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1947 Lincoln Zephyr sedan custom leadsled top chopped 4-61/2 inches no rot title

For sale: 1947 Lincoln MKZ/Zephyr Zephyr sedan

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Fredonia, Arizona, United States
Zephyr sedan
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After much thought and not a little regret I'm listing my baby! This car has an interesting story. It belong to a man in Sacramento California back in 1955, he went out to visit Virginia City Nevada, about half way up the hill he burned out the over drive,he forgot to shift out when he started up the hill, he pulled into a gas station in gold hill for help, the guy told him it would take at least a week to get parts to fix it so the guy left it there and took the bus home,after a week he called but didn't get an answer,waited a while and tried again but could never get ahead of anyone, so he drove out and found the gas station empty,engine and trans gone from the car and pushed out behind the station,which is where it stayed for the next 35 years!I traded a guy out of it about 25 years ago, about 15 years ago I started to chop the top,I cut 4 inches out of the windshield and 6 1/2 out of the C pillar, I cut the entire trunk open and removed the rear 1/4 window,I hung the top from the barn roof and tacked thewindshield frame into place, then I slid the trunk top up under the rear of the roof,I used a piece of thin plywood to line up the roof line, I reworked the 3 doors and reinstalled the quarter windows,I gotdistracted before I finished the drivers door, the windshield post were pie cut at the bottoms so they aligned better,I slid a piece of 1/2X1 inch cold rolled steel up from the bottom of the post all the way up into the top section of the post then welded it alltogether. I removed the original rear differential and sold all the brake hardware to aresto rodder,I still have the rear diff if you want it, right now there is a 74 Ford 9 inch with disk brakes sitting in the back, but I never got it mounted,I will include it if you want it! I had planned to use the original front axel with disc brakes,I started modifying a set of 73 Ford 1/2 ton truck rotors and spindles, none is completed but all included if you want it. The body is very straight and mostly rust free, the only spots of actual rot is below the trunk and on the hood, the floors and rocker panels and doors are perfect, I tried to take pictures of any actual damage,please ask for addition pictures. The original dash gauges are intact and very clean, they are beautiful,whetherthey work or not I have no idea,but I wouldn't be surprised if they did,there is no radio and all the dash knob were trashed,there were supposed to be the beautiful translucent red but the cooked over the years. The doors are spring loaded, there are no outside door handles,just a little round button that you press then the door pops open,I have all the exterior door buttons,the interior button were the plastic and are there but rough. The original widow lifts were hydraulic! They had a convertible top pump mounted under the hood and when you hit the button the pump wouldturn on and fill the cylinder with fluid to raise the window, to lower the window the switch just opened anelectric valve and spring pressure lowered the window, not very good when the valves got weak,thewidow would creep down over time! Most of the widow mechanisms are gone but electric would be so much easier anyhow. All the glass except the rear window is flat glass,and was broken out when I got it, as was the rear window, BUT I found a back glass for it, and since I didn't mess with the rear window opening when I chopped it the original glass still works, there is no other glass included. All the original lights are gone, no head lights or tail lights, just the fog lights in the grill,I was going to use a set of 90's caddy tail lights. I have them and steel tunnels to install them and will include them if you want. The headlight rings and buckets are off something else,the turn signal lights are 53? Chevy, not the best but better then nothing.The lower part of the grill is broken out, I was going to use either some 50's Buick grill teeth or a 56 Mercury grill to fill the spot,I will include all the pieces in the picture. The original seats are really rough,but they are complete andincluded,as are all the door window trim and door panels, none have been modified to fit the chopped doors.The original steering box is still mounted,I cut the original shaft off so I could mount a tiltcolumn, but yet again never got around to it! There is NO ENGINE OR TRANSMISSION included with this auction, at one point I dropped a 460 with a C-6 into just to make sure it would fit,and it does,quite well! I got a Arizona bonded title for this car, as soon as youtransfer the title to your name it becomes a clear title! I parted out a 55 pontiac sedan and hung onto the bumper pieces,using the cross over piece from the rear bumper and the outside pieces from the front it makes a very good looking rear bumper,it will need to be fitted to the rear of the car but will look very good back there,included if you want it,ask for pictures, The front bumper on the car was actually the back bumper from the lincoln,it's really rough,I just hung it on there to see how it would look, better then nothing,again included if you want it.
The car does NOT roll, but I have a yard truck which I can use to lift the whole car onto your trailer, if youare looking at this car and you will have to have the car hauled to you be sure to factor this into your thinking, most normal car haulers probably won't touch this car, they don't like to take cars that won't run let alone not roll, so they will hate this one! If you are thinking about this car plan on bringing a trailer that is either flat or very wide,I can get you actual measurements. It is very long,I had to cut 2 feet out of the storage room in the barn just to get it inside!
The reason I never finished this car was because I got started restoring a WW2 White half-track, then started a WW2 open cab CCKW which I cut down to a 4X4, I am always looking for WW2 stuff to help flesh out my displays for these two vehicles and will take weapons from this period inpartial trade.You will have 3 months to pick up the vehicle after the auction closes,payment is expected within 7 days unless you talk to me before bidding, after 3 months you will be charge $25 a month storage, the title will NOT be sentuntil the vehicle is picked up,I made that mistake already,not again!
I can take all the pictures you want, just let me know what you want to see! I have some 40's- 50's trucks I will be listing in the next couple of days,so if you like this old stuff check my other listing,bulk dealsavailable!

I have decided that either way this thing had to get out of my barn, so last week I set it down on some BIG casters and pulled it out, right now it's sitting on some timber cribbing and I stuck somewheels in the openings so you could get a better idea just how good this car can look, right now it's sitting at 8 inches off the ground, with the proper suspension and some air bags you could got much lower, the frame is just a little bit higher then the rocker panels so youcould probably go down to 4 inches!I also added a picture of the Pontiac bumper set up I mentioned,it's just sitting there,but you can get an idea where I was going with it,and it is included.
This vehicle is located in Fredonia AZ. which is all the way north on the Utah border,we are 3 hours east of Las vegas, 6 hours north of Phoenix AZ and 7 hours south of SLC UT.
I've had a couple people ask about the measurements of this car,it is 17 foot 3 inches long, and 6 foot 2 inches wide at the fenders,below the doors it is 5 foot 11 inches wide.
Thanks for looking.

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