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1968 Pontiac Tempest Custom Converible GTO Tribute

For sale: 1968 Pontiac Tempest Custom Convertible

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Traverse City, Michigan, United States
Custom Convertible
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If you are looking for a fun project car to putter with and drive at the same time I think this car may be for you. The car featured here is a neatGTO tribute car, eaning it is not a true GTObut it has beenupgraded with GTO specific body and trim parts.and is very clean rust wise, echanically very strong anditlooks as good as it shows in the photos. It has an interesting interior, faux alligator skin upholstery!!! It is different but a lot of fun too!After someminortweaks here and therethis carwould beready to cruise. The car garners a lot of stares and thumbs up, nd if you’re stopped someone will come up to talk to you about it and admire it. The car has not been heavily modified beyond stock enhancements to give it that GTO look, o it is a great car to further restore or it even makes it a great candidate to further modify into a real Street Machine Terror.

Mechanically this car is pretty solid and runs well. As you read through the write up you will see a lot of items have been rebuilt or replaced. This is a great driver and nearlyready to go. Now I should qualify that usually "driver" quality on eBay usually means piece of crap. Let's be clear this is a nice car, ut by no means a trailer queen either, ence a great car to drive, nd will show pretty well at most local car show as a work in progress. As I mentioned, he car collects lots of attention whether it's cruising down the street or parked. Would make a great car to drive and restore for someone who has some basic mechanical skills. and likes to putter.

I am listing this car for a friend of mine who was planning on doing that very same thing I mentioned, ontinuing the GTO transformation and straightening out the flaws in the car, owever he recently found out he and his wife are expecting their first child so it’s time to trim down the projects since the stork has arrived. It should be noted this is not a fire sale, o he is not desperate, ust a common sense sale, nowing his time is going to be real limitedwith a baby in the house.
Finish -- Grade B: Blue paint was applied in August 2005 by the previous owner. Overall it looks great and would shine up well with some wax, he endura nose paint is in rough shape and will need to be repainted. There is some chips on one edge of the trunk lid. It could be easily repaired without a repaint.

Body -- Grade B+: This car has had new GTO rear quarter panels installed and the work looks great, ery professional!The floors pan are original and solid, he trunk has some rust as shown in the photos. It has a new reproduction GTO style hood with open hood scoops and a the front end is 1969 GTO endura front piece with 1969 GTO front valance. You will need to locate some front blinkers to fit the front housings. In the photo you will see there is one taillight bezel missing, ut the car comes with a setof used GTO taillights, ut you will need to find the side GTO marker lights for the rear quarter panels. Front fendersare clean, owever they have the Tempest side marker light which the GTO I believe had them down low on the valance, o you may have to fill those in to finish the GTO conversion. In parts alone it has a quite a value honestly.

Trim Code info:
07B 52 - M2
ST 68-23567 PON1527 BDY
TR 217 R-2 PNT

07B= 2nd week of July

68 = 1968 2 = Pontiac 3567 = 2 door sport convertible,PON =Pontiac MI 1527= seq. #
TR 217 = blackR-2 = Red with 8 windows
VIN Reads 235678P363448
2 = Pontiac
35 = Tempest Custom
67 = 2 door Sport Convertible
8 = 1968 model year
P = Pontiac MI
363448 = sequential number
Frame -- Grade A: Is straight and free of any rust or scale, o signs of any metal repair
Bumpers - Grade C+/C: Rear Bumper is very straight with no rust but the chrome has faded with patina, ront bumper is in very good condition but with a poorly prepped paint job on it,most of the painthas peeled off, nbsp;nice original piece with correct original grilles.
Bright work -- Grade B : Most of the trim is all original, ront windshield,in grille trimis original and free of dents but will require polishing to restore luster. One of the rear convertible trim pieces is missing on the passenger side.

Glass Grade B+ : Front windshield has a small crack on the passenger side about 4 inches long. It’s clear and safe for driving. Side windows are also free of chips, ith some light scratches. Some of weather-stripping and window "fuzzies" have been replaced.

Interior ???: So the interior has been completely changed over to a white alligator faux skin upholstery. Seats are not original, ut fit well. It's a different look for sure, ut a lot of fun, real conversation piece! It would not be difficult to locate an original interior and convert it back to original.The transmission is shifted througha B&M Shifter fitted in an original console. Carpet looks replaced as well, nstallation is fair but looks nice, ot a professional installation. Dash features "idiot lights" with Sun-Pro temperature, olt meter and oil pressure gauges below the dash. (all work as designed) No Radio, nd dash has been damaged from an aftermarket radio that was installed and then taken out. It would be cool to add a factory in dash tach and gauges. Under dash wiring needs some clean up. Starter switch is loose in the dash.

Convertible top is free of any holes or tears, lectric top, ut it is not hooked up, ll equipment appears present.

