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3 MGA Convertibles 1956 1957 1959 Project or Parts Cars. Roadsters

For sale: 1956 MG MGA

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Item location:
Darlington, Indiana, United States
Engine size:
4 Cylinder
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Interior color:
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I have decided to sell my collection of 3 project MGAconvertibles as I just do not have the time to work on them.They are a 1959 MGA, 956 MGA, nd what was said to have been a 1957 MGA. I do not have titles for any of these 3 MGAs but will provide Bills of Sale if wanted. The 1956 MGA is by far the most complete and very restorable condition,out of the 3 and worth securing a title on in my opinion. The other two would fall more into the catagory of parts vehicles or what ever - vintage racers what ever one wants. The 1957 MGA does not have a vin data plate. I am not interested in selling individual parts nor selling off seperate. I would prefer to just sell all for one money.Let me start with the 56 MGA. This vehicle came from the factory painted Black, I am not sure on the interior but believe it was white leather interior and possible Blue convertiable top. The vin number is HDA43 / 11XXX (last 3 digits are X'd out for security) The engine number is BP15G/ 1560. The engine is currently stuck and I have not had the time to try and see if some penerating oil might free it up. This one has what I would consider limited rust as you can see in the photos. The rust is mainly to the rocker panels and the lower front section of the rear fenders but not as bad as on the other two MGA. It had been sitting in a garage since sometime in the mid 70's and was said to have been running when it was parted and partially dismantled. I was going to restore this MGA out of the 3. The 1959 MGA has the front disc brakes. From my research I believe it as made in June/July of 1959 and come from the factory in the light blue with black interior and possible blue convertible top. It is not as complete as the 56 and is missing the seats and other parts. The engine/trans is with the vehicle however the crank shaft broke at the flywheel which I understand is a weak point of the MGA engine. I understand the crank can be repaired. The vin number for the 59 is GHNL / 70XXX and the engine number is 16GA-U 10068. This vehicle also has the optional ajustalbe telescopic steereing wheel option. The vehicle has its rocker panels rusted out. The front fenders are here for both the 56 and the 59 and are in good condition for restoration. No rust out on the front fenders for both the 56 and 59. The 57 does not have data vin tags. The engine is an 1800 engine block with a 1500 head on it. The engine, ransmission, nd rear end arethere. The engine is not complete in the 57.It turnes freely.The trans went into all its gears.Thereare lots of good parts lft on this vehicle and the framewhich has some rustthrough starting is very restorable. The trunk floorpan is very nice.Here is you chance to get 3 MGA classic roadsterwith enough parts to put together one car for sure and plently of left over spare parts or other projectcars.The winning bidder needs to contact me within 3 days of the end of the sale before making any payment, lease. The total payment needs to be made within 7 days after the auctionis over.I would like forthe vehicles to be removed within 30 days but willallow for additional time as long as a final date for pickup is set.Please look at the photos and ask questions. I will do my best to answer all questions. thanks for looking. I also have a 1971 MGB Wire Wheel Roadster that can be bought if someone wanted to use it for drivetrain (1800 5 main bearing crank/ and other suspention/brake parts). All vehicles roll and should be easy to load onto a trailer or whatever you have to move the vehicles. The steering column on the 57 is not connected so it does not steer with the steering wheel but can be steered around by hand turning the front wheels. I work out of state during the week so would prefer weekend pickups however arrangements can be made for pickup during the weeks if needed, Just bare in mind that I would not be here to meet most likely if during the week. thanks

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