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1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car 4-door 32,000 miles

For sale: 1977 Lincoln Continental

Technical specifications

Item location:
Kelton, Pennsylvania, United States
Town Car 4-door
Engine size:
7.5L 460 Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Automatic C-6
Drive type:
Rear Wheel
Interior color:
8-track, Full vinyl top, Opera windows
Vehicle Title:
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1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car 32,014 Original Miles, nmolested

** RELISTED due to a "buyer" who chose the Buy-it-Now option, hen sent me an email asking, Can I make payments on this car?"The answer of course is no, o the buyer bailed. If you bid or buy, lease have funds available to complete the purchase, hanks. **

I have sold many things on eBay but never a car. If you look at my feedback you’ll see I have a perfect history of satisfied buyers. I try to describe everything I sell as accurately and transparently as possible. I want to be as transparent as possible with this car and I want you to know 100% what you are buying with no surprises. I’m not a mechanic, or a body/detail guy, o you’re getting a description from a layman in layman terms, ut I’ll be as accurate as possible. Also, ’m not a professional photographer (took all photos with my iPhone) but let me know if you need to see something better or something else not shown and I’ll try to get a clean shot of it.

In general, his is an unmolested, ll original 4-door Town Car currently with a little more than 32,000 original miles. (It may be more before the auction ends, s I love driving this car!) Other than the few faults described below, he car is in amazing condition. I bought it with 29,100 miles on it, nd in a little over a year of ownership have put on about 3,000 miles (I have always used ethanol-free gas) without a single issue. It drives like a dream at 65+ MPH on the highway.

It is not a show car, ut could be with a little work done to the faults described. This car has been stored inside in my garage since I got it and only driven on rain-free days. Based on the history and condition of this car, assume it’s always been stored inside. There is no rust on the car that I can see. There are no leaks of oil or fluid of any kind apparent on my garage floor. It is currently titled as an antique vehicle in PA (you can see the plate in photo) and if you reside in PA and win the auction, ’d be happy to transfer the plate with the car. The official name of the exterior paint color is Dark Cordovan Metallic.

The car is an absolute joy to drive – quiet, mooth, nd like many who know these cars say, ides like a sofa on wheels. The car is BIG, bout 19.5 feet long. Please do your research if you’ve never driven this type of car – it’s not a race car that will shoot you from a red light and corner like it’s on rails – it is a slower, ery comfortable highway cruiser with lots of lean/roll (and squealing tires) if you take a curve too fast.

It always has started on the first crank of the key – just takes a little longer to turn over when cold. Much quicker when warm – it fires right up. Idles smooth. Like any car of this era, ou need to pump the gas pedal 2 or 3 times before starting.

I bought this car from the estate sale of a Kansas collector of hundreds of farm tractors. He also had a handful of cars. He would buy the tractors and cars them and store them away. That’s what he did with this car. The KS title and Autocheck I ran show that the car had 29,001 miles in 2006. That’s how many miles it had when I received it here in Pennsylvania in May of 2014. Before that title entry in 2006, ne other mileage figure is documented in December 1983, t 11,489.

I had a local (in Kansas) mechanic check out the car before I had it shipped to me in PA. All it needed was a new battery, il change, uel filter and fresh gas.

I was told that there was a fire in the barn where the previous owner stored his tractors and vehicles. The heat from the fire must have gotten close enough to the passenger side of the Town Car that the heat melted some rubber on the door molding trim (which I purchased and replaced) and the rear passenger side of the vinyl top (around the opera window and door pillar – see photo). I got a quote of $850 to replace the entire vinyl top, ut the rest of the top is in such excellent original shape, decided to leave it as is. The new owner of this car can have that done if they wish. I have a sample swatch of the exact match original vinyl material used on this car and contact info of the company that produces it.

I describe all faults below. Other than those, verything works – all power windows, ower seats, -track tape player, adio, ruise control, idden headlights, igh beams, ven the Cartier clock! The AC is original and blows cold.The original owners manual and one set of original keys (including the gas cap key) are included.

The car originally had a CB radio in it, ut it was removed before it was sold to me. You can see the CB antenna delete plug along the trunk edge in one photo. There is no spare wheel/tire.

