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NO RESERVE! Detailed Ad: 300 Pics, 11 min Video, Great Condition, Targa

For sale: 1986 Porsche 911 Targa

Technical specifications

Item location:
Sussex, Wisconsin, United States
Carrera Targa 2-Door
Engine size:
3.2L 3163CC H6 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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***This is a NO RESERVE auction starting with a $1 bid. This excellent 911 Carrera will be sold to the highest bidder when the time runs out. In respect to the auction process and in respect to prospective buyers, his is a TRUE no reserve auction that will NOT be terminated early. Enjoy the thorough information below.Such comprehensive information/photos/video footage is provided for prospective buyers to be confident that this 911 is for them. Bid with the utmost confidence.***


1984-1989 are considered some of the best years for the air-cooled Porsche 911. Starting in 1984, he 3.2L “Carrera” was nice improvement from the prior 3.0L “SC” models and the biggest change being the better and more powerful 3.2L 6 cylinder engine. Other improvements included a better fuel injection system, etter chain tensioners (often retrofitted to SC’s), nd fog lights recessed in the front valence. In 1986, here were approximately 1,975 911 Carrera Targas produced for the USA. Air-cooled 911’s have greatly increased in demand and it makes sense why due to how unique, imeless, ell built, nd attractive they are.

This 911 up for auction is a very original and complete 1986 Carrera Targa that has traveled only 75,000 miles documented with receipts, hich are shown below. Many would consider this vehicle to be a survivor as it is still wearing its factory correct Grand Prix White color, ode 908, etains its proper-unmodified and tight 3.2L air-cooled engine serial number 930/21 64G03285, nd proper 915 5 speed transmission. The body on this 911 is excellent, ree of rust issues, nd free of significant wear. This Porsche has been very well maintained, s stated, eceipts are provided. This engine is amazingly tight, nd surprising for an air-cooled 911 it does not drip oil. The interior on this 911 also is very nice. Present are the Porsche took kit, orsche air-compressor, nd owner’s manuals.

This is a get-in-and-drive ready to enjoy, onest vehicle. Please view all of the 300+ photos, he 11 minute video, nd the detailed description below.


An 11 minute long high definition video is provided to better show the condition of this 911. The video footage was taken in July of 2015. To view the video please click play below or copy and paste the link.


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There are a few different sections to the clip:

1.) The first exterior-walk around shows the excellent condition of the body and quality of reflections in the finish. The engine is running and during this clip showing that it idles great.

2.) The 100% cold start up shows this 911 starts up very easily, he first time, hen cold, dles great, nd has great oil pressure.

3.) Another interior view showing the blinkers, auges, nd windows working.

4.) Another interior view showing a warm start up. It starts the first time every time whether warm or cold. It has great oil pressure and a proper oil level.

5.) Gauge view while driving shows it has proper oil pressure while driving and the gauges are functioning.

6.) The remaining driving clips show that this Porsche runs and drives very well! The views of the body show excellent reflections. The interior view shows the car shifts very well, rakes great, teers great, nd drives appropriately. The exhaust sounds excellent.


300+ high resolution images of this 1986 Porsche 911 are hosted via PhotoBucket. The photos were taken in July of 2105. All of the pictures can be seen by either clicking the slide show below, licking any of the sample images below, r copying and pasting the web address:


Images include exterior condition, lose ups, nterior, ngine bay, nderbody, nd etc. Please look through all of the images. To view an even higher resolution version of an image on Photo Bucket, lick “Download” under “Media Options” on the right hand side of the screen.


This 911 Targa truly is an attractive automobile. It is attractive not only because of its design but also because it is in extremely presentable cosmetic condition. It shows only minor wear that would be expected for a very well taken care of 75,000 mile vehicle.

The finish on this 911 looks great the way it is. It is the proper Grand Prix White code 908, hich this example was originally produced with (See the photo of the paint code sticker in the trunk). It has recently been detailed. The finish has a very nice glossiness and smoothness to it. The quality of the finish, nd shade of white, atches throughout the vehicle. The finish throughout looks very proper and of the quality expected for a nice condition classic 911. It takes very close inspection, ike having one’s nose 3 feet away from the surfaces, o notice some typical wear like minor chips and nicks. For example, he mirrors have some chips and a scratch touched up, he passenger rear quarter has about three pencil tip size chips touched up, ome chips on the lower portion of the passenger door, nd so on. Absent are significant issues like orange peel texture, chicken feet” cracking in the paint, eeling, ignificant oxidation, nd etc. The finish in its current state is plenty nice for this 911 to be taken to Porsche Club events and car shows. This finish should look this nice for numerous years to come with normal waxing and polishing. Notice the quality of reflections in the video, iews looking down the side of the car, nd the photos of the book next to the car. The finish looks as nice in person as it does in the photos and video.

