Sunbird convertible electric conversion with swappable battery pack

For sale: 1985 Other Makes Sunbird

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Austin, Texas, United States
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Power Windows
single speed gear reduction
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Tilt steering wheel, Convertible
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LOCATION: Austin, X Price: $10,000


Austin Arrow – One of a kind custom 1985 Sunbird convertible with a 1991 Sunbird front clip converted to battery electric. The chassis is modified to allow forunderside battery packremovable. The original battery pack picture and swapper demo video are here: http://www.winfordtek.comClick on the words below the short animation on the left to see full swap video.This is the prototype car and swapping machine from the Swap N Drive concept development.

What comes with this auction:

1. The Austin Arrow - the car modified with a removable battery pack - has a clear title

2. 1984 Sunbird Turbo convertible mostly complete matching parts car, ot running, as the cast iron exhaust manifold fix for the original factory turbo tube exhaust manifolds that leaked badly. - has clear title

3. Complete battery pack swapping machine with 5hp electric motor, ydraulic - pump, ontrol valves, ams, otor, oses, xchange cart, 0ft track, nd manual controls

4. Extra 4-spd front wheel drive manual transmission that fits in a Sunbird to convert item 2 on this list to electric

At the heart of this auction is the Siemens 1PV5135WS14 three phase AC induction motor and the Siemens Simovert 6SV-1 long inverter purchased from The motor is rated at 100K hours. After that time, eplace the motor bearings and it's good for another 100K hours. No brushed to replace.

Driving at 50 mph for 100K hours is 5 million miles. If you drove 25k per year, t would take 200 years to drive 5 million miles.

In summary, his hardware basically requires no maintenance.

Here are some of the key features of this hardware combination:

1. Both 80KW motor (approx. 100 HP) and inverter are water cooled

2. Max battery voltage into the inverter - 336 VDC

3. Max motor rpm - 9700 (Allows for a single speed gear reduction that goes from 0 to +80 mph)

4. Inverter includes both main/precharge contactors

5. Inverter includes 60A DC to DC converter to charge the accessory battery

6. Variable rate regenerative braking

7. Electric direction control - three position electrical switch: REV-N-FWD

8. Already has the custom adapter plate that mounts the motor to the transmission

The inverter has a serial port that allows for the connection of a PC so you can customize a couple of hundred parameter in the controller. Included in this auction is the DOS based PC with the SIADIS program that talks to the motor controller. I also have the rare hardcopy of the SIADIS program Operating Instructions and all the documentation need to get this motor/inverter going in your application.

The motor is mounted to a front wheel drive manual transmission which was rebuilt and has synthetic lube in it. The transmission is locked in second gear. The CV shafts are new.

The floor pan of the car has been cut out in the center leaving the original side frame supports. Then the side frame supports were reenforced with steel to enable mounting of the latching system for the battery pack.

If you have no interest in the car, his 80KW motor/inverter combination would be great for most any other small custom electric 3 or 4 wheel conversion.

NOTE: The wheels and tires in the pictures of the Austin Arrow do NOT come with the car. It will come with the factory 14" turbo cast wheels.

What has been replaced with new parts:

Custom powder blue convertible top

Custom analog large gauge reads from 0 to 100% - Intended to display % of battery power available

Manual master brake cylinder

Front Calipers replace, ear wheel cylinders rebuilt

Front struts and rear shocks

Four suspension springs were replaced with custom wound coil springs to handle added battery weight

All brake pads and shoes

All rubber brake hoses

All wheel bearings

Manual rack and pinion steering assembly

Aluminum radiator

Silicon heater hoses

Electric Water pump

Evaporator in the heater box that is inside the dashboard for future A/C

Ceramic heater elements in heater box that is inside the dashboard (Need control and to be connected)

Upholstery that needs to be installed – seats and door panels

Dash panel padding, un visors, rm rest,

All lights, xcept headlights, onverted to LED

White exterior paint with custom graphics

Behind original gas cap is an electrical connector to facilitate charging

Tilt steering wheel – not new but an upgrade

Problems and issues:

The conversion project is about 90% complete. At one point the car was drivable but had very short range because of battery issues. Battery management system failed eventually causing batteries to fail. Needs new batteries, ew BMS and new battery charger. The interior needs to be installed. The swapping machine works manually but needs battery cart drive motor work - figure out how to get the hydraulic motor to work smoothly or replace with electric. The wheels and tires pictured with the car do NOT come with the car. The car will come with the 14" factory turbo cast wheels.

Shipping and payment:

Buyer IS responsible for arranging transportation of all items related to this sale. Buyer will wire transfer $500 into my account immediatelyafter the auction is complete. The remainder to be paid in cash or wire transfer within 7 days after the auction is complete.

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