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1971 SUBARU 360 Deluxe 2 door sedan

For sale: 1971 Subaru Other

Technical specifications

Item location:
Houston, Texas, United States
Coupe with removable fiberglass top
2-door 360 Sedan Deluxe with suicide doors
White & Red
Engine size:
360 cc, 2-cyl, 2-stroke,aircooled, 25 HP
Number of cylinders:
Gasoline with Subarumatic auto oil addition
Manual, 3 speed with OT (overdrive) + reverse
Drive type:
Manual transmission, 4-speed with reverse
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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For sale: is an all original. solid. rust free 1971 Subaru 360 deluxe sedan from my micro car collection. Car would have actually been built in 1970 (the last year the 360 was made in Japan); but has been registered as a "1971" model. Therefore being sold as a "1971 Subaru 360 deluxe sedan. "Provenance:This car was originally owned by a Subaru dealer and kept in a Subaru showroom in the Northeast for most of her life and received a partial restoration around 2003 and shows 15. 10 original miles at the present time. When I purchased this baby sight unseen in 2014 from Enzo Automobile Sales in Pennsylvania. the Ebay ad said the car "runs & drives great". When the car was received by truck in Texas. the truck-driver informed me the car had to be push-loaded on to his truck by Seller. So car was off loaded by winch. Despite some deceptive mis-representation I reconciled to keeping the car as structurally the car is solid and rust free with nothing missing to make it a rare. original example which needed time. work and expense to make it "run and drive great. "Work done: I replaced both spark plugs (NGK) & set gap to spec; flushed & cleaned fuel tank; removed & rebuilt the diaphragm vacuum fuel pump; renewed gas line and vacuum line; removed. rebuilt & refitted the carburetor; added an external fuel filter & in line shut off valve; lubricated the upper cylinder walls; checked cylinders for compression & found to be within spec; cleaned the contact points & distributor rotor; replaced the condenser; and managed to get the engine started and running. The engine has been run for (10) minutes at a time with vehicle standing still. The engine runs very smoothly like a well-oiled little jewel. Very minimal smoke from exhaust which is normal as this is a 2-stroke motor. Car has a new muffler and the engine runs so smoothly that it really impressed me first time it started. I was expecting it to sound like a 2 cycle Weed eater or Backpack blower. Not at all. Apparently the engine has obviously not been run for many years and the carburetor simply needed a good cleaning & adjustment. I have run the car slowly up and down the block. The brakes work but there is a very slow fluid leak at the front right wheel drum. I have not had time to attend to this but have purchased the rebuild kit to do so if I get time. I have put on only (1) mile in my ownership. I bought the car with 15. 09 miles a year ago. The transmission works great with smooth gear changes. Except for the fuel gauge. the headlights in low and high beam. turn signals. hazard lights. wipers. horn. brake and tail lights. starter. dynamo all work well. The battery that came with the car is in very good condition. I have kept a battery maintainer hooked to it while car has been in storage. The front and rear bumpers are in very good condition with no rust in the chrome that is shiny and very clean. All the original emblems are intact and on the car with some dulling from age. They can all be touched up with chrome paint to look like new again. All the glass is good with no cracks. or chips. Perhaps a few very light. odd scratch may be found to a very scrutinizing eye. All the rubber seals and body gaskets also look to be in good condition with the exception of the rear quarter glass gaskets that need replacing. The body panels on the car are all clean. smooth and no dings. no dents. no wrinkles. no signs of any accident or body repair. The rocker panels under both side doors are also clean and rust free. The under chassis is also very clean and rust free. Please review all the pictures posted for a more accurate depiction of this car's true condition and please message me with any questions. I will be glad to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Issues: that I am aware of (1) A tear in roof liner (2) a tear in dashboard (3) dry rot in all tires from age; but holds air pressure without any leak (4) The fuel gauge needle does not move despite full tank of fuel. (5) Hand brake is disconnected (6) Manual gear stick bellows at floor board torn (7) A few random tiny nicks in paintwork (8) Wiper blades need rubber refills (9) Hydraulic brakes need to be rebuilt at Brake drums FR & FL (possibly best to do all 4 wheels and Master brake cylinder) (10) Rear quarter glass rubber gaskets aged and dry rotted. Reason to sell: I am downsizing my micro car collection due to an acute shortage of time. garage space and age. If I don't get what I have in the car I will simply keep it and fix the issues which are all minor and correctable. I also have an offer to lease the car to a Subaru dealer showroom for rent. The History: of the Subaru 360: Fuji Heavy Industries. Japan made the Subaru 360 from 1958 - 1970 to mobilize the people of Japan with an economical. affordable little car that met the Japanese government's "Kei car" (City car) strict stipulation on engine size. fuel economy and size. post World war Two when its economy was shattered. The Subaru 360 car is 9 ft long x 4 ft wide and by compliance to the Kei car regulation owners could park on city streets over night without need for proof of a parking garage Permit. This in addition to its great fuel economy. simplicity (2 stroke engine does not need an engine-oil change and develops 25 HP with fewer moving parts and compact packaging) and cheap purchase price made the Subaru 360 vastly popular in her domestic market for which she was intended. It was Michael Bricklin an entrepreneur in the USA who got the license to import 8. 00 units to the USA between 1968 - 1971 to compete against the VW Beetle ($1. 00/) versus $1. 00/ for the Subaru 360. The car avoided US mandates because of curb unladen weight being under 1. 00 lbs; but failed US crash regulations and was a failed business venture at that time because of the better designed and better built VW Beetle. However. it must be remembered that the Subaru 360 was never designed for the US market in the first place. The car is certainly unique with a lot of personality despite her diminutive size and has definite "Collector grade" status and investment potential. Included: Along with the car the next Buyer gets all Maintenance and Parts Manuals. the original Owner's Handbook (sourced & bought separately). a spare new air filter. a spare pair of new tail lamp lens. new spare condenser. new contact points. spare. used but good condition diaphragm fuel pump. spare rubber nipples that fit inside diaphragm fuel pump. 3 boxes of various Subaru 360 used parts. various Subaru 360 brochures and sales pamphlets etc/. Many of these extras included here were purchased by me after the car at additional cost. But everything is included here to benefit the next owner/Collector. The car has a good and clear Title. Upon request I can send you more pictures and a scanned copy of the Title as well as answer any questions you have before bidding. A spare wheel with tire. jack and handle is included also. Happy bidding and thanks for your interest.

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