Wheels Grade B: Factory Pontiac Rally II14 X 7 Rally steel rims. Trims rings and center caps are in nice shape but the center caps are more late 70's models.

Tires Grade OK: Some Generic Radial Tires 205/70R14. Decent tread, olds air, olls down the road smooth, o idea on the age.
Suspension Grade OK: The car tracks down the road nicely with no pull, nd was said to have a had front end alignment and was checked out ok.

Exhaust Grade OK:Aftermarket headers dump into a custom 2.5” Dual exhaust, nto small "Flowmaster" style mufflers and 2.5” tailpipes that exit behind the rear wheels. There is a slight exhaust leak when cold, robably the passenger side header.

Rear-end Grade OK : 10 bolt Differential contains an open 3:08 rear-end gear, ree of any leaks or noises
Ignition Grade A : Stock appearing factory later model HEI style distributor updated with a new cap and rotor, nd newer spark plug wires with new AC Delco spark plugs.
Air Conditioning/Heater Grade F: Non/A/C car, eater core disconnected (probably not good!), eater control panel controls all move freely, an switch and blower motor all work.
Transmission Grade OK: GM 350 Turbo-Hydromatic Automatic Transmission is free of leaks and fluid is clear and clean. I have not run the numbers on the transmission so I am unsure of it’s origins other then it is aChevy style transmission and installation and fit is good and it fits well. It has a firm shift pattern and the factory detent has been correctly installed to the carburetor to work as designed by the factory. Grips well in normal and heavy acceleration. Shifts well with aftermarket B & M Shifter.
Brakes Grade OK: Manual Drum Brakes on all four corners, rakes perform to factory specifications with no pull. I have not mechanically inspected them, ut was told they were recently serviced.I have driven the car without issue around the neighborhood.
Engine Grade C: Engine is a 1975Chevrolet Small Block 350 CID TYZ code. It features a stock non-EGR intake with a freshly rebuilt Factory Quadrajet which has an electric choke. Installation is clean and professional. Engine is equipped withheaders and aftermarket open air element but appears otherwise stock. Little is know about the engine other then the previous owner said it is a low mileage engine. Engine is clean inside (valve covers removed for inspection) and is free of any noises or knocks, nd there isno smoke at start up or under acceleration.Starter grinds a bit when engaged, eeds shimmed.

Cam specs are unknown but the engine the pulls 25 inches of vacuum and pulls smooth right off idle without hesitation through acceleration. Engine pulls hard under acceleration, o black smoke, nd carburetor responds well. Car runs cold with a 5 blade clutch fan, il pressure holds a steady40 lbs of oil ressure when warm, nd engine stays consistent at 150-180 degrees when driven around the neighborhood.

This car is “10 footer” that looks great driving down the road, andit is presentable enough for most local car shows or cruises as a clean work in progress. It is a very nice car to drive with smooth acceleration, nd clean comfortable cabin. The suspension and brakes work as designed and the driving experience of the car iscomfortable for local cruising. Operation seems very reliable and without issue and the engine pulls hard off idle up to 5000 rpm. The car as is should make a great reliable, aily driver that would be a blast to drive everyday to work while you putter on it only making it nicer and more valuable.

The paint is verypresentable, ut itwill need some minor touch upfinish this car off nice, owever the car still draws quite a crowd “as is” and easily could be driven without shame. It's a perfect car for someone who has painting skills, ut if you had to wait a year to save up for paint there is no shame in driving as is, t looks great! If you are a paint guy you could easily drive and enjoy this car now and then comethis winter repaint it yourself and be ready for the next season.
The initial restoration is a good base for further work,and all the right stuff was bought to make the transformation. Mechanically it sold and all the the maintenance items (battery, lternator, rakes, luids, adiator, tc) have been checked out, re new or replaced, nd are in good working condition! You should be able to drive this car without issue. So if doing a full restoration or building a bad news street terror is outside your skills level but your looking a for a good musclecar to play with that is affordable this the car for you. When you consider the full restoration numbers matching cars run $30K plus and most of the cars below $8K are, hall we say, in need of a lot of work". I also think if you did a nice job on this car finishing the tribute transformation and restoring the interior you will increase the value of this car remarkably.

That said I have tried my best to represent this car as honestly as possible, owever it is sold as is and there is no warranty implied or otherwise stated.

Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer, owever may I suggest two great local shippers that will help you get your car from Traverse City to anywhere in the US including to international shipping ports for international buyers. I have used both and advise you call both for a quote and problem free fast shipping.

- Advanced Motors LLC @ 231-346-3400 ask for Dimitry

- Double Time Transportation @231-929-8981

Questions.....call me at 231-350-3491 (Reggie) or Call Jeremy the owner at 616-262-7522

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