1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442 convertible

For sale: 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442 Convertible "Viking Blue"

Technical specifications

Item location:
Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Supreme 442 Convertible "Viking Blue"
Engine size:
Rocket 350
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Rear Wheel Drive
Interior color:
Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM Radio, Power Top, 442 Sport Wheel, Bucket Seats, Console, Super Stock II Wheels, Convertible
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1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme "442" Paint Code 26 Viking Blue Convertible being sold with "No Reserve" This Oldsmobile up for auction is the perfect candidate for a W-30 convertible recreation at a very affordable price. The opening picture is what thisOlds has the potential tolook like with some hard work and elbow grease. That is a 1971 Cutlass Supreme/442 W-30 Convertible recreation that I sawas the picture for the month of July ona calendar at the local radiator shop in town. I'm sure all the real Olds guys out there knowhowhard it is to find a True Viking Blue Cutlass/442 convertible. I purchased this 1972 original paint code 26 Viking Blue Cutlass Supreme/442 convertibleon the north side of Chicago on January 11th, 004, o I've owned this cool Oldsmobile droptop for over 11 years. The clean and clear title is in the gentleman's name that I made the purchase from. He had owned this car since May 3rd, f 1982. He purchased this original Viking Blue convertible from the original owner, o itonly had2 owners prior to my ownership. I was told that the mileage is correct. The original owner had driven this car for 99,000 miles until it was sold to the second owner who only put 10,000 miles on it until it was parked inhis garage in1983. The Chicago City sticker shows thatit was last registeredfor the 82/83 season, ndthen itsat in that garage for 21 years until it made its way to my garage in 2004. According to the previous owner, his Olds does have the original numbers matching Rocket engine, nd I double checked to make sure. He was telling the truth! The last seven digits of the vehicle identification number are on the block. I bought this car not running, nd I didn't get around to trying to get it to run untilsometime inthesummer of2011. This Rocketdid start right up at that time andsounded very strong with no ticks or any leaks. It has a nice pair of headers on it, nd I believe mostly all of the original componentsare on this engine. It is set up for dual exhaust, ut they will need to be replaced. I would suggest dual flowmasters. Those are the best sounding exhaust systems from my past experience. I recently decided to start the restoration on this car, nd when I went to turn the engine over again I just got a click. I had a guy that works for me replace the starter, o the engine does have a new starter. When we went to fire it up again Igot the same click. I do believe the engine is stuck. I tried a breaker bar on the crank and it moved about a half an inch. I did not want to crank on it any further because I didn't want to damage anything. I loaded up the spark plug holes with Marvel Oil and let it sit, ut when I went to fire it up again I still just got a click. When I was detailing the engine I had the valve covers off and I sprayed WD-40 into all the pushrod holes before I put the valve covers back on. Getting the engine unstuck will be left up to the winning bidder. Since this is the numbers matching Rocket, did not want to switch motors. I do think this engine still has the potential to come back to life, ut I simply don't have the energy to do it. If the winner is not a numbers matchingguy or girla nice running Big Block 455 would be a fantastic upgrade, ut that was a choice I decided not to make in case the new owner wants to keep a numbers matching car. However, do have a Big Block 455 short block that came out of a 72 442 that was recently rebuilt that came out of a running 442 that I will include for an extra $500 on top of the winning bid. This block is ready to be dropped in. I have a pair of freshly redone E-heads for an additional $500. An aftermarket aluminum intake manifold can be purchased for around $500 at most Cutlass/442 suppliers, o for around a $1500 investment this car can be brought up to the Big Block level. Otherwise, did put all new spark plugs in this engine witha new oil filter and fresh oil. Who knows! By the time this car is delivered there is a slight chance that the engine might turn over with all the fluids that were put into it. I looked up online the best way to unstick an engine and most of the websites suggested what I did.All the fluidsbasically need time to soak in. I'm not an engine guy, o keeping this car numbers matching or changing the engine out will be left up to the winner of this rare color combination classic. The data plate shows that this convertible was ordered from the factory in Viking Blue and came with white bucket seats