3,955 MILES 1991 Mercedes 500SL Convertible Signal Red Museum Rare NEW R129 SL

For sale: 1991 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

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Victor, New York, United States
500SL 2 tops
Signal Red
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WORLDS BEST 1991 Mercedes 500SL with 3,955 MILES!! That's right. Three thousand nine hundered and fifty five miles. The car is amazing as you would expect from a NEW car. A car is only original once!! This car was purchased new for $95,000 and stored in a climate controlled Dark environment till now. No sun fade, not temperature damaged from too hot or too cold conditions. The car smells like it just left the factory. Leather smell. The car had services done to keep it fresh. This car has dirt on the bottom and has never been polished with a buffer, power washed, chassis cleaned or anything so it is all factory fresh. You will see the factory gummy rust proof coating from new. Nothing has been added or deleted. The car is correct. 2 tires were changed to proper size and name but number of the tire is different. 2 tires are the original tires. This car was purchased new for $95,000 and stored in a climate controlled environment till now. The car smells like it just left the factory. Leather smell. The car had services done to keep it fresh. I believe the top is up less then 4 times. The car is a museum car. Imagine that a car that still retains a modern look and feel can be insured using Hagerty Antique insurance for agreed value since it is already 25 years old!! I have the books, 2 key fobs, square key and round key. The hard top and storage cart are included. The cart will come apart, be wrapped with care and put in the trunk. The front license plate holder has never been on. First aid kit, jack, tire iron and full size spare are new. Battery is great and of course not original. I only talk about these flaws since the rest is new. The front bumper has marks and the pictures will show it down low. The drivers side front fender had a tiny scratch with no denting at all. I know it can be touched up but I wanted to have it show up. The rear bumper has an inch scratch just above the tail pipe down low. The plastic trim that surrounds the visor stalks as it connects to the windshield headers are cracked from age. These are available still. You have to imagine that this car has been places to be serviced and in a garage for over 25 years. It truly is amazing how nice it is in person. When you see it and the sunshines on the all original Signal Red paint it really feels like eye candy! This is the best year of the R129 to collect if you are a Museum or collector. It is very stock. No ASR, and no extra electric features. Fuel Distributor version is so reliable. The early ones have more technology that was deleted as time went on. For example, the heat goes into the door panels to warm them. That was deleted. They had to cut some corners as time went on due to cost to build. This car runs and drives so nice that it is impossible to show in an ad. The motor is perfect. The transmission is perfect. The car is new. No stale fluids in this car. I purchased this at a large Classic and Antique sale. Love at first sight. If I didn't own a w113 Pagoda SL I would hold on to this as it appreciates in value. I didn't let this beauty leave my sight so I drove it 4 hours and 200 miles home. It was such a nice trip. So satisfying and enjoyable knowing it is the best. Even the best color combination of Signal Red and Palomino Leather. Dark brown soft top is stunning. The title to the car is perfect with no issues. No surprises with this car. I am going to begin this car at the price of a new Volkswagen and have NO RESERVE!! I welcome everybody that has the funds to bid. The car is parked in a secure warehouse until you or your shipper arrives. I am a collector of Mercedes but must sell some to buy another one and I have NEVER seen one of these with lower miles that is 25 years old. Please schedule to win. The car is such a rare find and will only appreciate in value as the older SL's keep rising. Remember that the affordable collector insurance makes this a pleasure to invest in. Fun fact.... If you paid $75 a month to store this it would have been $22,500 in storage alone!! I am such a Mercedes fan and have had over 400 Mercedes in my life. The closest one to this one is 15 years ago I had a black on black 500SL with 9,890 miles. My point is that you should please put your best bid in. I may contact you to verify intentions to keep the auction fair and honest. Want to visit me and the car to see it in person then please do!! I would show the car. No miles can be put on the car. The new owner can test drive it. The title is the Pennsylvania Title issued when the car was new to the original owner showing it had 23 miles on it new. As a Dealer, I transfer ownership to the new owner of any car I sell using my New York State issued MV50 book so you will get the title, MV50 as well as a bill of sale. The car will make it's own value and is NO RESERVE and no extra fees. NO SURPRISES!! Please schedule to win or tell a friend about this once in a lifetime Mercedes. Photo gallery

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