VESPA 400 Piaggio / ACMA, ORIGINAL PAINT & papers as sale contract etc. etc.

For sale: 1958 Other Makes Vespa 400

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Winterthur, Switzerland
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Vespa 400
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General Information & detailed images of the Vespa 400 can be found here: www.VE8PA.CH (please use the internetexplorer translater for the blog)
Between 1957 and 1961, iaggio produced 30'076 pieces of the model 400. Most have been until now virtually rusted away or scrapped during the last 50 years. Most that are still exising are restored what abhingt of a good plumber/wagon-maker and a deep wallet.
100% authentic and well-preserved Vespa 400 in original paint / factory paint with a neat substance such as here are sown rar. All the better, f its also a first series with the serial number 005725. Also there are the original documents etc. that makes any collector's heart beat faster. It's all there; Vehicle registration, elivery bill, ontract of sale, arranty card, ervice book and various leaflets of the 50ies.
Please Look at the 80 pictures and details and the history of the Vespa 400 at: www.VE8PA.CH
(There informations are from wikipedia.) Of the 30'076 produced Vespa 400, he most were sold in France. However, ome cars even found buyers in Italy and Germany. 1700 cars were exported to the United States. - If you look at Wikipedia (updated in February 2014) is as follows for the price; "The Piaggio Vespa 400 takes on the German classic car market an outsider role. There is currently no reliable price quotations. There is currently no reliable price quotations. The popular classic car publications have no records on this car. In the US market the microcar very high prices reached in part: One needs conserving copy was sold for $ 21,000 in 2009; a vehicle on exposure levels ("Concours Condition") can cost up to $ 40,000."
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