1987 u1300L Unimog, Claas Overdrive, completely rebuilt, lots of upgrades

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Carpinteria, California, United States
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Please note, he VIN above is listed because the VIN is pre-1990 mercedes which means it doesnt comply with the US EPC VIN system (mercedes switched in ~1990). The vehicle VIN isWDB4351151W141612. It is titled and registered in Nevada
1987 Unimog completely rebuilt from top to bottom, eady to take the camper of your choice and go WHEREVER you would like. Our lives changed and we aren't going to be able to take the trip we originally planned, hus we are forced to sell right at the point I finally finished everything.
Former fire brigade ambulance (the non-military ambulances saw the lightest duty of all the unimogs and are therefore the most desirable).OM366A turbocharged engineFast AxlesContinental 335/80 R20 MPT81 Tires (option to purchase a new set of 365/80 r 20 MPT81s for sale separately).Some level of factory rebuild in 1998 (the information we have on this is very unclear, ut it did go for a complete servicing and partial rebuild in 1998, hich means it has some components only found in newer Mogs. It is desirable to have a Mog that has been through the factory rebuild, ut unfortunately we havent been able to find out what all was done).
Mechanical Upgrades
I personally went through and rebuilt every system on the truck, s well as spending almost 15k for speciality work by Mario Moreno in California and Rob at Terry Lee in Colorado, ho are 2 of the last few factory certified Unimog Mechanics in the states. We sent the truck out to Terry Lee after I finished to have one final pass through everything, nd he also did a significant amount of work.
We had a cab extension installed which increases the length of the cabin by 6". Its not a full roll cage, ut it is close. It allows much more comfortable seating in its stock configuration, ut it is also extremely reinforced to allow a pass through from cab to cabin for those so inclined. This has made the truck MUCH more comfortable.
The HP was also increased from the stock 130hp to 168hp. This really helps the truck on hills, ut has no effect on engine longevity, ike some of the moreaggressivehp increases do.I've received a few questions about top speed. The truck will do 65 mph with low RPMs very comfortably. It will go faster, nd would go faster yet with the 365 tires on, ut I personally don't think its a great idea to go that fast in a mog in terms of wear and tear on portals etc. They just werent designed to go that fast, o I keep it at 65. It is also much quieter at 65. The CLAAS overdrive makes an enormous improvement on speed and comfort in that it gives you lower rpms at freeway speeds and many more gearing options on long hills.
New Rotors and Break PadsNew Water PumpNew Belts and hosesNew Brake LinesNew wear rings and sealsNew Transmission output shaft seals
New ClutchNew BatteriesNew fuel lines
New thermostats (we have both the tropical and standard depending on your plans)Less than 500miles on a complete fluid change, ll synthetic and to MB specsExtensive dynamat installation throughout Cab.Spectrum Sludge Sound deadening compound sprayed on undercarriage and on firewall.Heat and Sound Deadening compound applied to firewall (this helped the cabin temp immensely)We also have a complete set of new rubber for the windows as well as a new, actory tinted front windshield and door windows,althoughthese haven't been installed yet.
Expedition Specific Upgrades
We built this truck to take a custom expedition camper and take us around the world.We have built the subframe to accept up to a 13 foot camper (I.E. it is possible to mount a BlissMobil 13foot camper).
From Atkinson Vos in the UK-
CLAAS Overdrive (~ $7500 in parts alone) - Allows comfortable cruising at 65mph225 Liter Extended Fuel tankExtended Aluminum Battery boxDeluxe Sound Deadening KitDeluxe Sound Deadening Engine Blanket
From Atlas 4x4 in Germany
Subframe Kit made out of s355 frame steel (this is a really awesome german subframe that allows you to mount a camper directly to it. It is very lightweight, nly 3-400lbs, uch lighter than the standard unimog bed)Stainless Wheel Wells (required because of the low COG of the subframe kit)Custom Bumper with new high intensity LED lights (A massive improvement in light output from the standard lights). This is a very costly, ut necessary upgrade).Custom Water tank that fits inbetween the subframe rails, eoprene coated for low temps (this is available for an extra charge)
Random Upgrades
Auberins EGT and Water temp guage - digital with alarm. We plumbed in the new digitalgauges and added the EGT, llowing very accurate temp monitoring when driving
Cab Lifter - These are very hard to come by and rather expensive (usually greater than $2500, ut one of the best upgrades you can buy). After removing 4 screws, he hydraulic cab lifter raises the entire cab away from the chassis making it extremely easy to service the engine and transmission. Crucial for overlanding.
Zena high output auxillary alternator 12v, ith welding capabilities. This is installed currently, ut it is available to be sold with the truck for an additional $1300. The kit alone is $1800 and requires a custom made bracket). This alternator comes with a special attachment allowing field welding on your rig.
Custom Seat Brackets and new seats from a 2013 sprinter
Mogauspuff Stainless Cowl Muffler from Germany - this helped with engine noise as well as allowing the move of the fuel tank to drivers side, aking room for a camper door on the passenger side.
The engine has been plumbed to allow for a coolant heater installation like most expedition campers have.I have access to a standard unimog truck bed available for purchase separately for those who might be interested.I also have a complete set of manuals for the vehicle, ncluding the factory repair manuals, s well as parts manuals, hich are invaluable when you do need to find something.I also have quite a few spare parts that will come with the vehicle.
I've also received a few questions about trades. I would trade for a newish (2011 or newer) f-550 extended cab, referably with the v-10 engine. We need the truck for our farm which is part of the reason for the sale, o I can't entertain other trades.
A really basic set up of where I came up with my pricing

Truck 35
CLAAS Overdrive 8
Bumper and LED Headlights 2
Subframe 5
Cab lifter 2
Fuel tank 1
muffler 1.5
Horsepower upgrade 1.5

So thats 56k, efore you add in the rebuild and all the other upgrades. We spent more than 15k with Rob Pickering and Mario Moreno as well having all the major systems receive a final check before we got ready to leave. Thats 71k combined, nd then we spent an easy additional 10-15k on odds and ends plus an enormous amount of labor. Total, e have well over 80k invested and less than a 1000 miles since the upgrades.

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