1953 Willys M38A1 Military Jeep M38 4x4 Hurricane Korean War Restored Parade

For sale: 1953 Other Makes M38A1 NO RESERVE

Technical specifications

Item location:
Salem, Oregon, United States
Other Makes
Olive Drab Green
Engine size:
Hurricane 4cyl
Number of cylinders:
3spd - Overdrive
Drive type:
Interior color:
Olive Drab Green
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible
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1953 WILLYS M38A1

Korean War Jeep - Hurricane 4cyl - 4x4 - Rare Overdrive


Thanks for checking out "Pete", y 1953 M38A1 Korean War Jeep. The Korean war, as from 1950-1953, nd the M38 was the first Willy's in that war. Willys came out with the new CJ5, o in 9/1952, he new upgraded body, ecame the weapon of choice, he M38A1, hough the civilian models look similar, he military models are much differentanimal They built the M38A1 from late 1952 to 1957, nd were used for many years after. This one was built in 1953, o built during the war times, he earlier models like this oneare the most sought after M38A1's. There are signs as well if you know your M38A1 models, hat tell you this is an early model, esides the early serial number etc.It looks to still have anoriginalWillysM38A1 HurricaneEngine, ith ID MD126447,Military engines had the MD designation.History of this M38A1. A gentleman bought named Peter Gunn, ho served in the Air Force, uring the Korean war, nd then was commissioned as a Colonel in the Army, hich he served his whole carrier in the Military fighting for our country. In his later years after retirement, e wantedto have one of these Jeeps, o remember those who fought along side of him, nd for our country. He wantedsomethinghe could take to shows,Parades, show piece tohonorAmerica. He bought this Jeep in 1998, t was already a parade star, I believe he bought it from another veteran in California, ho adored this littleWillys. Heenjoyed every minute of owner ship of this Willys. He passed away and left his beloved M38A1 in 2012, o his daughter and her husband. He used it for a lot of Parades in the 2000's. When his daughter got the Willys, er and her husband wanted to take it out on parades, e was military as well, he stickers on drivers side of the window are from Travis AFB, hich they showed it there as well were he was stationed at the time.Itwas hard for them to sell,but they had no where to store it anymore, nd decided to sell it, nd pass the torch. I told them I would take it to the next level, nd sent photos of it to them the other day, nd they love the transformation, he said her dad would be very proud of it. I bought it from them a little bit ago, nd did some updating, rand new top, ide curtains, dded a few things here and there, eally had a fun time with this one,basically did a mild restoration. This is a very nice M38A1, hat you will want to preserve, ou will enjoy every minute of it, ake it to shows, arades, ir shows etc, t is an eye catcher, nd it runs very good. I have owned 3 of these M38A1 Willys amount other military rigs, nd they are just a joy to have. Everyone waves and smiles when they see itdriving down the road, rom young to old. I was a military kid when I was young, tationed in Hawaii, nd Ft. Lewis in Washington, uring the Vietnam War. I have always had a liking for these rigs, nything military, here is just something special about them, heir history, esign and I like Green. Side note: If you are ever out here in the Northwest, ust down the road from my place, he Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is here, nd the Spruce Goose is the main attraction, hat a site, hey have tons of stuff there, nd here in Salem, here is a B-17 Bomberbeing restored here as well at Salem Airport, f you come and take a look at theWillys, ou have to see these sites. Anyways, heck out the auction, ook at the pictures, nd description. Give me a call, f you have any questions. If you want to come in and take a look at it, r send an inspector before you bid, lease do, t would be my pleasure for you to see it first hand. Thanks, ason 503-910-2085

