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Plymouth Volare Station Wagon - 36 years old and Solid as a Rock! - Must See!

For sale: 1979 Plymouth Other

Technical specifications

Item location:
New Port Richey, Florida, United States
Station Wagon
Engine size:
Slant 6
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Drive type:
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Unbelievably Solid36 Year Old Wagon . . . 99% Rust Free - 99% Original Paint.
BODY: Absolutely norust or rot issuesin any of the places you would expect to see it. I was amazed when I saw it. Look at the pictures and see for yourself. The underside floor pans and unibody/subframe are as clean as it gets and show no issues, r any kind of damage or cancerous rust that I was able to find. The bottoms of the quarters, he doors, he jambs, he rockers, he roof, he hood, he tailgate, heel lips and spare tire well are all immaculate. There is no rot under the hood either.The only body repair I could find is on the lower half of the drivers door below the molding that had what appears to be a dent repair and paint work. The rest of the paint appears to be all original. The body is super straight with only a few door dings and a couple of very small dents as is shown in the photos. All doors open and close easily and the rubber door seals are in excellent condition as well. The exterior chrome door handles, ail lights, irrors and rear bumper are very clean and nice. The front bumper has a small dent as is shown in the photos and it has a grille from a dodge dart so it will need the proper grille assembly or a custom grille fabricated. The aluminum window moldings and stainless trim are in excellent condition with no dents or dings and could easily be polished to their original lustre. All of the glass is in excellent condition including the rubber trim. The windshield is clear with no laminate separation or milkiness issues but it does have a wiper scratch. Not sure if it could be polished out or not but wanted to mention it. While there are many great features about this wagon the real value is clearly in the sheet metal. No quarters to hang, o floor pans to replace, r none of the other typical metal repairs you would expect to make on a vehicle this old . . . How much time and money will that save you?
INTERIOR: The interior while intact, as not fared as well as the body here in the in the Florida heat. The dash pad is cracked as is typical down here. Also due to heat, ome of the plastic trim pieces have become brittle and are deteriorating and will need to be replaced. The door panels are in nice condition, he front seat has some splits and the springs feel a bit weak but is not past the point of no return. The rear folding seat is in nice condition with no obvious, ears or damage. The original carpet is shot and will definitely need to be replaced. I have not removed the carpet or sound deadener so I have not seen the bare interior floors, ut based on the underside of the floor pans I would expect no surprises. The headliner is a perforated hardboard type that still has a nice bright blue color with no noticeable cracks or breaks but has some warping. Truthfully not sure of a remedy, ut I would not automatically discard it until I had given it some thought. It is missing a trim panel under the steering wheel that would give access to the fuse block and steering column.
MECHANICAL:The motor is a bullet proof slant six. Starts right up and seems to run pretty good. Doesn't appear to burn oil. Has newer battery, lternator and starter. Odometer shows 35,000 but has turned over at least once. The lady I got it from said only once but you know how that goes. Transmission seemed to shift well on the drive home but it is leaking fluid. Haven't checked to see what the cause of the leakis. Has power steering that seems to work well, ower brakes seem to grab a bit, ut then I haven't driven something that old in a long time. The tires hold air but that's about all. It is equipped with factory A/C and the system appears intact and complete but there is no belt on the compressor so I cannot attest to it's condition. I would presume the worst based on the age of the system. The air circulation fanbearingis making a loud rumbling noise so I know that part will need t be replaced for sure. The heater core has been bypassed so it may need a new heater core as well. Again, ust speculation.
ELECTRICAL: Head, ail, ag, arking,back-upand side marker lights all work as they should. As does the horn, ipers, mergency brake light and ignition buzzer. Even the original AM radio still works.The dash lights, auges, nd turn signals are not working. I have not checked to see why but if all else in the system seems to work properly so perhaps it is just a fuse or something simple.
GENERAL: Please be aware that this is NOTa jump in it and drive it cross country vehicle. Nor is it suitable for use as a daily driver without some work. It will need a restoration but it is a freakishly solid totally unmolested 36 year old wagon that is all original right down to it's factory mud flaps and owners manual.Nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away. This wagon is the perfect platform for a great hot-rod or boulevard cruiser. I have tried to be as accurate in it's description as possible but please feel free to ask any questions or come by for a personal inspection before you place a bid. Or if you have a specific photo request I will try to accommodate it, f at all possible. I have tried to showyou all there is to see, he good and the bad. What you see in the pictures is what you will see in person. I have tried very hard not to omit anything of consequence or that might be important to a prospective purchaser, ut again please feel free to ask questions.
It may not be from the 50's or 60's but it has a great mid-size body style and will turn just as many heads once it's done and these too will become just as collectible as their earlier counterparts. This was the last year for the round headlights so If you like wagons and have been waiting for the right one to come along, hen this one just might be "it". I honestly don't think you will find a more workable vehicle of this age any where around, ncluding out west. Especially at an affordable price.
I wasn't even looking for another project when I found this one but it was way too nice to pass up. Then I started thinking that it would make a killer hot rod power tour car, on my bucket list) then my "banker" said I have too many toys already. So my loss will be somebody else's gain . . . maybe yours.
This is an as is where is sale.No guarantees are offered or implied.
A 250.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required within 24 hours of winning bid with the remaining balance due within 5 days via certified funds. Car will be held until funds clear. Buyer is responsible for shipping or pick up. Can store vehicle outside for a couple of weeks if you need. Will work with your shipper and car is operable so getting it onto a trailer will not be an issue.
Clear Florida Title.

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