and a white convertible top. According to the OldsFaqs websiteonly 1,025 of the Cutlass Supreme/442 convertible models were made with an automatic transmission in 1972. They said whether this model is a real 442 or a converted Cutlass Supreme it is still considered to be like a real 442 if it is converted properly. If it were a real W-30 it would have an X in the vehicle identification number. The fender wells were only red on the very first 10 1972 W-30's that rolled off the assembly line in December of 1971. I'll give a little background on the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, utlass S,and 442 models. Prior to the 1972 model year the vehicle identification numbers in all 442's started out with 344. That was the way to determine whether that specific car was ordered from the dealershipas a true442. This is easily verified by the OldsFaqs website that anyone can look up online. The 442 could be ordered as a separate model for the last time in 1971. Oldsmobile decided to make the 442 an ordered option starting in 1972. The OldsFaqs website made the statement that there is no such thing as a fake 442 in 1972. All 1972 442 convertible models started life as a Cutlass Supreme, ince the 442 was an ordered option. Whether the car was factory ordered as a 442, r dealer installed, r a private owner installed all the 442 options, hey are all considered Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass S bodies. This is why all 1972 442 convertibles have Cutlass Supreme on the glove box door, nd all 442 hardtops have just plain Cutlass on the glove box door. Oldsmobile Nationals is in Brookfield, isconsin this weekend, o that is a great place to pick-up Olds parts at a good price. There will be many vendors selling hard to find Olds parts.I would suggest that the floors be replaced, nd the carpet. Although,the interior looks in relatively nice condition as shown in the pictures. The front buckets seats were both professionally reupholstered, o they should be nice and comfortable for many years to come. There is a brand new set of four black carpeted floor mats. I recently had some health issues, o I'm thinning out the amount of projects that I can realistically see myself having the time left to finish. The fenders are original genuine General Motors 442 fenders, o the 442 numbers are in the exact spot that they belong. The 1972 442 grilles are original genuine GM 442 grilles, ot aftermarket reproductions. The hood is an original genuine GM ram-air induction hood. The hood will need some extra work to make it perfect, ut it is getting extremely hard to find a genuine GM ram-air hood these days. I've seen them sell for as much as $5,000 dollars. It also has a very rare dual snorkel 442 air cleaner under the ram-air hood. I'm a huge 442 fan andI've done many of these convertible's over the years,so Iknow howvery satisfying and rewarding the finished product can be. All the money invested along the way of the restoration process will only add to the value of this car. Theseearly 70's muscle cars have incredible investment potential, nd have been referred to as rolling bank accounts. Remember, hen the top goes down, he price goes up! I don't want to sugar coat anything in this auction. This car will need a complete and full restoration where every part and every panel will need attention. I believe this car had the original Viking Blue paint when I made the purchase.There were several areas repaired and then the entire body was coated with primer to protect it.It did spend some time outdoors when I did not have room in a garage, ut it was inside the majority of the time that I owned it. The convertible top was in poor condition, othe oldtopwas removedand thetop frame was painted in low gloss black paint thenbolted back in place. Replacing the top and getting it back functional will be left up to the new owner. The power top motor I received with the car is in place in the well, nd the hydraulic lines and top cylinders are included in the trunk along with what appears to be the original California boot. This auction is just in time to buy that muscle car convertible that you have been needing for parts, r if you wanted to have a cool old classic to restore so you can be ready for top down cruising in style by next summer. When these cars are done properly they command big dollars if the new owner ever decides to sell. With that being said, ven though this Oldsmobile would be great for hard to find parts I would still like to see it be brought back to its former gloryrather than just beused for parts. I could have easily blown on some quick color and stripes, ut I wanted the new owner to see exactly what they're getting, o they can make the choice to see how nice they want this car to be. The options include power steering, ower disc brakes, ower convertible top, ual sport mirrors, ive Super Stock II sport wheels, 42 sport steering wheel, inted glass, nd the front and rear bumper guard option with a spoiler on the trunk lid. It even has an original front license plate bracket. Those are