The body on this 911 is impressive. This vehicle has definitely been well taken care of and kept out of corrosion-causing weather. There is not a rust concern anywhere on this body. The rockers and lower parts of the door jambs are beautifully and originally solid. The floor panels top and bottom are original and also just as solid. They retain their original finishes (note that the brown spots on the top of the floors are adhesive sprayed by the factory, ot rust). There are numerous photos of the wheel wells, nderbody, nd behind the rockers. All of these areas are exceptional. The area around the windshield, common rust area, s exceptional and without bubbles. Other areas like the bottom lips of the doors, xtremities of other panels like the hood and engine lid, runk floor, nd etc. are excellent. Please view the close up images. There is not a bubble to be found on this car. It is exceptionally dry and solid. Please note the photos of the milgauge, hich is a magnetic tool to measure how thick paint is. There is nothing to hide here. See that the milgauge is right on top of the rocker in the door jamb and it pulls with an excellent reading and showing that it is steel there (note that the brown specks in that area is the adhesive for the black sill piece). It is important that a finish not be thick because over time it will crack and have other issues. Also, t is important that a finish be uniform over a vehicle. The milgauge readings were very consistently around 8 throughout which shows that the finish is uniform, f proper thickness, nd the body is solid, ondo/filler free.

The body is also exceptionally straight. Dings and dents are absent throughout. At every corner of this 911, ou can kneel down, ook down the side, nd see beautifully straight panels that are smooth and look as they should from the factory. The gaps throughout are great. The bumpers are straight. There are absolutely no signs of impacts. This Carrera has impressive sheet metal. One minor spot that can be noticed when kneeling down, eaning low and close to the driver side rocker, s underneath the rocker there is a minor dent which looks to possibly be from a misplaced jack at some point. All of the body panels look to be original to the car and there is nothing to suggest otherwise. The hood, oors, ngine lid, nd fuel door all open and close nice and easily. The hood and engine lid stay up on their own. All of the glass is the proper and original German glass. There is no significant wear to note on it. The windshield is absent of cracks and any significant impacts. The targa top outer vinyl skin, n the proper “pebble” texture, as recently been replaced and looks great. The rest of the targa top looks good and operates as it should, ith handles present. Lenses throughout are very good and glossy with only typical to these cars, n aging type vertical crack to the passenger corner brake lens. I do not have the Fuchs rims but on this 911 are the excellent Porsche “Cup” rims. These rims are true Porsche rims from the newer air-cooled 911’s and are often many classic 911 enthusiasts’ favorite rim. They match the character of the car and look great against the white finish. The rims are in very nice condition with some typical minor nicks and scratches. The rubber trim and other black trim throughout the body is excellent. For example, he rubber “accordion” pieces between the bumpers and the body are supple, o not exhibit cracking, ot full of white wax, nd are nice and naturally black. That is generally the case with the rest of the black trim throughout. The trunk area looks great. The floor of it is beautifully solid. Absolutely no oxidation. The spare tire is present and looks good. The Porsche tool kit and air-compressor are also present.

Even the very detailed and particular Porsche enthusiast should find the exterior cosmetics of this 911 to be in very presentable condition. It presents like an extremely well taken care of vehicle, ccurate to having traveled the 75,000 miles, nd pretty enough to pass for looking like it has traveled less.


The interior presents as it should for a very well taken care of and stored-indoors 911 with 75,000 miles. It is the classic black leather interior which contrasts perfectly against the Grand Prix White exterior. The interior of this Porsche is a good place to be not only due to the design and comfort but also because it is well preserved showing only typical wear for the mileage and age. Very importantly, t looks to have never been smoked in. There are not cigarette burns, ellowing from tar, shes, ad smells, tc. The interior has that kind of sweet leathery smell that is unique to classic 911’s. Prior 911 owners will know what I am talking about.

It is very common for these dashes to warp and split. This dash is excellent. There is absolutely no warping and absolutely no cracking. There are no significant wear marks on the dash, ncluding the glove box door and lower dash parts as well. The vents are great and not cracked. The steering wheel is in great condition and shows only minor use with a few small marks here and there. All of the gauges are the appropriate gauges with appropriate faces and look great. The trim rings around them have nice black paint. Gauge faces are nice and not scratched up. The center console and shifter area is also great and absent of significant flaws. The heater control pulls between the seats are the original bright red and not faded like I have seen on others. The door panels are excellent and absent of significant wear and marks. Both driver and passenger seats are very nice. The driver seat has power and of course works fine. There is expected minor wear to the driver seat like on the left bolster and the left front corner. There are no rips or anything excessive. It is just the typical wearing in the leather from entering and exiting the vehicle. The passenger seat is excellent. The foam in both seats feels nice, irm, nd proper, ot worn out. The carpet throughout is great. There is typical wear to the driver floor mat and the rest of the carpet is excellent, bsent of cigarette burns, otable stains, nd other defects.

