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Fantastic 39k Original Mile 4 Speed Tor Red AAR 'Cuda From Noted Collection

For sale: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR 'CUDA

Technical specifications

Item location:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Engine size:
340 Six Barrel
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
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This fantastic 39,000 original mile, Tor Red, 4 speed, Rare Factory Quick Ratio P/S, P/B, Rallye Dash AAR 'Cuda has been in my collection for over ten years.

It unrestored with the exception of one very high quality repaint and engine compartment detailing of a superior quality original car. It does have a factory warranty replacement block that was really installed under warranty in 1970 with the paper tag still on the rivet on the side. Blank VIN pad, correct (warranty) date code, real TA casting block inspected in person and confirmed in writing by Galen Govier as the real deal. Original numbers matching transmission and 3.91:1 rear. Of course it also has all of its original factory fender tags and VIN tag as well. Everything on the engine is original, carburetors (just concours restored by Custom Rebuilt Carbs of NJ), air cleaner, distributor, exhaust manifolds, etc. Original sheetmetal, interior, even original factory installed exhaust (with replacement Chrysler 1975 dated mufflers installed in 1977) still in place. Original (not reproduction) tires. All original glass with the exception of the windshield which is a old (period) PPG replacement.

Runs, drives, looks and sounds as new. And I don't mean "like new" I mean like new. Everything works as it should, every light, every switch, the radio, you name it. It starts, runs, and drives like 1970. The shifter is tight, the brakes and clutch perfect, and it goes down the road like it should- and I'm a picky SOB! Featured on the cover of (and road tested in) Automobile Magazine's July 2006 issue (the two artsy photos posted here are from that article.) Featured on MuscleCar TV May 2007 with yours truly driving for the "MuscleCar Flashback" segment. Use this link to check it out (the AAR segment starts at the 10m10s mark, you only have to suffer through two 15 second ads to get there!): This AAR on TV

Again, other than the repaint and maintenance items the car is an incredibly original 39,000 mile car that feels like it should, something that can never be duplicated with a catalog full of Chinese parts hung around the rusty remains of an original AAR 'Cuda VIN. I think you can see how good this car is in the video witnessed by me throwing it around on a road course. I have the original books, including the warranty book, but have not torn the car apart to locate the Broadcast sheet. I would be happy to make any deal contingent upon an inspection to verify the exceptional nature of this AAR with a suitable refundable deposit in place. Galen Govier did a visual inspection on the car for me in 2005 or 2006 but since a decade has passed I just paid him to do another in-person inspection with a written report on July 1st, 2016 that can be provided to serious buyers.

As for who I am my name is Colin Comer and I am the author of numerous books on muscle and collector cars including "Million Dollar Muscle Cars" and "The All American Muscle Car." I am also Editor at Large for numerous well-known car magazines. I have a very well-known collection of my own and, again, I have a long (10+ year) history with this fantastic AAR and assure you it will not disappoint. I am simply selling it because I am starting to "tighten up" my collection to a more manageable number and this AAR deserves to be somewhere it will be exercised regularly and shown off more than I have the time to these days. It is certainly not your average AAR- even if there is such a thing! Its color combo, options, and integrity are the reason I love it so much and expect you will as well.

I am happy to answer questions from serious buyers, provide additional photos and discuss the car at length. It is also available for any type of inspection you desire in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an appointment any time during this listing. I have a well-lit shop with a hoist available. I reserve the right to pull the AAR from the market at any time or to sell it elsewhere without notice. I'm sure there is lots of other mumbo-jumbo I could put here but I'll skip the scary boilerplate BS stuff because I'm hoping it isn't needed here. If you're the type of insanely particular and fussy person that appreciates a car like this one over the average junk floating around I'm sure we'll get along quite well!

Please note the only trades I would consider (up or down) are of 1965-1970 Shelby Mustangs with clean histories and no stories- like this AAR.

For what it is worth Hagerty's Valuation Guide (available on the Hagerty website) lists a 4 speed AAR in #1 "Concours" condition at $172,700, in #2 "Excellent" condition at $136,200 and #3 "Good" condition at $95,370 and also shows that Mopar values are again trending upward rapidly. Of course I ignored all of that and priced my car where I feel any knowledgeable buyer will see the value and it will sell quickly, avoiding the games most sellers like to play by starting with some silly price. So please don't message me to tell me my car is worthless and I'm nuts, or you saw one "just like it" on CL for $35k. We probably both have better things to do. Ok, well, at least I do!

In summary finding a extremely original multi-carb, low production E Body such as this with original sheetmetal and even its original exhaust is not a common occurrence. Plus, this isn't some rattle-trap old pieced together UFO, it is a totally dialed in, ready to use, needs nothing AAR from a very good home. Add in the history, great color, no vinyl top, options and 4 speed and I think it is safe to say this car is hard to duplicate at any price.

Thank you for your interest in my AAR.

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