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1959 Plymouth Fury sport

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Novi, Michigan, United States
Iceberg White
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Kip Sheward Motorsports is pleased to present this one of a kind 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury. Simply perfect condition throughout and 361.2 miles! This is the 2-door hardtop, olden Commando 8-cylinder. 361 cid/305hp that is also equipped with the rare 2x4bbl carburetor. When this Fury came off the line, t marked the end of an era both in design and also how cars were to be built in the future. 1959 production numbers were a total of 92,741 Fury automobiles, 1,494 were Sport Fury hardtops.
As a special order (at extra cost) and perhaps the most interesting option was the Golden Commando 395 "B" block V-8. This engine is presented as it came off the assembly line...just perfect. With a slightly bigger bore (4.12 inch to 4.06 inch) and the same stroke (3.38 inch), isplacement jumped slightly to 361 cid. The new engine (for 1959) was rated at 305 hp at 4600 rpm, oing 0-60 in just 8 seconds. The 10:1 compression ratio was key to the power output and the engine actually took its name from its stump-pulling torque -395 lb-ft at 3000rpm. Special features included a high-performance camshaft, igh-performance dual breaker distributor, nd high-performance intake manifold and dual carburetors are coupled on the three-speed TorqueFlight transmission.
The exterior styling is striking. The DT1125 Iceberg White paint covers the finned body that flows style and grace. The "Double-barreled" fenders draw attention to the sculpted eyebrows and floating dual headlamps. Taking a styling cue from the 1942 Plymouth's under-bumper air scoop, he 1959 version is designed to give a "jet-intake effect" (1942's had been inspired by race cars). The area beneath the bumper and stone shield are void of any grille work. Fins began to rise at the "C" pillar in a smooth upsweep, ending the car's rear an illusion of greater length than there actually was. The fin was capped by flute stainless trim, hich cascades down the fin to the deck lid. The hood and deck lid are sculpted, he hood shows off a center windsplit, he deck lid is cut from rear window to the body crease molding. This body crease is adorned with stainless trim. At the top of the trunk, ual (2) antennas sloped back make the car look fast while standing still. Back-up lamps are located back to the taillight in an oval cluster, ear bumpers are indented in the middle to frame the license plate. A Plymouth monogram is featured on the left corner of the hood and deck lid, ith model names in the same style script appearing at the rear edge of the fin. Wide white tires, are VIP fender skirts and perfect chrome finish the car, long with the classic "spare tire bulge" that is featured on the rear sport deck. Speaking of the spare tire, he only non-stock feature found is the Firestone spare that is in the trunk.
The "as new" red Interior features a "Jet-Age Control Center" instrument cluster featuring an aircraft-style housing and enough buttons to keep the most ardent button-pusher happy. To the left of the speedometer in an angled panel were the transmission controls, ive for the TorqueFlight transmission. To the right, ere another five buttons to control the heater, efroster, nd air-conditioning. Gauges include fuel and temperature with red lights monitoring oil pressure and amperes. Every control except the AM radio sits directly in front of the driver and is within easy reach (only the clock could be considered to be out of the driver's normal range). Riding directly above the steeling wheel was the Mayflower emblem. Dash panels are color keyed to the interior and finished in No-Glare Royalite. A change appreciated by all drivers were the left and right turn signal indicators placed on either side of the speedometer in place of the single-light indicator used for nearly a decade.
Value trends for this car have been rock solid since January of 2010. For five-years, he value has not risen, ut did increase over $10,000 since 2006. Value for this vehicle would be invalid to rate it for any less than a "Vehicle #1" condition. This car stands amongst the best in the world. It is the ideal color combo and is equipped perfectly to rival any vehicles displayed alongside at the finest concours event. Truly, car to be proud of and one you won't ever see in this condition.
If you are of the most discriminating taste and simply don't accept a compromise, his is top gun for all '59 Fury examples existing. We invite you to inquire how this rare piece can become yours.

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