The rear seats are in great condition as well as is the trim in the back. An upgraded audio system was added to this 911 at some point. It has an in-dash CD player as well as a multi-disc changer in the trunk. There is an amplifier in the trunk as well. In the rear of the car, dded was a speaker shelf and a speaker box. The speaker box is difficult to notice as it sits on top of where the rear seats are and was custom molded to fit this area. The bottoms of the rear seats are attached to the top of it and could still be used by small children. The audio system is not intrusive. It matches very well to the original carpet and trim materials. It also would take someone familiar with 911’s to notice it. It of course sounds very nice and of course could be removed by the next owner if they desired to do so.

This interior is in the condition as should be expected for a lower mileage classic 911. One can tell it has been taken care of and stored indoors. The great condition interior matches well to the great condition exterior.


Arguably the two most crucial aspects when buying a classic 911 is finding one with a rust free original body and an original engine that does not leak oil like a sieve. This 911 is excellent in both of those categories. It is a pleasure to drive and drives like it should, s a well taken care of lower mileage example. Most importantly, he engine is in excellent condition.

The engine starts right up, he first time, very time, hether cold or warm. It starts up easily and without puffs of smoke. It settles into a smooth constant idle right away, ithout surging. The oil pressure is fantastic whether warm or cold. It runs at a proper temperature no matter what the car is doing whether sitting and idling or driving around on a hot day. The engine goes through the RPM range properly and pulls like it should all with that unique air cooled Porsche sound. The exhaust is in great condition and still retains its catalytic converter, nd emission control stickers. Paperwork is included showing this 911 has recently passed emission tests. Most importantly, his engine is TIGHT! I have owned multiple other classic 911’s and all of them dripped oil on the ground. It is very important to avoid a very leaky 911 as many times the remedy is a $6,000+ engine rebuild. This 1986 911 Carrera does not even leave a drip on the ground! Absolutely no oil leaking or consumption issues with this car! It is an amazingly tight and original engine. The engine has of course received normal maintenance like regular oil changes, elts, nd etc. The engine is original to the car and has the serial numbers of 930/21 64G03285. This model year has the great, ncreased horsepower from the SC, .2L air cooled six with the improved chain tensioners and fuel management system. Please view the video to see how great this engine runs and that it runs properly.

This 911 retains its proper 915 five speed transmission. This transmission is overall in great functioning condition. Typical of the 915 and as Porsche aficionados know, t does have the tricky 1st gear synchro. The 915 trans does not like to be abruptly downshifted from 2nd into 1st while the car is traveling 10 mph or so and this Carrera exhibits that. The trans shifts fine from 2nd to 1st on this car when going 5 mph and slower, o its drivability is not compromised. Notice in the video on the interior view that when driving normal and rolling to a stop, he trans shifts into 1st without issues. There are absolutely no issues going up or down to any of the other gears, t shifts fine. The clutch is great, ngages appropriately, nd has a good feel, ith no slipping or other issues.

The brakes function appropriately and have received regular servicing. The car stops very well and in a straight line. The steering and suspension feels nice and tight and direct. I recently drove a ’78 SC with 108,000 miles and that one cruised fine but when pushed a little felt loose, loppy, nd worn. This 1986 Carrera feels nice and tight. It rides how it should. It has the “made out of a solid piece of carved metal” Porsche feel, s it should. This Carrera responds well to spirited driving as well as is comfortable when cruising. The tires, ronts new this year and the rears recent as well, re Sumitumo HTRZ performance tires matching at all four corners. The fronts are sized 205/50/17 with the rears at 255/40/17. They have 90%+ tread left and are nice and sticky.

These classic 911’s have excessively long rubber A/C hoses to get to the front and then back again of the car and are known to have inadequate A/C systems. The A/C system on this Carrera is present and with visual inspection looks fine but it does not blow cold which unfortunately is pretty typical. The heater and fan work great. The gauges work. The prior owner in January of 2015 did the big “no-no” of pushing the trip reset button on the speedometer while the car was in motion. These speedos are known for eating up a plastic gear inside when this happens, hich then causes the odometer to not work. I purchased the correct plastic gear from Pelican Parts and repaired the speedometer. The speedometer functions appropriately as does the odometer and trip-o-meter. So yes, he current mileage of 75,000 is accurate! Another thing of note is when one of the prior owners had the title removed of a lien in 2008 a dummy at the DMV accidentally typed in the wrong mileage of 77,000. Unfortunately they were not able to reverse this input so the CarFax might state that is the mileage but that is incorrect thanks to the DMV. There are multiple receipts with the car dating back to 2005 and these support that the 75,000 miles is accurate and true. The CarFax also shows these receipt entries and matches up with the mileage. The other gauges work great as well but the cock is correct only twice a day. The audio system sounds great and functions fine. The head unit has navigation. Headlights, urn signals, nd brake all function appropriately. The windows go up and down very nicely, ot sluggish. The power driver seat works well. The locks are functioning. Included are the two original “Porsche” keys and one uncut “Porsche” key. As stated, here is a stack of receipts included. Listed below are some of the receipts the prior owner kept. He did not keep all receipts such as in January of 2015, he Carrera received a regular oil change, ilter, nd two new tires at the Porsche dealership.