The body is in great condition, o areas of rust concerns, o rust bubbles, ery solid. The paint is Olive Drab, ith the right sheen, ot over done, ooks very nice, few imperfections, ut I bet you it is probably nicer, hen the paint jobs they did back in 1953 on Military war machines, o have high gloss shiny paint on a military rig would not be right, his has the right sheen for sure. This is one that you can take to a show any day of the week, nd have the time of your life. This Jeep has been in many parades here on the west coast, nd is just a hit. The fenders, re in great condition, o rust, o dents. The hood is in good shape, o rust, r dents. The body is in very good condition, o rust on the body, o bubbles. Usually they suffer from rust areas down low on the rockers, ere the floor meets the body, ut this Willys is very nice. Take a look at the exterior of it, nd you will get a very good idea of what it is.There arevery minor chips, nd small scuffs, ut overall very good looking M38A1. Very straight down the sides, ll the panels line up nicely. The paint is nice, ut has a few small sags in it, n various areas, ut overall it looks awesome for its condition. Inside the tub, s in nice shape, ut it shows were different items were bolted down, here are small dents and dings inside side, n the floors, he rear floors and rear wheel tubs. Overall the inside of the Willys is in very good condition for an original Korean War M38A1.The only rust spot I see on the floor, s on thepassenger floor, ext to footopening,very minor, ou could fix it if you wanted. There are various patches again, n the floors and side panel, rom other equipment being in it from Radios, achine Gun stands etc. It has working front and rear Military Correct lights, as a Jack up front, xe, lack out Lights, iren on fender, nd inside engine compartment there is another horn as well, hat has an interesting sound, ou have to hear it. The Airsiren, ounds awesome, hey can hear you for miles. All the exterior lights work, eadlights, tc. Interior, s Spartan, ts a military Jeep. The lights are not controlled by the normal switches, ut they are there, hey are controlled by other switches on dash. The brake lights, urn signals all work as well. Even the night time, ed light that glows in the gauges works. Look at the dash, ou an you can see other various items that have been attached, t does have a fan as well. The only gauge that is not working right now is the fuel gauge, o I have a manual paint stick gauge, ol. The Speedometer works, ut Odometer is currently not working, o I am not sure how many miles it has on it to date. I do not have a rear seat for it, ut you can get one if you like, seen them for around $300-400, t might be a nice add, ut if you are on trips and want to put a cooler back there, t is much easier, specially if you are only caring 2 people. What we do when driving in parades, put a cooler in back, ut a military blanket down, nd people can sit on it at low speeds, arades no problem, ake shift rear seat. The only thing that could use restoring inside, s the original steering wheel, oes have some cracking on it, o it could use repair and repainted. It has a brand new top, ith new side curtains, t does not have any doors currently, ut you can get them very easily. The seats are in really nice shape, ut show a little wear, ut over all the padding is excellent on them, nd no rips or tears. Take a look at the photos, nd it really does a good job of presenting itself. All the loose items you see in the Willys, elong to me, he ammo cans, elmets, ags, ummy riffle are just used for props. The axe, hovel, nd rope all stay with the Willys. The rear license plate is out of my collection, nd it stays as well, nd goes back on the wall, show it with vintage 1953 plates on it.

Mechanically it is in great shape. M38A1 Hurricane 4cly engine runs great, ery smooth, uns like a sewing machine. It does not blow smoke, r burn any oil, o signs of any oil leaks. The engine is very clean, ut a new valve cover gasket on it, ockers look super nice. Engine is in great shape currently, t had a cosmetic restoration on the engine, t was very clean, nd is not newly rebuilt, ut it was rebuilt back in the 1990's. it runs like a top. It runs nice and cool, hrottles nicely, nd starts up every time even when sitting. The transmission is the standard 3spd, lutch feels great, ot chatter, o popping out of gear. What is interesting about this M38A1, t is Overdrive, hich makes it much more road friendly, t basically has 6 gears because of the overdrive, his is a rare option on any Military Willys, nd even a CJ. The transmission has some small seepage, ut not sure if it is from the transfer case, here are some small drips and seepage off Spicer transfer case. Nothing to be worried about but it will leave a few drips on the floor from time to time of gear oil. The rear end is in good shape, t has a Military tag on it saying it was overhauled in 1962. I have put it in 4wd, nd it works great, ave to turn the hubs obviously, ut it locks in and works great. Overall, echanically it is very sound, nd very dependable. The original wheels are in nice shape, till wearing Original Military spec tires. The tires are in good shape with good tread, ut if you look close the side walls, ave some small weather checking on them, wouldn't replace them or anything just noting it, ecause they have a lot of life left in them, nd these rigs are not high speed rigs out on the freeway. It also has been converted to 12V, ights, lectrical, uch easier to maintain. As I mentioned, t is in good operation order, he brakes work, he emergency brake works great, his is a good driving M38A1.

