1968 Mercedes Benz Unimog 404.1 S 4x4 truck Offroad utility portal axles Crawler

For sale: 1968 Mercedes-Benz Other 404.1 S

Technical specifications

Item location:
Rochester, Minnesota, United States
404.1 S
OD green
Engine size:
straight six gas
Number of cylinders:
Manual six speed
Drive type:
Interior color:
OD green
4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, Convertible
Vehicle Title:
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Being offered today is a 1968 Mercedes Benz Unimog 404. The truck is in excellent mechanical condition with just 13,100 original miles on the odometer. I have removed four of the under bed boxes to allow for more clearance around the bed floor.The original battery box and fuel tanks remain.Just rebuilt starter, arb, ew exhaus, ew seats, ew cabin top and door tops with fold up windows. Clear Minnesota title in my name ready to go. Street legal everywhere.
The 404.1 are powered by the M180 82 hp 2.2 liter. These engines are based on Mercedes-Benz automotive engines, nd other than some different specs and add-ons, hey are essentially the same as the engines found in the old 220 or 280 sedans. As a result, arts are available and there is upgrade potential with these engines.The 404 makes a great starter vehicle for somebody interested in Unimogs. They are the cheapest type of Unimog, re capable of 60 mph, nd are extremely capable off-road. They come stock with all the features serious off-roaders want, ncluding awesome articulation and ground clearance, ow gear ratios and locking differentials. Furthermore parts are readily available and they are shade tree service friendly so anybody with reasonable mechanical skills can maintain a 404.
Off-road, he 404 is truly impressive. Few stock vehicles even come close to a 404 off-road and nothing the big three has made even comes close. The 404 has all the ultimate ingredients for truly awesome off-road capability, ncluding unsurpassed ground clearance, n extremely flexible suspension, rawler gearbox ratios, ocking differentials and a virtually bulletproof drivetrain. Because the 404 was engineered by Mercedes-Benz with these features as standard, nimogs don't break on the trail like most heavily modified 4x4s which were never intended to run big tires, rawler gearboxes or diff locks.
On first impression, he 404 may seem big, specially compared to Land Rovers, eeps, tc. However, t is actually quite nimble and actually has a tighter turning radius then a Land Rover D90! Obstacles that seem huge in most 4x4's are just minor bumps for a 404. Finally, 04's are also just plain fun to drive on-road or off-road!


Width2150 mm84.6 in.Length5030 mm198 in.Height2290 - 2650 mm90 - 104 in.Wheelbase2900 mm114.2 in.Track1630 mm64.2 in.Turning Radius11.9 meters39 ft.Approach Angle45 degreesDeparture Angle46 degreesMin Ground Clearance400 mm15.75 in.Fording Depth800 mm32 in.Weights:Curb Weight2850 kg.6383 lbs.Gross Weight5000 kg.11,000 lbs.Max. Payload2150 kg.4740 lbs.

Top Speed:
107 kph / 66.5 mph@4800 rpm

Engine:Mercedes-Benz M 180

Type:Gasoline (petrol), .0:1 Compression ratioDisplacement:2195 cc / 138 cu inCylinders:6Power:60kw / 82 Horsepower @4800 rpmMax RPM:5500Ignition:24 volt, hielded

Axle Ratios:

Ring and Pinion Ratio:3.54Hub Reduction Ratio:2.13Final Axle Ratio:7.56

6 speedsynchromesh transmission with2 speed reverse. Internal transfer case providing rear wheel drive or 4x4. Additionally, here are mechanically locking differentials on both the rear and front axles. 4x4 and locking diffs are Shift on the fly .

Ratios: Gearbox Ratio / Final Drive including Axle Ratio

1 st14.93:1113:12 nd8.23:162:13 rd4.47:134:14 th2.47:119:15 th1.53:12:16 th1.0:17.56:1Reverse:1 st20.1:1152:12nd11.1:184:1

Recirculating ball, o power assist.

Brakes:Hydraulic. (power assist on some applications.) Dual or single circuit depending on application.

24 volt19 amp (300 watt) generator

10.5R20tires on 9x20 rims.12.5tires also fit.

Finally, t has to be stressed that Unimogs are true off-road vehicles. They are designed to be simple, ugged and extremely capable in order to tackle the harshest and most inhospitable terrain. As a result they do not have the sort of characteristics of modern SUV or full size trucks that are really only on-road vehicles with some off-road capabilities. Most Unimogs can be made to easily keep up with highway traffic, nd the cabs can be very comfortable. However, Unimog will never be a modern SUV or full sized pick up in terms of speed and creature comforts. If cruising down the highway at 75+ miles an hour is important or you can’t live without air-conditioning, ower windows, nd a smooth and quiet highway ride, hen a Unimog is probably not for you. However, f you are looking for the ultimate expedition vehicle then there is only the Unimog.

I will assist in anyway I can with shipping through the shipper of your choice. Local pickup is also available. I would not hesitate to drive the truck anywhere although, ong distance driving will take time with limited top speed. Thank you for your consideration.

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