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1976 Jaguar XJ12C Coupe Rare V12 1 of 1873 Original Documents RARE XJC XJ XJ12

For sale: 1976 Jaguar XJ12 NO RESERVE

Technical specifications

Item location:
Salem, Oregon, United States
Dark Blue
Engine size:
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Power Disc Brakes
Tachometer, 8 Track AM/FM, Chrome Turbo Disc Wheels, Leather Seats
Vehicle Title:
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1976 Jaguar XJ12C Coupe
Thanks for checking out this very Rare XJ12C,you folks in the Jaguar community already know how rare this car is, xtremely hard to find, he holy grail of the XJ models. Those of you who don't know these cars,please dosome research, nd you will see how rarethis XJ isand what an incredible find. it is These cars were only built from 1973-1978, ith total production was 1,873 in the 5 year run. These cars did not come onto the market though until 1975. Of those 1873 carsthey built, nbsp;1269 were LHD, nd 604 RHD. This is 1 of 1269 cars built, hen it comes to low production, his is an extremely rare vehicle in any form. From research that I have came across, t is believed that perhaps fewer then 100possibly might remain on the road. My friend along with myself are Jaguar Enthusiast, ith both over 75 years experience combined, t runs in our veins. He finally got the chance to own one of these awesome machines to put into his collection. Due to some heath issuesrecently, nbsp;it is better for him to let this car go, ard to do because the search was so long, ut other things are more important at the moment. So he has asked me to help him list it here on eBay, e is not to internet savvy, nd I know just about enough to get me in trouble, ad to have afriendshow me how to write the ad. I have always loved this body style, nd have dreamt of owning one of these cars myself. I know these cars inside and out, restore Jaguars, orvettes, nd Hot Rods for a living, ut the Jaguar brand is in my blood over 35 years of dedication. I have added over 75 photos of this XJC, o you could get a really good look at what it is. It does run and drive, nd you can enjoy it as is with some maintenance done in the future. But this is a car that you could stash away for a while, his car will become very collectable because of its rarity, nd on top of that, t is one of the best Jaguar body styles besides the XKE in my opinion. This is one of those cars, iven time, ill be a top collector car in the Jaguar Marque, hese are veryvaluable, n pricesare on the upswing for vintageJaguars. A Jaguar was meant to be a sports car, ith 2 doors and yes a V12 under the bonnet, his car fitsallof those bills, nd extremely luxurious for the time. In 1976 this was a very expensive car, have the MSRP for it and various other Jaguar literature, nd it stickered for $17,305!!!! Please read on, his is a great car, t needs a good restoration, ut everything is there, ust needs someone to do a correct restoration on it. He really needs to sell this car, o we have elected to sell it NO RESERVE, op bid gets it, tarting bid $100. If you have questions, lease give me a call, hanks, roy - 503-302-5222
I will try my best to describe the car in full, ut please view all the pictures, hey will tell you a lot about the car. Do not hesitate to call me, r if you want someone to come out and take a look at it before you bid, lease do so, t would be my pleasure to show you this fine Ultra Rare Jaguar. This is the original color which you don't see often. Jaguars of this vintage seem to be in the later shades, ike silver, hite, tc. This is a beautiful color combination, eep Dark blue, ith medium blue interior, ery stunning, t really shows off the bright work when polished, t is a very rich looking car in this scheme, an't wait to see it all done one day, t will be a show stopper. The body is in nice shape, ery few dings, ery straight. There are no signs of any major accidents, nside the inner aprons, nd inner truck panels, ery clean and accident free. I know in the last 30 years it has had3 owners, esides my friend. It was originally sold in Los Angeles, A, t Boyd Petersen IMP - Jaguar. The original owner bought it and sold it around 1986. It was then sold to gentleman who put it in his personal collection,he owned the car forover 20 years. He sold it in 2005 to another gentleman in Washington state.The car developed a fuel delivery issue, nd got parked in his barn for about 9 years.It is believed that ithas 42,308 miles on it. Ido not have documentation on it, ut when you look at the brake pedal,the steering wheel, ndother things that would show wear, hey are in good shape. When you think about a low