I have been selling classic cars here on eBay since 2003, 2 years now, ith around 500 classic cars sold over the internet. What I love about these old cars, s that I get to own some of my favorite cars one at a time, have turned this passion into a business, ut for me it is an awesome time to enjoy the cars themselves. It has been such a joy to do business with people all over the world. I have sold multiple cars to many buyers all over from Europe, ubai, ustralia, apan, razil, just to name a few. It has always been a pleasure, etting to know other car enthusiast all over the Continent, specially some that have become very good friends of mine because of our love for cars. I look forward to doing business here on ebay for many years to come, nd look forward to meeting some other like minded classic car nuts like myself. If you would like to call me and talk about the car, hat would be great, ould love to help you out. I invite you to come and take a look at the car before you bid, r send someone to look at it, t would be my pleasure to take itout for a little stroll around the neighborhood one more time. Thanks and happy bidding, 03-910-2085 - Jason

This is a NO RESERVE, tarting bid at $19.68, es, O RESERVE, op bid gets it. View the pictures and read the auction. If you have more questions let me know, nd I would be glad to help youout, try my best to explain andshow as much as I can, es I could have missed something, r over explained something, lease give me a call if you have questions.

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A U C T I O N E N D S August 10nd-Monday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm
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Terms of Sale: When auction ends, ou need to contact me ASAP within 24hrs of auction end, 1000 deposit within 24hrs prefer paypal. Balance due within 7 days of auction end.If you have questions about payment, ive me a call before you bid, f you need special arrangements, s long as I know ahead of time, o problem. I am easy to get along with. When you pay in full, willfax you a bill of sale, nd buyers guide, nd have you sign itfax it back,and I will send you the Oregon Title, nd Original Paperwork Ihave by FedEx to you and the bill of sale. If you come in person, bviously I would do all the paperwork with you, nd hand over title in hand when you pay. Most people I deal with have there car shipped, o just explaining all the details. Pretty Simple, ou pay, nd you get the title and thevehicle.

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Nice looking front end, orking lights, lack out light on fender, ew tow rope, ack, eadlight guards....
Top is brand new, inter top, ncludes side curtains, f you want to add doors later, can get you in contact with same company that built top.Top comes off easily, nd windshield flips down, ots of different options with these. My original dealer plate does not come with it, show it with this on, ind of a time capsule and fun to show old 1953 plates on a 1953 rig. All new reflectors on it as well, o haze on them, ery clean looking. I like these with the Axe option, o cup holders though.Air Siren on top of fender, ounds awesome. Engine Stamping hard to take a picture of, ut what is important, D, or Military. I think it is MD126447.Nice and straight down the sides. It has a nice interior, eat padding is excellent, anvas has a little age, ut looks good. This could use restored, ut it is original, ould be easy to do. The lever running horizontal is the Overdrive lever.Stuff in the back, elmets, mmo cans, irst aid, tc, re out of my collection and not included. Dummy gun is not included either, orry. Typical of a Military vehicle, nner tub floors, ave dents, nd repairs, nd holes from items being bolted down, achine gun towers, adios etc. Floors are very nice in this M38A1, ut there are some little pin holes on that edge, retty minor, ut you might want to fix them down the road. No rust, nder the passenger seat, ompartment. All M38A1 models, ad glove box on drivers side, Flashlight comes with the Willys. Very clean undercarriage for one of these rigs. Black out light works.

A U C T I O N E N D S August 10th-Monday Night EAST COAST: 10:00 pm WEST COAST: 7:00 pm
7Day Auction, am looking for a Buyer!!!

On Aug-05-15 at 17:34:17 PDT, eller added the following information:

The family was nice enough to give me some photos of Col. Peter Gunn (PETE), retty cool of them to let me use these in the auction as well. He was a High Ranking officer in the Army. He started off in the Air Force during the Korean war, nd ended up joining the Army, nd becoming a Colonel. He spent his whole carrier in the Service. He passed away in 2012. I never got to meet him, utI thank him for his service andprotecting our country.This Willys was his pride and joy, hope the next owner will love it as much as they did.

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