****1971 International 1010****

For sale: 1971 International Harvester Other custom

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Honea Path, South Carolina, United States
International Harvester
Standard Cab Pickup
Engine size:
5.0 304
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CD Player
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Tired of being just another guy in town driving just another ford, another chevy, or even a dodge . . . want the whole town to know its you cruising the streets??? Want to walk out of your local grocery store and not have to look at 3 identical cars sitting in the parking lot contemplating which one is yours?? Well look no further here you have a 1971 International Harvester 1010 2wd 1/2 ton Pick up truck! Buy this and become the guy that drives that old IH or that bad ass chick that drives the international. I will say it comes with some responsibilities for instance when pumping gas you will often have some one across the way that sits there phone down for a moment and comes up to you to engage in a real life conversation. Now these conversations occur quite frequently and often revolve around the truck. Some folks are plain stumped and have no idea what you are driving these people you can give a small history lesson about how it is indeed the same international that made tractors and that they did also make big rigs and that it is a international engine not some hodge podge jeep/ford/dodge/chevy concoction.Now there will also be the folks who tell you cool stories about how their grandfather droveone of these backin the day or how they cut their teeth on the dash of a scout as a baby or some crazy drunk college scout story these are the ones thatget entertaining. Also know by taking it tocar shows orautomotive events people will often flock to it rather then the runof themill Camaro orthe Red Mustang.This generally happens bc hey its a bad ass mofo and people have never seen such a steed. I have used this truck as my daily driver for over 2 years now and the broke necks and thumbs ups never get old trust me.
Anyways on to the truck!as stated it is a 1971 IH 1010 it has a 304 2bbl v8 engine that runs like a sewing machine I have never had any issues out of this engine I have had a lot of internationals over the years and this is the smoothest runner I have had! I do believe at some point in its life it was rebuilt or at least had new gaskets installed. that being said it doesn't leak any fluids and has great oil pressure.
It has a 727 automatic transmission which I assume was installed the same time the engine was gone through bc in 71 it should have had the borg warner automatic. but the transmission shifts great and also has had the gaskets replaced or was rebuilt at some point.
Dana 44 rear end with good highway gears the pinion seal is starting to leak a little I noticed the other day when I was under it haven't had a chance to replace it yet.
The front end is the 1/2 ton torsion bar suspension which is a real comfortable ride I replace most of the front end components about a year ago.Upper and lower ball joints tie rod ends and the center link. the ball joints I found NOS the rest came from Rareparts.com
The tires are practically new I purchased them from Discount tire co and the warranty is still valid. they are also a little over a year old . They are cooper cobras and the Wheels are a aftermarket GM ralley look alike.
Electrical: Every light, button, switch works perfectly except the passenger side door jam switch it is stuck in. (so when you open the passenger side door the dome light does not come on. . . driver side functions as it should. All of the factory gauges work perfectly and are accurate. I replaced the bulbs with LEDs so that they are a little easier to see at night. Also I made a small aftermarket gauge panel out of a Jr. west coast IH mirror there I have a tach, oil psi gauge, and temp gauge.the factory am radio is still there but I have remote mounted a aftermarket cd player in the center console as shown in the pictures. There are 2- 6x9 kicker comp speakers behind the seats that give you plenty of dynamic sound to jam out to. Again every light/signal works perfectly.
Rust and dents: so obviously it does have some rust and dents here and there the main dents are on the tail gate, under the passenger tail light, and the driver side rocker panel. Actual rust not just surface rust includes a small hole on the driver side fender a few small spots around the windshield (very common in these trucks), the bed floor has a few holes here and there the and the end caps under the tail lights have some rust. Also the inner cowl area has rust . the floor boards were "repaired" before I got the truck they are solid but notthe prettiest.
Factory AC . . . it is all there the field coil on the compressor kicks in as it should but the system has been opened up and is dry so it would need at minimum to be recharged and a new belt for the compressor.
Heat works well how ever the duct work behind the dash is dry rotted so it just kinda blows out where ever.
Interior: the seats are the factory IH "buddy buckets" the dash is perfect as stated all the gauges work the sun visors are in good shape the headliner is good but has distorted slightly over the years so a new one would look fantastic in it. the floor mat was recently put in it was NOS. only real "flaw" of the interior is it is missing the factory gas pedal I have one to go in it though, but rather then using it I made one with chain. wouldn't take long at all to swap them out to have the original style one back in it though.
Gas tank it has a brand new sending unit and is immaculate inside how ever it has a large dent so instead of 15 gallons it only holds about 12. also if you fill it up completely it smells like gas real bad I think it may have some pin hole in the top of the tank. I normally put 11 gallons in it and just roll with that.
Exhaust is a aftermarket similar to flow masters true duals and it dumps before the rear axle. Sounds great.
Windshield: a few months ago a car flung a small rock up that chipped the windshield and resulted in a small crack in the bottom corner. I have a replacement windshield but have not ordered the gasketyet.
So to sum it all up for you skim readers
PROs: bad ass truck, smooth running and driving, bitchin interior generally cool truck
CONS: its not a 60,000 2017 truck so yeah its got a few cons . . .
All this truck really needs is a ass in the seat and a foot to mash the pedals. I have driven it on several long road trips with out so much as a hiccup and would not think twice about driving it across country today.
All in all this has been one of my best daily drivers I have ever had and by far my favorite I honestly am torn to pieces about selling it but I have a growing family and would like to upgrade to a international travelall or travellette. Call it a survivor, a rat rod, hot rod, street rod, patina, old truck, bad ass mofo or anything you want but to me it has always been family and there are a lot of awesome memories I get to keep!
If you made it all the way through thank you for your time and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly or through here ill answer to ether. I am also happy to get any pictures of videos for you. and can arrange for you to see it in person before you bid if you would like.Also I am happy to help with shipping or pick up arrangements again just let me know.

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