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1976 Lincoln Mark IV Silhouette, 460-V8, C6

For sale: 1976 Lincoln Mark IV Silhouette Edition

Technical specifications

Item location:
Bowmansville, New York, United States
Mark IV Silhouette Edition
Engine size:
460 Cubic Inch V8, Four Barrel Carburetor
C6 Three-speed Automotic
Drive type:
Rear Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title:
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You are viewing my 1976 Lincoln Mark IV "Silhouette". Like all Lincoln Mark IV’s of this era, t has the 460-4V (7.5L) V8 engine and the C6 three-speed automatic transmission, But this one has the optional 3.00:1 standard rear end and optional factory installed dual exhaust.

I am the fourth owner of this Mark IV, aving purchased it in 2001, nd it has just over 41,000original, ocumented miles(via Florida title history). The original owners had the vehicle from 1977 to 1995, he second owner 1995 to 1998, nd the third 1998-2001. All its life was spent in Florida before my ownership.

It is one of 168 (one hundred sixty eight) Lincolns of its type ever built, aking it among the rarest vehicles, et alone Lincolns ever made. The factory production history of the Silhouette Mark IV is well-documented and can easily be researched. I do not know how many remain in existence today.

For quick background, n 1976 Lincoln decided to build a special Mark IV model. Some say it was for the Bicentennial celebration of the United States, hile others say Ford did it for other reasons. The consensus number built was 168, lthough some sources say it was 200. Either way divide this by the 56,000 Mark IV’s built in 1976 and you get 0.3%.

All Silhouettes began life as “normal” Mark IV and before dealer delivery went from the assembly plant to a third-party customizer. There they got a stainless steel “Halo” forward roof cap, ear custom Landau vinyl roof, ide chrome moldings, Silhouette” script roof badge, nd interior opera window cover. Most Silhouettes had the velour interior like mine, nd many also had the forged aluminum “deep dish” wheels.

Other notable standard features(working fineunless otherwisenoted)are four wheel power disc brakes, ower steering, ower windows, ower seats (sluggish forward/back motion), utomatic temperature control AC system, ut-pile carpeting, emote driver mirror, hrome rocker moldings, dvanced sound-quieting materials, arpeted trunk, nd additional dash panel instrumentation (clock doesnotfunction).

Other optional features (working fineunless otherwisenoted) on my Silhouette include power remote trunk release, ruise control,power locks (do not operate),rear window defroster (conditionnotknown), ilt steering column, nterval wipers, ower antenna, emote right hand mirror, nd the original AM/FM “Quadrasonic-8” eight track (tape player is sluggish) stereo system.

This Silhouette Mark IV runs and drives very well. The AC/heater system worksfine. The tires are an older vintage 235/75-15 Michelin radial with excellent tread remaining but should be replaced soon. The seats only have superficial age-related wear but no splits, ears, oles, r bare spots. The dash, oor panels, nd headliner are also in very good condition. The door strap handle leather is splitting.

The vehicle was professionally refinished in 2002 as the original paint was Florida-sunfaded/thinned in areas (hood, eck) to the degree it could not be restored. The vehiclehadnoother evidence of structuralrust damage on its frame or major body panels. I did repair road-rash on the lower portions of the vehicle during refinishing.

The vinyl roof was also replaced in 2002 a the time of refinishing. All the chrome external trim is intact (I have the chrome pieces that go under the headlight doors but they are not installed), ut there are minor imperfections (dings, cratches, patina", tc.) in the trim consistent with the age and actual usage. The headlight doors operate and stay closed for several days without starting the vehicle (this means vacuum lines are still in good shape).

A Silhouette Mark IV is just not going to come up for sale very often. The presumed few that remain out of the168-200vehicles built are rarely seen, et alone sold, But if you know your Lincolns, ou know exactly what this car is.In any case,Isure hope my Silhouette finds a good home with an owner who appreciates it for what it really is.. a striking example of American luxury automotive history that will hopefully be preserved for many more years to come.


I have established a reasonable reserve (reservewill notbe revealed while the auction is running) for this 1976 Lincoln Mark IV Silhouette. Please consider bidding during the auction to the extent and level you deem appropriate and based on whatever factors are important to you. Note that I reserve the right to end this auction at any time at my sole discretion.

If reserve is not met, mayprovide Second Chance Offers (SCO) through the Ebay system, ut note that this is only possible with people who actually bid during the auction.If you get a SCO (which is a Buy-It-Now auction thatonlythe seller and the bidder to whom it was sent can access), t willonly come throughthe Ebay system (meaning it will appear in your Ebay mailbox) and it will be for a24-hourduration.

Depending on where the recorded bidding ends, nd if the reserve is not met,Imayalso write the high bidder(s)through the Ebay system only,one at a timein the order of their final recorded bids, o discuss the item. If I do not hear back from a bidder within 24 hours after writing them, will assume that person is not interested and Imaymove on to the next person.

Encountering non-payingor unresponsive bidders is a very disruptive event that makes the auction experience unpleasant for both the seller and any legitimate potential buyer(s). PleaseBE SURE BEFORE YOU BIDthat you have done whatever you need to do toSTAND BEHINDthe actual bid(s)YOUMADEand were recorded during the auction.


Bidders with less than 5 (five)feedback ratings may,at my discretionhave their bids canceled(I may or may not try to contact you before canceling your bid)and then blocked from further bidding on this auctionunless they contact me in advance of bidding. Bidders who make and then cancel their bid(s) will also be blockedfrom further bidding on this auction.

Bidders outside the continental United States are welcome to bid but alsomust email mebefore biddingto discuss important payment and shipping procedures.

If you have bid on and won any of my items in the past and then did not honor your bid(s), f you have made and then canceled a bid that met a reserve, r if you have agreed with me on price after the auction ended but then did not complete the transaction, ou arenoteligible to bid.


Please ask any questions that you may have that may not have been answered by this detailed listing narrative and visual media attachments. My listings are constructed in complete sentences in order to communicate my knowledge of important facts and to encourage independent thoughts and then any questions from interested parties.

But respectfully, do not know what is important to you that may not have been discussed or depicted herein unless you ask me.Any and all relevant and appropriate questions you submit while the auction is running will be answered promptly and as thoroughly as possibleby email onlyto ensure clarity of any correspondences.

Given that this is aused vehicle,please do not have unreasonable expectations as to its current condition or future condition under your ownership. Also given its obvious age, his vehicle represents whatever standards of quality and workmanship that existed when it was built, o comparisons to improved build standards of today's vehicles is not appropriate.

Your bid forms the basis for a binding, egally enforceable contract.As such, f you require it, lease make all pre-purchase inspections (at the sole expense of the bidder)beforecommitting to purchase the vehicle. Inspections can be done by appointment only by you or your designated inspection service. Although I believe I have described and depicted (with numerous high-resolution photographs and video) this vehicle accurately,please note that this vehicle is sold "as-is, here-is” with no express or implied warranties or guarantees of any kind.


A $1000 deposit is required from the winning bidder, ue electronically via PayPal within24hours after the auction ends, o hold the vehicle. I will not be accepting trades. Full payment is due within3days of auction end via cash, ank-to-bank or wire transfer, r certified bank check (drawn on a major US bank). Clear title in my name is in hand and vehicle can be scheduled for buyer pickup by appointment at anytime after full payment is received and cleared. I can hold the vehicle in indoor storage for 15 days (or longer, f weather or other uncontrollable factors emerge) at no charge to the winning bidder after the auction (the charge is $15.00 per day after 15 days).

Thank you for viewing my auction.

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