8/15/1991 25,925 miles, arFax

9/29/2005 64,433 miles, isc. service (blower fan relay, ngine insulation, arker lights) at Porsche

9/30/2005 Passed emissions, arFax

10/25/2005 64,841 miles, isc. service (belts, ulleys, lternator impeller, ront axle, teering column bushing) at Porsche

6/14/2008 69,769 miles, gas cap and emissions test) at Mercedes, assed Virginia emissions and inspection

12/19/2008 70,918 miles, alternator replaced)

5/18/2009 71,373 miles, isc. service (brake fluid flushed, ood and engine cover struts replaced) at Porsche

7/6/2009 71,633 miles, assed inspection

8/4/2010 72,548 miles, assed inspection

2/3/2011 72,956 miles, arFax, il and filter changed

8/30/2011 73,216 miles, assed inspection

8/27/2012 73,802 miles, assed inspection


What is it like to drive and own a 911 Carrera Targa? It definitely is a unique experience. These vehicles offer sporty driving with excellent handling, raking, nd acceleration in the context of 1986. These 911’s are of course known for their daily drivability as well. They offer comfort and a feeling of quality that other exotics of the period cannot. Being a Targa results in top down fun but still holding on to better styling than the Cabriolet. There is an immense community of support and parts for these cars from places selling new parts like Stoddard and Pelican Parts to numerous salvage yards across the nation that only have 911’s! The Porsche Clubs tend to be very active and there are numerous forums and books as well for support. The 911 can easily be enjoyed by a skilled do-it-yourselfer otherwise most areas have a Porsche specialist within reach. These are solid well built vehicles. The best part of owning a 911 is of course driving it and this 1986 Carrera is ready to do that.

This 911 is a very original example. The body is impressively solid and original. The paint is extremely presentable. The interior is well taken care of. The engine is tight. This Carrera runs and drives extremely well. This is the type of example that can be enjoyed for quite some time exactly as it is and should only need normal maintenance. The Carrera is sitting in the garage with a cover over it, s freshly cleaned up, nd has the fuel tank filled up ready to be enjoyed by its next caretaker.

In respect of the auction process and prospective buyers, his auction will not be terminated early. This is a NO RESERVE auction. This 911 will be sold to the highest bidder when the time runs out. Bid with the utmost confidence.

This is my personal vehicle that I am selling and I am a private seller. Serious buyers are welcome to contact me with any questions or to arrange to see the vehicle in person. Preferred calls are between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM central time. This Porsche has a clean title ready to be transferred to the next owner. Please bid with confidence. I have developed many detailed listings for clients for their classic vehicles which have resulted in happy informed buyers (Ex: Note the recent feedback we received for a Bugeye we recently listed).


Thisvehicle is located in Sussex, I 53089 which is about 35 minutes from the General Mitchel Airport in Milwaukee, I. I am of course willing toaccommodateshippingarrangements.

This is a serious and actual auction so please treat it as such. This is a true Ebay auction. The car will be sold through Ebay, nd only Ebay, ith proper procedures and reduced risk for both buyer and seller. Putting in a bid is committing to a contract to purchase this vehicle and the following terms. We have attempted to describe this vehicle very fairly but it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine their opinion of the vehicle’s condition prior to submitting a bid. It is recommended possible buyers inspect the vehicle in person prior to bidding but extensive details and pictures have been provided as we understand in person inspection is not always possible. If a professional pre-purchase inspection is wanted, t must be completed prior to committing to buying through putting in a bid. Winningbidder must deposit a non-refundable $2000 down payment within 48 hours of auction close via Paypal. Remaining funds must be received no later than two weeks from auction end. Negative feedback will be given to non-paying buyers and a case via Ebay will be opened. Vehicle must be picked up from Sussex, I no later than two weeks from auction end. $15 per day fee for extended storage. Vehicle will not leave nor title mailed until all funds have been received/verified. Wire transfer is the preferred method of payment. Bank check or cashier’s check also accepted. Once auction is over, he vehicle will be kept in appropriate generalcare by the owner. Buyer is responsible for insurance once auction has ended. No warranty is expressed or implied. Vehicle is sold as is. Transportation of the vehicle is the buyer's responsibility. If special circumstances are needed for anything, ncluding time, lease contact us. Thank you for reading through this whole vehicle description and honoring the procedures that make this a great buying and selling experience!

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