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1986 Subaru XT Turbo 4WD Manual Coupe, 110k miles, solid body w/ little rust

For sale: 1986 Subaru Other

Technical specifications

Item location:
Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Engine size:
H4 Turbo
Number of cylinders:
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Interior color:
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Some people dream of owning cars with big engines that make loud noises and shake the earth -- cars like old Corvettes and Mustangs. Still others dream of European sophistication or the frenzy of a high strung Japanese motor, s evidenced by the rising costs of old BMWs and the growing collectability of classic Hondas. Then you've got people who dream of... cars that can be confused for a door stop?

I always loved these cars as a kid, nd have been, ver the past several years, n the lookout on-and-off-again for a nice, lean manual transmission XT Turbo. I found this one online and promptly lost all common sense and rationality, ringing it home from the Portland, regon area to the Detroit Metro area. I'll admit that the red mist was strong on this one; once I had the car in my garage, realized that with two other needy cars already sitting in my garage, hat I'd barely have any time and money to make this car as awesome as I had in mind. So instead of letting the car sit for about 8 years while I wrap up my other projects, t is with a heavy heart that I list this Subaru XT Turbo on eBay to see if I can find someone else who likes these cars as much as I do who might be able to give it the treatment it deserves. (Long shot, know.)

If I do manage to find a good home for this car, 'll probably end up replacing the car with something way more mainstream. You know, ike a Triumph TR8 or a Fiat X1/9.

The Good:
  • Body is remarkably clean, ith mostly minor surface rust present.

  • Car runs and drives.

  • The digital dash works, nd looks awesome. It's like playing Pole Position every time you get in the car!

Unfortunately, hat's about where the good news ends.

The Very Bad:

  • The air suspension is not working. Air lines are not hooked up. I jumped the relay and I can hear the air compressor working, o you've got that going for you. Other than that, don't know how easily or difficult it will be getting the air suspension back to working condition. Because the air suspension isn't working, he car is sitting pretty much on the bump stops, aking for a very jarring ride. I wouldn't recommend driving the car any distance at all.

  • The interior and the trunk needs a lot of cleaning. Smells super funky, ike many an 80's afterparty took place in the cabin. I steam cleaned the front seats, nd they look better, ut the rest of the interior needs the same kind of cleaning effort.

  • The 4WD button on top of the manual shifter sometimes sticks, rapping the car in 4WD if you are so unlucky as to engage 4WD and the button doesn't pop back up.

The Not Quite as Bad:

  • There is no exhaust, or some reason.

  • The front fog lights are not hooked up.

  • Driver side door handle is a vestigial shadow of itself.

  • Interior needs some love. A lot of love. Some previous owner loved his duct tape a little bit too much.

  • Inexplicably, ne of the wheels is missing a lugnut, ith what looks like a wheel stud that was accidentally shortened.

  • Wheels have been painted flat black by someone who couldn't be bothered to removed the wheels and lugnuts off the car first. I also have no idea what wheels are on the car; they look to me like Peugeot wheels, ut the previous owner insisted that the wheels are factory. A mystery for you to figure out!

  • Driver side seat belt is floppy and doesn't like to retract.

  • One of the power windows is slow going up and down. The Internet suggests that it's a ground that needs to be cleaned. Never got around to that point, s I was still trying to clean the interior of its previous ecological disaster.

  • The driver side sun visor is missing.

  • When washing the car, discovered that the trunk leaks water, hich probably helps explain the funky smell in the trunk. The floor still looks solid, hough.

To the best of my knowledge, verything else in the car allegedly works. The mono wiper I tested and found working; the power windows work with the exception of one slow one, s mentioned above; the radio works. Haven't tried opening or closing the sunroof, s my initial attention and efforts in the interior were directed elsewhere. Don't know about the A/C, ut I'd assume that it needs a charge at the very least.

I've tried to be as thorough as possible in my description, ut I'm pretty sure that if you're a serious buyer, ou're going to want to know more or have me check on more stuff. To that end, eel free to message me through eBay, r just give me a call on my cell phone at (217) 714-2805.

I've optimistically set the reserve at $2,000. I'll be ecstatic if a bidding war actually breaks out, ecause that will validate that other people like these cars just like me. But I'm prepared for the inevitable avalanche of jokes from friends if this all doesn't pan out...

Time for pictures! I've taken shots of everything that I think is important, ut if there's something specific you'd like to see, et me know and I'll add it to the gallery below.

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