LOW PRICE: RR Silver Spirit 1984, low mileage, many parts replaced

For sale: 1984 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn Silver Spirit

Technical specifications

Item location:
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Silver Spirit/Spur/Dawn
Silver Spirit
Saloon (Sedan) 4 doors
White (Factory)
Engine size:
8 cylinders Rolls Royce original engine
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
Deep red
Wood wheel, Touchscreen Radio/GPS, Leather Seats, CD Player
Vehicle Title:
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WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY: Video showing the car and the motor running:4 minutes 30 seconds to see the beauty of this car
This video shows the car in good details. It is worth watching.
Car history:
This car has had 2 owners before me. The first owner put all the mileage in it, hen had it sitting in a vintage car museum in Las Vegas for several years. The second owner was a British citizen living in Florida who did not have a U.S. driver license and let the car sit in his garage, nly driving it daily in the confines of his gated community. He put few extra miles on it. The third owner is me. I drove the car from Florida to Houston, X where I had it fixed by a Rolls-Royce and high-end car specialist (Motorwerks). Then I drove the car to Tucson, Z where I drove it from time to time as a collectible car. the car has been garaged all its life. The paint job was redone by the first owner according to factory specifications.
The odometer stopped working on the trip from Tampa, L to Houston, X and I had it replaced in Houston. So the actual miles on this car maybe 500-900 miles higher than what the odo indicates. That's why the photo of the ODO shows 69,782 miles. I added 1,000 miles for a good measure.
Repair/change history since I have the car:
- Odometer, ngine temp gauge, lectricals (power windows, urn signals, eadlights), uel pump, atalytic converter declog, xhaust resonator, ngine mount, eak in transmission pan, eak in coolant line, pper ball and lower ball joints, ower steering hose line, eak in oil pan, ront fender straightening, heel alignment, /C coil, hip in windshield, ight-side rack & pinion, attery, tarter switch, ires, ub caps (repainted)
Non-factory options:
- Designer wood wheel (great look, undreds of dollars in value)- Additional stamped steel hub caps (hard to find, undreds of dollars in additional value)- Touch-screen radio/CD/GPS (much better than the factory radio/cassette assembly! You can receive Sirius XM on it)
Why I sell:
- Health situation and I don't drive it enough to justify the expense of owning the car.
What is desirable in this car:
- It is a collectible that has been well-maintained throughout its history. It has a low mileage considering it is over 30 years old. The car has no rust (beside its short stint in Florida, he car was always driven and kept in the desert - Las Vegas and Tucson). Its paint is in excellent condition (repainted on factory specs). It has a metal roof (not the landau roof that hides rust issues). Its motor purrs like a cat and pulls like a bull. Its transmission shifts precisely. Its A/C blows cold air and heats up well too. The hydraulic suspension/brake system takes a little while to level up but is in good condition. All the electricals have been checked and redone where necessary. Many parts have been replaced, hich means less costs for the future owner.
- The car is insured as a collectible, hich means low insurance cost as long as you drive it less than 1,000 miles a year.
- The car comes with an additional 3 stamped metal hubcaps, ll RR original caps.
- The touch-screen radio/CD/GPS is much nicer than the original radio/cassette assembly.
What is less desirable in this car:
- Like many RR, he car has small oil leaks. I will soon post a photo of the cardboard I placed under the car in its storage place. It shows the spots where there are leaks. These spots have been build over a year: These are very slow leaks, othing remarkable from what I can tell, ut fixing them will be an expense for the future owner. The mechanic shop told me the motor would need to be resealed if I wanted to remedy the slow drips.
- The hydraulic suspension/brake system will need a tune-up at some point in the future. It is currently in good condition, he 2 brake indicators turn off within 1 minute when the car has not been driven for a while. But the new owner has to know that this system needs tune-ups every few years, nd this one is no exception.
- The Conolly leather in the front seats (especially driver side) shows sign of age. I maintained the leather with Lexol, high-quality oil for horse saddles, ut after 70K miles and a lifetme in the desert, racks are inevitable. There are also small cracks in the door panel on the armrest on the driver side.
- The cruise control does not work. It did not work when I bought the car and I never replaced it.
- The horn does not work. There is a part missing in the system and I haven't bothered to source it.
- The driver-side power window needs a regulator assembly. It slides up and down without any problem, ut I had the mechanic shop fix one of its components with a tie-up. RR did not sell the specific part needed individually, had to buy the whole regulator assembly even though the electric motor was in excellent condition. I already had invested over $10 grands in fixing the car and I didn't want to invest more. So we used a plastic cable tie and the repair works wonderfully. But if the next owner is hard core, hat window will need a regulator assembly.
- The rearview mirror in the passenger side mirror housing shakes at higher speeds.
The car comes with:
- Owner's manual and service history- Battery warranty- Electrical circuitry schematics- Service manual on CD (very useful to find out parts, ncl. GM replacement parts)
Sales price:
I bought this RR for $17,900, nd invested over $10,000 in parts and maintenance. I offer it at a low price to sell the car fast. This price takes into account the condition of the car, nd the works that predictably will need to be done to bring the car up to a pristine condition. It's a great price for a dealer who wants to flip the car, nd for a collector or RR enthusiast who knows that a vintage RR needs TLC and wants to have a great car to improve upon.

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