1987 Land Rover Defender 110 Left Hand Drive

For sale: 1987 Land Rover Defender

Technical specifications

Item location:
San Diego, California, United States
Land Rover
Engine size:
2.5 L Diesel
Drive type:
Interior color:
4-Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title:
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I'm selling my 1987 Land Rover Defender 110. Please only bid if you know what you are buying and are familiar with Land Rovers...this is not a novice truck!
History of vehicle: I have owned this truck for 1.5 years. I bought it from a guy in Chicago who imported it from Syria and had it repainted and rebuilt. Originally I had it registered in Texas, ut moved to California where it is now registered and titled. I've worked overseas most of the last year so haven't driven it much, nd will be moving overseas again so am selling it.
The Upsides: this is a rare vehicle, nd even rarer to beregisteredin California. It's in great shape for it's age and turns heads when driven down the street. There aren't many of these in the United States, nd as time goes on they will continue to be good investments (especially since 2015 marks the last year the Defender will be sold and produced worldwide). These cars are known for their endurance and reliability. Top Gear reports that 70% of ever Defender manufactured since 1948 is still running today. I've left this truck parked for 5 months, eturned, nd had it start immediately on the first key turn. These are great hobby vehicles--you can fix almost anything on them yourself and custom build them to whatever you want. If you know Land Rover and Defenders, ou know their quality.
The Downsides: There is no AC in this truck. One of the biggest pitfalls for me is that it isn't an interstate vehicle. As with all 2.5 L engines, his truck runs like a tractor and doesn't need a road, ut unfortunately can only do about 65 mph and less up hill. (If I were to keep this car, 'd probably switch engines to a 200 or 300 TDI for more interstate capability). Mechanically, owever, he 2.5 L Diesel runs fine and is reliable. I've had this car serviced here in San Diego at the British Garage (with a mechanic who use to work at the LR factory in Solihull)...this is what he's found: leaking front and rear pinion seal, urned out heater plugs, nd leaking fuel injectors #1,2,3,4. These are simple fixes, just don't have the time to work on it. There is a small amount of rust under the driver's door and rear door (as is common with these) and there are a few spots where the paint has been chipped.
As mentioned, t's a 2.5 L Diesel engine. It gets between 25-30 MPG. The seats have been replaced by larger-than-normal seats by the prior owner, ho also removed the back bench seats and installed custom storage in the back. It has a roof rack and winch (though I've never used it).
This is a great hobby vehicle to have, nd perfect for anyone wanting a rare bad-ass vehicle (and even rarer to have one legally registered in California!).
I'm happy to answer any questions you might have--just send me a message. Thanks for looking.

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