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1980 Triumph TR8 Base Convertible 2-Door 3.5L 39K One of the nicest you'll find!

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Technical specifications

Item location:
Martinez, California, United States
Base Convertible 2-Door
Engine size:
3.5L 3528CC V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated
Number of cylinders:
Drive type:
Interior color:
Vehicle Title:
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Hello. What you are looking at here is a wonderful example of a single owner since new, Triumph TR8. This car has never had paintwork done, has been stored indoors since new, has a measly 39,500 original miles on it. No dents, no rips, no stories. Short of a perfectly restored example, I'd be surprised if you weren't looking at one of the nicest TR8's left.
-The seats have been covered, and as such, the seats show no indication of being used!
-All the interior parts are present and in nice shape!
-The roof is original, and in great shape.
-The car has never been in any accidents. As such, ALL the paint on the vehicle is original, and in nice shape. There is no peeling, rot, etc present. It shines up very nice. There are some small chips present, indicative of a car that has been driven for 30+ years, but considering the age, and the fact this is all original really speaks to the condition.
-Has a full size spare, and factory tool kit is present
-Comes with many little spares that were collected or replaced along the way. IE, belts, brake parts, wires, gaskets, o-rings, rebuild kits etc
-Tons of associated collectors literature come with the car. Magazines, factory service manual, factory window window sticker, lots of supporting documents
-Has been SMOG tested and passed with flying colors less than 2 months ago in the state of California, which is indicative of a healthy motor and emissions system (untampered with)
-Currently registered in the state of California
This car was last driven as an occasional driver in 2005. It was stored since then until 3 months ago when it was decided the best course of action was to sell the car VS letting it sit. At this time, the rubber bushings for the shifter linkage needed replacing and the owner of "The wedge shop" ( -TR specialist) recommend getting the transmission updated to a metal oil pump, VS the plastic pump. So this was done at the tune of $1200. It also had a mild tune-up performed because it had been sitting so long. Namely, plugs, wires etc. The carburetors and emissions equipment was not touched. It was advised to have the carbs rebuilt since the car had been sitting so long, however it fired up just fine and passed SMOG, so it was decided to leave the carbs alone at this time.
For the future owner. Depending upon your intentions for the car, certain maintenance should be performed if it was to be returned to "daily driver" service.
-The tires are old. quite old. They have plenty of tread and seem to go down the road just fine, but they are 20+ years old.
-The power steering leaks.
-The choke system for the carbs in in-op, and as such, if its been sitting for some time, cranks longer than normal. If its warm, or being used regularly, it starts right up instantly. The carbs I'm sure could use a rebuild due to sitting for so long, but it does run just fine as is and passes california emissions testing.
-There is an exhaust leak on the collector (not bad). New gaskets are included to fix this. The exhaust had to be separated to service the transmission and get the updated oil pump and bushings installed, when it was put back together, they didn't put a new gasket in as they didn't have it on hand. It was special ordered and is included.
-The A/C needs a charge, and all belts are old
Returning the car to daily driver status will be quite easy, and shouldn't take much effort. Daily driver or garage queen, I think you're looking at one of the nicest examples you're going to find of a relatively rare car. Will gladly discuss the car over the phone, and have tons more pictures to email interested parties.

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