1966 Sunbeam Tiger MK1a w/ L.A.T Options

For sale: 1966 Other Makes Sunbeam Tiger Mk1A

Technical specifications

Item location:
San Diego, California, United States
Other Makes
Sunbeam Tiger
Mark 1
B382001472 LRXFE
Arctic White
Engine size:
289 c.i. HP, F4B, Holley 4 Barrel
Number of cylinders:
4-Speed Manual
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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1966 Sunbeam Tiger MK1a

There are only so many opportunities remaining to become a “second owner” of a classic car of this rarity and original “survivor” condition with less than one hundred thousand original miles.As a survivor this Sunbeam Tiger unlike so many has not been restored, ut rather only maintained and repainted.Documented with the original purchasing paperwork from June 1967 (when titled as a new 1967) this Tiger comes with copies of family photographs, riginal invoices dating back to 1967 and documentation of both sports car use and everyday utility.This original owner (an engineer and US Naval flight Officer) as the car was enjoyed, ecame one of the top JUDGES of the annual CAT Tigers United events and national concourse, n expert of Sunbeam lore and historical society, oth he and his family have had a lifetime of enjoyment from this rare Sunbeam.

So this is an opportunity to purchase a small part of history and to be a caretaker of that history in the form of this storied ’66 Tiger. Originally purchased on June 7, 967, his Sunbeam was then upgraded by the original owner according to paperwork included in the documentation with multiple LAT options; including the 7000 RPM tachometer, raction-master bars, luminum wheels and hood with air vents. The engine still has the original generator even though it was upgraded from its 260 to a very rare 5-bolt high performance 289HPl, o it was comparable in displacement to the 289 cubic inches original to the Mk II 1967 model Tigers. The family of the late Dick Barker,after careful consideration, as decided to sell his “purchased-new” 1966 Sunbeam Tiger MK1A (B382001472 LRXFE). Mr. Barker's renown in the upper tiers of the Tiger community was well earned as proven by his restoration of one of only three Le Mans competition cars "the Mule" (http://www.fiskens.com/cars-for-sale/Sunbeam-Tiger-Le-Mans-Coupe/10016.htm). As one would expect, r. Barker’s own car benefited from the same fastidious nature and passion as the LeMans car was restored too.As seen in the photos this vehicleshows some ever so slight wear and tear, igns of patina but as ‘original” including the interior, oft and hard top one could only consider this 50-year old example to be in greatshape for originalcondition. The rareness of an original owner, AT options and originality it can be arguedwill only increasethehistoric and futuremonetary valueas well as still being “fun to drive! This recognized car by the “Conservator” Norm Miller in his “Certificate of Disclosure”not onlydocument’s this Sunbeam #1,486as a car associated with Dick Barker or "The Mule"LeMan’s Tiger,butindicatesits owncontribution to the history of the Sunbeam Tigeras a car that competed in both car shows, allies and many gymkhana events around America from 1967- 1989. This car has all the typical selling points of a solidsurvivorclassic. It runs, andles and looks great. It’s very straight,has had no major accident damageevidence and minor surface corrosion so small it is virtually “rust free”. It does have the signs of use, atina, port and some small bumps along the way. In particular the hard top is amazing in condition other than the gasket is a little dried from sitting in the garage for 50 years, he original soft top also has seen very little useand as it has been folded up for almost 50 years looks better under the tonneau coverbutmechanically it works great, ven soit is in great condition, s a “survivor” should be

.If you're one of the few who truly appreciate Tigers, hen please send a message and arrange to see this amazing vehicle in person you'll not be disappointed and if you have any questions they can be answered for you.

Further details and images are available below and by contacting J. Bittle 619-607-0070 or jbittle@jbaracing.com


Set out for: B382001472 LRXFE

COPY OF CERTIFICATE OF DISCLOSURE: Logged as the 1,486th1966 model year Tiger, ommissioned by Humber Motors Ltd., his chassis is one of eleven reported by Jensen Motors Ltd. to have rolled from the assembly line on Friday, he 11thof February, 966. Of that group, nly two have eluded detection to remain unclaimed in TIROST records. Seven of the nine identified Rootes relics stake their claim in the States, hile a pair of migrating "outlanders" report homesteading down-under, n Australia and way-up-yonder, n Sweden. Interestingly, hat Swedish machine was configured to the rare "LROFE" blueprint. No more than sixty of those export left-hand drive cars carrying home market livery have been tallied thus far and a mere twenty three of them are '66 models. The US contingent is found one each in Alabama, exas, ansas, hio, hen three (including our subject vehicle) in California. Two of the "Golden Staters", ncluding the celebrity of the moment, arry STOA "TAC" stickers. Under subcontract to the Rootes Group, ressed Steel Ltd. utilized the 1,479ththird generation Tiger body for the buildup of B382001472 and then finished it in "Arctic White", he fourth most prolific color applied to Sunbeam Tigers. The "factory" assigned engine came from the largest family of Tiger 260s, ulled from Ford's small block assembly line on the 19thof February, 965. As of this writing, have records for roughly 2,000 engines in that grouping. B382001472 received the 5,337thC4PZ-6001-CF power plant shipped under Ford's outside customer number SO 2632. Unlike the chassis plate stamping and the information found on the original valve cover appliqué, etermining actual engine numbers requires subtracting a thousand and then adding one, o adjust for a numbering system that begins with 1,000. The original gearbox was the 5,878thTiger close ratio top loader committed to the Humber contract. While a bit irksome to the interests of history, he original differential is no longer with this example. A first swap around (not uncommon as owners searched for performance) added a power-lock. A second substitution (far less benign) was forced by employee carelessness at a service facility. The final borrowed unit (believed to be the 6,195thSalisbury DANA 44 back axle, roduced by the Dana Division in June of 1966) completes the drive train components. The primary key – Ignition/Doors - employed RM 814 lock barrels, hile the secondary key – Console/Trunk used barrels coded to FS 939. This key combination was used only five times throughout the entire (7,085) Tiger production and as you might expect, one of the cars built on Friday, he 11threceived the same pairing.






Body Type:Convertible w/ Soft-Top, ard-Top & Tonneau Cover

V.I.N:B382001472 LRXFE


Engine:289c.i.HP, /F4B Holly 4 barrel Accel dual point trigger ignition distributor

Transmission:4-Speed Manual

Interior:Black Vinyl

Exterior:Arctic White

Additional Equip:L.A.T optioned car, ood, heels, raction bars and exhaust

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