extremely valuable and rare Electroline head lights and tail lights. They are matching vintage and both look the part on the truck. Take a look at those front head lights and all of their Art Deco styling. The are cool huh? They are rare accessory headlights and tail lights from the day. The Electroline tail lights are powder coated too. The gas tank is a spun aluminum 10 gallon tank. On the freeway I can go approximately two hours or 160+- miles. The truck gets very good gas milage on the freeway. I am guessing that the large diameter wheels help a lot! The tires were bought from Coker tire. The front is a Firestone ribbed dirt track tire and the rear is there 600x20 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire. The rear tail gate on the truck was custom made. The rear bed sides are from a 1946 Dodge pickup truck that have been heavily modified to make look just right on the truck. The doors open and close nicely. The interior is very bare bones. It was all custom built. The floors and tranny tunnel were all custom built. The cab was re-enforced with steel to make it very sturdy. The interior bomber seats were actually NOS. NewOld Stock from WWII when I installed on in my truck. The seat belts are 3" green bomber seat belts from WWII and they too were also NOS that I pulled out of a box to use on the truck. The entire interior was rhino-lined to make for easy cleaning and it gives it a nice uniformed look. The shifter is from Lokar and fits rather well in the truck. The dash has all been powder coated. The gauges are very rare Stewart Warner Police Special Speedometer and a Stewart Warner 8. 00RPM tach. They are both 5" in diameter gauges and give the dash a great look! Neither one are hooked up. I have a couple more Stewart Warner gauges under the steering column. They are oil pressure and water temperature. The cowl steering was used with the original International Ross steering box. The steering is very nice when driving a speed down the freeway. The distributor has the Pertronix kit installed. so no more points! The wiring on the whole entire truck was professionally installed. I wanted the wiring to be top notch so I could be assured that wiring problems were not going to be an issue and in seven years. not one issue. The truck was pinstriped and had a logo put on the door by a professional pin striper in Reno. The work is first class and is absolutely sunning. I think that I have covered most of everything on the truck. It is an amazing truck and looks. drives. and rides amazing. The truck is very well built and I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars building a reliable and cool hot rod. I think it turned out pretty dang good. There was no shortcuts taken. Reliability and safety were the number one focus when building the truck. You can literally cruise down the freeway going 90+ MPH and have one finger on the steering wheel is cruises so straight and nicely. It is truly a blast to drive and I have spent many hours behind the wheel. Although the truck has a little bit of wear from driving it as much as I do. There are some minor little scratches here and there. When the truck was painted I had the painter leave the tiny little dings on the metal. I didn't want the truck to look perfect because that is not what hot rods are all about. having a perfect vehicle. The truck is so unique and has been carefully cared for since I built her and completed the truck in its final stage as its in. This is one bad ass hot rod that is ready to drive and enjoy. Please. I tried to cover everything but its an old car that has been around. I tried to describe it as best as I could. IF you have any and all questions. please feel free to contact me with them. My phone number is 775-830-6760. Thanks for looking!

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