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fast Jaguar E-type. XKE Fhc 1970 BRG,

For sale: 1970 Jaguar E-Type

Technical specifications

Item location:
murrieta, CA, United States
2 door coupe
english racing green
Engine size:
4.2 liter inline 6 close to 300 hp.
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
black leater
CD Player, Leather Seats
Vehicle Title:
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this is a Very good car, but need TLC. Its not a matching number car as it sits now, It has a newer XJ6 engine,with bigger valve higher compression (the original engine is back in CT do follow) it haslightweightflywheel, 3.8 intake manifold withtripplecarb, stainless steel HP headers, the head has had a valve job and cleaning when i got installed piper cam "fast road" camshafts, 276dur. with new springs and so on. has new master brakecyl, has bigger vent. brakes from xj6, haskonidampers, newmech. oil pres. clock, has new fronttyres,alu. radiator, custom intake ready forITGfilter, new seat upholstery, ++++ and so on..bad things, engine leak and uses oil, as all old English cars, has bad sync. for 2 gear,, bad sealing ring in differential. body is as almost rust free, but needatt. to rear wheel arches, as it been cut to get space for 8 inc wheels by old owner. the car has some cracked paint in some places, and some small dents andbruces.. use it as it is or restore it..

I'm thinking of selling my jaguar E-type that i have owned for two years, I'm a Norwegian guy and i have used this car as a holiday car for two 3-4 weeks trips.. driven it 8500 miles the last year
Gone tell you more about my car what it is and what positive and negative sides of the car.. plus a small story about my trip and ownership.This is a drivers car not a dust collector stored for 30 years, or trailer queen.. and the last owner used it as a track car,it is a 1970 mod jaguar e-type,FHC, inenglishracing green, has all steel body (nofiberglas). has got bigger brakes, bigger wheels, newer stronger tuned engine(4.2 from a mid 80s xj6, that has bigger valves and higher compression, than the original E-type engine)So its not a original car, but the original engine is still inPlanivilleCT, (and will follow the car, but you need to arrange pickup or shipping)
Last summer I and a friend drove this car fromPlainville, (where i bought the car and did get some of the work done to it)down the east coast,New York, Manhattan, Virginia beach, Savannah, Jacksonville,daytonabeach, Orlando, FortLauderdaleand all the way down to Key west, Miami and up again to Orlando,a trip on total 2500 miles.. Before that trip, i did get some work done on the car:The head was of the engine, was sent to a engine workshop where it did get a valve job and installed higher lift and duration camshaft, from piper camshaft. "fast road" with 276dur. and spring kit..http://www.pipercams.co.uk/pipercams/www/product.php?pid=JAG6BP270http://www.pipercams.co.uk/pipercams/www/product.php?pid=VDSJAG6http://www.pipercams.co.uk/pipercams/www/product.php?pid=SC55http://xks.com/i-6919680-co-44010-cam-follower-all-xk-six-cylinder-and-v-12.htmlit did get new freeze plugs and head gasket and so on.. the starter engine did also get a overhaul... From before the engine had a 3.8 intake manifold, with triplecarbsetup, and I did make a custom intake with trumpets ready forITGfilter to it...http://itgfilters.net/products/15jc55-65( was 4 weeks deliver time on the filter, so not bought jet)The engine has also stainless steel exhaust manifold and 2" pipes all way back. and has only mid dampers, and straight pipes the rest, so it has a very cool and good sound ( race like :)It also has lightweight flywheel, so the response on the engine is phenomenal :DThe engine compartment has been dressed up and it is and looks very good...It is very fast and i would believe its close to 300 hp in it now.. ( higher comp, bigger cam, bigger valves, bigger better exhaust, and better intake and filter)But the engine is leaking little and uses oil as all old cars (spes.englishcars), so it can be used like this and have i eye on it or fix the seals.It has also oil cooler and a newalu. radiator, goodKonidampers, bigger vented front brakes from xj6 and 8x16 wheels with 205 and 225Dunlopdirezzatires... so a cool more sporty modern ride :DIt has the American differential, so the top speed is around 120 not 150 as for the European car, so the fuel consumption is little higher and is around 15 miles pr gallon,and it has a seal leak, so it need to get that fixed.. or change to a new rebuilt higherdur. differential... (as my plan was or will be)Had the rear brakes gone over to... as the hand brake didn't work when i bought it..the gearbox has a bad sync, "tooth brushing" going up and down in to 2nd gear..