mileage car, ome might think, t may beperfect, his is not a carthat was vacuum sealed in a climate controlledshop. This car has sat outside at times, at in a barn for 9 years, o it is not perfect, t has weather wear on it inside and out. It was pulled out of the barn about 5 months ago, nd we fixed the fuel delivery problem, got it running again. It was great to get it back on the road, hen my friends health issues stopped the progress on getting this car further to a long life of recovery came to a halt. The body is in great shape, t has been painted at least once, rom what I can tell. There are some rust issues that will have to be attended to. There are 3 main areas, hich shouldn't be to difficult. The first is on the drivers lower fender, here is a large area, ou can see it in the pictures, ice thing is it is really isolated to this area, couple bubbles right below in the seam, ut fairly easy to fix. The other area is under the passenger side mirror, ou can see an area of bubbling as well. There is some rust on the passenger floor, ou can see it underneath the car, t will at least need a front floor pan, t meets up toward the fronttoe board. I took pictures of it underneath so you really could get a good look at the rust in the floor. The rest of the car actually looks very good. Areas were you would usually find rust is actually very good on this car. The rockers are in excellent condition, he bottoms of the doors, he quarters panels are in excellent shape, he rear valance area is very good. There are a couple small bubbles around the front side of the wheel lip, npassenger quarter wheel lip, retty minor though, ut will need repaired. The original vinyl top looks decent, ut it will need replaced you can see a few pea size bubbles underneath. This XJC is very solid, ut it will need to have some body repairs that I mentioned earlier. The bad thing is that they are there, ut the good thing is that they are very isolated spots, till has to be fixed but very straight forward. The paint when waxed will hold a nice gloss, ut it is older paint obviously, ut if you cleaned it up, ou could still show at local British Field Meets if you wanted, ecause honestly even if it needs restored, ow many of these cars has anyone every seen in person, ou will be the only one with one of these cars most likely, o it will be a hit.
Mechanically the car is in good shape, e do have it running. It does start right up, ngine sounds great. It does not burn any oil, r blow any smoke, uns nice and smooth. It will need a good tune up, plugs wires, eneral maintenance when owning a vintage Jaguar. The water pump works, ut it has a slow leak out of the weep hole, ou can drive it around the block, ut until that is fixed, nd you put some new tires on it (tires are no good on it), hen driving is really verylimited. Everything under the hood looks all there, othing missing, ooks in order. The AC unit is not working it is seized. We have driven down the road, nd for its age it does drive nice for its current condition. The transmission shifts nice and smooth, he brake works. In general the car just needs a good maintenance done on it, efore you plan on driving it. All the exterior lights are working, urn signals, rake lights etc. You will want to check everything over, e have not gone through the brakes or anything like that, r serviced the transmission etc. We just got it into the position that it can be driven and to evaluate that the drive train is in good working order.It does stop, nd the brakes seem to be in decent shape, nd trans shifts nice and smooth.
The interior is original, ut as you can see it has started to age, he leather on the seats have started to crack and split in areas. The door panels, nd other areas, he material has started to come loose. Basically it depends what you want to do with the car, ut in general, verything in the interior will need a little attention, ome things more then others. The instrument area is in good shape, he wood grain looks in nice shape. The steering wheel is in nice condition does not have any cracking. The center console is nice, ut needs some of the inserts refinished. Dash pad looks very usable, o visible cracks. The passenger side window does not roll down, he drivers, nd quarter windows work.The gauges in the instrument cluster do work, ook at the pictures and you will see a picture while driving, ery good oil pressure,amp gauge,fuel, ll working, ach and speedo, ll functioning correctly. The windows are in good shape, o chips no cracks. The headliner is in good shape as well.
Auction ends on AUGUST 3nd, his comingMonday Night, pm PST, 1pm EST.

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