I have provided photos of as much as I could, ncluding faults. Please ask any questions, s I want to be as transparent as possible.

Please note that I did NOT professionally detail the car; and I did not steam clean the engine. So you’re seeing the car in “every day” shape. I washed and spray waxed the car once when I got it, nd then used a “wetless” wash spray to wipe it down after each time driving.

Here are the only faults I can find on the car (I tried to document these in photos):


Drivers side front ¼ panel previous dent – this was about the size of a tennis ball and was pushed out by a dent doctor and touchup paint applied. This could be repaired properly by an auto body shop but that would involve painting, nd again, wanted to preserve the originality of this car, o I had it fixed as described. The touchup paint also covers a few scratches that were with the dent - see photo.

Passenger side of vinyl roof – vinyl section removed from around opera window and to door pillar – damaged from heat described above - see photo.

Paint overall – the paint is original - there are small chips, bout 2 door dings, ar spots, tc. and a darkened area of discoloration on hood. If you wanted this to be a 10 out of 10 show car, ou would want to have the car repainted, ut as it stands it is a very respectable driver. You can see on one trunk photo some of what looks like tar that dripped on the car. I removed some of these spots with WD-40, ut some remain. I was afraid to use more with a lot of effort rubbing as I did not want to remove paint. There are some of these spots elsewhere too. You can also see the hood discoloration spot in another photo. A professional detail could make these imperfections look even better if you did not want to paint the car.

Small hole in fuel tank was fixed with QuickSteel steel reinforced epoxy putty. This happened when the car was rolled off the flatbed that transported it to me. Underside of the tank hit a rock in the driveway. The patch is hard as steel and does not leak.

Power antenna goes down but not up (needs to be manually pulled up by hand). I just leave it up all the time.


Driver side visor vanity light does not work.

Weather stripping on passenger side front and back windows – small section at top is shrunk a bit – maybe from the heat described above. I put some stick-on weather stripping in this small area to fill the gap so no air gets in/out.

As mentioned, here is no spare tire in the trunk.

Overall, he condition of the interior is near mint, eally amazing - see photos.


Once every 20 or so starts, he car starts fine but there is an electrical short somewhere that causes the fuel gauge and power windows to not work. When this does happen, he “low fuel” light also comes on because the gauge shows empty, ut it’s a false reading. There must be a short somewhere that causes this to happen every so often. This quirk is fixed by simply shutting the car off and starting it again. It’s probably happened 3 times in 60 starts, nd every time shutting the car and starting it again has fixed it. The new owner might want to diagnose the problem and have it fixed permanently. It just didn’t bother me enough to fix for good.


I recently purchased another classic car, nd I don’t have room to store that one and the Town Car inside, o regrettably the Town Car must go.

If you are local (I’m located about 40 minutes south of Lancaster, A), ou are more than welcome to come see the car in person (BEFORE you bid, lease). If you drive it, ’m sure you’ll bid on it! Alternatively, ’d be happy to drive the car to a local-to-me mechanic of your choice to have them check it out (BEFORE you bid, lease). I do reserve the right to end the auction early if I sell the car locally.

As confident as I am in this car, he logistics and cost of shipping prevent any type of return/refund, o the car is sold as-is, here-is, ith no warranty or guarantee or return.

I would be happy to assist with your shipper to help ship this car anywhere in the world (I know how much these cars are loved outside the U.S.) but in all cases, unds must clear my bank before I will let the car and title leave my possession. The arrangements and costs for shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.

Please bid only if you intend to complete the purchase. $500 paypal deposit due upon winning bid, nd balance due (certified check) within 7 days before car/title ships/leaves. I will only accept bids from eBayers with a good history. Thanks for looking and good luck. The winner of this auction will have a great example of these 70’s land yachts!

If you plan to bid, lease have your money in order before bidding. Please don’t try to obtain financing afterwards, r offer a trade. Any inspections must be done before sale, ot afterwards. I reserve the right to end this auction or cancel any bid, t any time, r for any reason.

ALLshipping costs and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the buyer. I will do my best to assist you with that transport!

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