It had also done some electrical repairs, new battery, and battery main switch and installed new center, with CD player and new speakers, and 2 extra 12v sockets for the GPS and mobile charger/ fan and a hidden "kill switch",but the window vipers has not been fixed yet..Also the seats did get new seat foam and leather covers so looks the money and has good support and are very comfy seats as i now have been driving close to 8500 miles in the car, almost 6000 miles this summers trip. it has 4 point seat belt on thedrivers side and 2 point in passenger (that is not working good) original ones do follow..The headliner is not the prettiest site, let it be or get a new one.. On the way down the east coast last year, thedistributor burned, so I ended up buying a new Mallory electronic one from summit racing, sent over night and did get it installed down in New jersey. http://www.terrysjag.com/category/PERFORMANCE-DISTRIBUTORS.html (same as sold here)Also the oil pressure clock did stopped working on the way, gave me a "heart attack" but i had a new mechanical one ready, and did get that fixed,She rest of the trip last summer went trouble free.. with some Small issues, as a loose steering and soft brake..So for this years trip, the the Brake master cylinder, and steering U-joints and steering rod ends was changed.. and gas tank sensor was also changed, as it didn't work last year trip.
so this years trip idid drivethe car from Orlando FL. cross country via New Orleans, Dallas, Albuquerque toLasVegas there i hooked up with some car friends for some days,, did then drive north, stopped in Zion & Bryce national park, Salt lake city,Jacksonhole, Yellowstone, and south again to Bonneville salt flats, Reno,Tiogapass over to Yosemite park and north again to Sacramento,Vacaville, over toNapavalley and down to SanFransiscoover the mountain on skyline blvd to Santacruzand highway 1 all the way down to Losangeles.. ended in San Diego to hook up with some friends, before the car was left in LAX for a friend to pick it up..so a fantastic trip close to 6000 milesThe car did get 2 front tires in Sacramentobecause of a damaged tire.and a new upper right ball joint .the speedometer started to troubleup in Yellowstone, so a new wire was ordered, but has not been installed yet..
So to the exterior of the car, it is almost rust free. i have some friends that is e-type experts, (owners of 5 cars in total) and i did get all the check points for rust from them, and this is all good,, it has some small needlesiceholes in lower front part of the bonnet, and some surface rust under the driversflormat, after master brake brake fluid leak..(the left sideflorhas been changes some time back in time before)sothatsall i havefound.It has some colour difference form the bonnet to the rest of the car, so there has been a repaint or changed a the bonnet some time in the cars life.the paint has some "crackelation"some places, and some small dents and scratches,if you go close and in details,the chrome on pumpers and around windows looksok, and are original.the window and doors seals are cracked and bad, and leaks little in the rain, some are change, but i have bought new all rubber seals,except front window rubber, and these follow the car..
The car is one of the cars not delivered with wire wheels, so it has 5 studs, and has now aftermarket 8x16 inch wheels with "fake" spinners.. and hasDunlopDirezza205 front and 225 tires in the back.so the for the rear wheels to get fitted, the previous owner did cut open the inner wheel houses and widened the wheelhouse to get them to fit, so the paint has cracked and has some dents so it looks no good.. and it need some attention... so need welding and paint.. or use it as it is as i have done.. it has now paintedalu.teipso dirt does not get easyaccess, that's what you see on the pictures..my plan was to get hold of some wider wheel arches, that used on the race cars ( around 2" wider) and make this car as a race car replica..
so my plan for this car was to use it as this road trip car in United states, and eventually take it home..it has been a struggle, to get it on plates and insurance vice, as I'm not a American citizen, but its has been done...(originally was looking for a 50s American car, but always liked e-types, so ended up with this one:)
at the moment i have to many projects home, and with me working in the Oil industry, with all uncertainty that involve to day. I'm will try to let this car go here in USA,
I have a OK low reserve, but if i don't get that i will take it to Europa, and try selling it there or put it my storage for later.. the car will only get up in value...

I have now tried to remember all about the car,its a honest car and i have tried to tell you all about it, so "you know what you buy" is more the thing then "what have i bought" thoughts laterbut do you have Any questions, send me an email, at sig916@gmail.com or you can try call me, but as I'm in Norway, that 6-9 hours difference from US, so think about that before calling..and when I'm at work offshore you cant reach me at my mobile phone.. soeasiestis email.. but my phone is +4741215107
the picture you see is from the trips i have had and from when i bought it and so on.. more pictures can be sent to your email address
more pictures do you also find oninstagramand there will also be some YouTube clipsavailable soonhttps://www.instagram.com/sigclassiccar/
The car will be available to check out and trying down inMurrietaCA.. but it will be some coordination with my friend down ther, because he will need to be there..


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