Original WWII 1941 Autocar U-2044 4x4 COE Short Wheelbase Truck Complete, Titled

For sale: 1941 Other Makes U-2044

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Reno, Nevada, United States
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Hercules JXD Straight 6
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Original WWII 1941 Autocar U-2044 4x4 COE Truck
Here we have for sale a very unique and rare 1941 Autocar U-2044 4x4 COE dump truck. This is a massive 4x4 COE that was used in WWII as a gas and oil tanker. They could reach speeds of 60MPH. The Autocar was is a military collection before I bought it. Before it was on display it was used as a snow plow just close to Reno. It was driven about 8 years ago. It has been sitting ever since. The Autocar appears to be complete, he engine is the original numbers matching Hercules JXD 5.2l straight 6 engine. It turns over by hand when you pull on the fan. The engine numbers match the original vin plates mounted in the cab of the Autocar. How rare is that to find an Autocar, nd one with its original numbers matching engine. The engine does not currently run. The fuel system should be cleaned and a new 6v battery. The electrical system is just typical 6v. I am sure the wiring is original and could probably use some attention in areas. The truck has its original seat on the interior. The covers are shot but you can reupholster the seat frames to make a nice interior. The Autocars of this time period have a lot of wood in them. The wood is in decent shape in the cab of the truck. There are some screws that have pulled out of wood around the door skin and other parts of the truck. You will need some wood repair in areas of the cab. The wood floors are in good shape. The doors are in good shape. The front glass should be replaced as it is broken. The windshield wipers are operated by a motor but you can also operate them by hand. The steering wheel is in good shape with a few cracks. The original horn button is still on the wheel. The foot brake, lutch, nd gas pedal are all intact in the truck. The doors are sticky on the truck. The wood framing of the doors tend to make the door hard to open sometimes. The passenger side door handle needs some wood repair so that the screws can be redrilled into the door so that it can operate the door. You have to open it with a screw driver right now. There is a big pto hydraulic ram on the front of the truck. It was attached to a snow plow. That is not original to the truck. The front bumper appears to be original. It still has the original crank hole in it. After doing my research it looks like this is considered a 2.5 ton COE that was originally intended as a fuel tanker for WWII. However now, t has a hydraulic dump bed on the back of the truck. I do not know the history of the hydraulics and if they work, eak, tc. The truck has air brakes on it so I have no idea if they are operable or not. I haven't tried to start the truck. It does have a manual operated disc emergency brake though that still works. The tires on the truck are shot. They all need to be replaced. The driver side back tires have a slow leak. Before the truck gets shipped I will inflate the tires. It took 2 months for the back driver duals to leak air out of it. This is a great overall rare COE that deserves to go to a good home and brought back to life. I do not think that it would take much to get back on the road again. The truck is in good shape but still needs some work. It was a work truck for WWII so it does have its bumps and bruises from use over the years. I am selling the truck as-is. It's just rare to find an Autocar COE that is this complete and with a clear Nevada title. I do have a clean and clear Nevada title in my name on the truck. Cash, heck or money order for payment. My phone number is 775-830-6760.Thanks for looking!

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