usually always missing on these cars. A lot of these parts arenow readilyavailable at a wide variety of new aftermarket muscle car parts suppliers of identicalreplacement parts.The original dash pad is in good shape and has an originalcorrect AM radio, utis not hooked up. Fortunately this dash was never cut up like was typicallydone tothese cars back in the day. I saw no signs of this car ever being involved in an accident. The suspensionlooks to be in very good condition, nd this car has rear air shocks.This Oldsreally sits up awesome with the proud stance of a 442. The original trunk floor had some repair, ut was then coated with AC Delco black and aqua spatter spray to make it appear factory correct. The trunk does carry a full size Super Stock II spare wheel. In the event of a flat tire once this grand old convertible is back roadworthy, ince there is an original jack, ack stand, nd crow bar, hat mishap can turn into a complete looking car again in a matter of minutes. There is a set of four 14" inch Super Stock II wheelspainted Code 26 Viking Blue to match the original body color of the car. There arechrome lug nuts on all four wheelswithall fourcenter caps, ndall fourbeauty trim rings. A lot of the chrome is still very usable on this car, r in drivers quality condition. In fact there aren't reallyany hard to find chrome pieces that I can think of that might be missing. What you see is exactly what you get! These mostly complete older classics that have survived for over 40 years are becoming harder and harder to find. Especially in Viking Blue!! The Nada Classic Car Price Guide currently has the 1972 OldsmobileCutlass Supreme442 Convertible with a Rocket 350 listed at $55,800 in high condition, hich theyconsider an excellent overall vehicle that was completely restored, r an original vehicle showing very minimal wear. Note: This value does not represent a 100 point show car or a #1 vehicle. Those vehicles can reach much higher prices. $36,520 in average condition, hich theyconsider in good overall condition that could be an older restoration or a well maintained original vehicle that is completely operable. The exterior paint, rim, nd mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out.They say an average condition car is considered a20-Footer! As shown in the pictures I would consider this OldsConvertiblecurrently valued in between the average and low condition, nd could be rated much higher with some hard work. They have the lowest condition value at $24,750being considered a deteriorated restoration or a very poor restoration, ut mostly usable "As-Is!" The lowest value does not represent a parts car, ut would be considered as the price for a car needing a complete restoration. Why not enjoy the same looking convertible for a fraction of those prices. Bottom line is the new owner could probably take this car over to their local Maaco and have a nice Viking Blue paint job put on it with the white W-30 stripes and have themselves a 25-30K looking car right away. This Oldsmobile is an investment that I believe will continue to rise as these cars have been consistently proven to escalate in value. These GM A-Body muscle cars are the finest handling cars I have ever driven. This car is for the guy or girl that always wanted one back in high school, r had one and wants to restore one instead of paying the crazy prices to purchase one already finished. This would be a great father and son project or for a high end classic car restoration shop that knows the values of all the parts on these cars. There is no finer muscle car on the planet in my eyes than the 1970-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme or442convertible. Here is a prime opportunity to acquire your dream car at a minimal price, r to have all the parts to finish a restoration of a 70-72 Cutlass Supreme or 442 that you may already have. This car is being stored safely indoors out of the elements. The deposit will need to be paid within 24 hours, nd the balance is due within 72 hours prior to the pick-up or transport of this car. The title will be sent out the same day the funds are clear, r be kept in the glove compartment with the originalowner's manual for transport. Whichever way the winning bidder decides. I know my descriptions can be a little long winded, ut I try to list and accurately portray everything I can think of when I write a description. This wayevery potential bidder can make the most informed decision prior to placing their bid.If you feel I may have left anything out please ask as many questions as you like. I pride myself in answering every question in explicit detail with the utmost honesty. Ask questions and you will receive honest accurate answers. I'm a motivated seller, o thishard to find Viking Blue classic muscle car convertibleis being offered at "No Reserve" on a 3-day listing, ndwill sell to the highest bidder on Sunday evening. Thank You for taking the time to read and view my auction!!! Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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