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For sale: 1992 Volvo 240

Technical specifications

Item location:
Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Classic Wagon Lots New Cold AC No Reserve
Engine size:
2.3L 2316CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated
Number of cylinders:
Power options:
Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows
Drive type:
Interior color:
Safety options:
Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag
Fold Down Rear Seat, Retractable Rear Privacy Shield
Vehicle Title:
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WE LOVE OUR VINTAGE VOLVOS HERE!!! We’ve always specialized in the Volvo 240’s. Over the years we’ve sold almost 280 of them here on eBay. They are getting rather hard to find even in the Washington. DC area that has always been a hotbed for them. Once again we got lucky. This auction is for a 1992 Volvo 240 station wagon! This 240 Estate being offered here: HAS JUST HAD OVER $2500 OF WORK DONE TO IT!! HAS COLD AC FOR THE SUMMER AND THE VERY RARE REAR PRIVACY SHIELD!! HAS A NICE SOLID RUST FREE BODY AND GREAT INTERIOR!! COMES WITH A CLEAN AUTOCHECK REPORT!! AND COMES WITH OUR 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY! And. to make this auction interesting. we are putting this Classic Wagon up here in a NO RESERVE AUCTION!!! NO RESERVE means just that. We pride ourselves in honest auctions and ALWAYS start our bidding at ONE PENNY! 240DL Wagons in this kind of condition aren’t easy to find and interest an awful lot of people! This Volvo is one of those rare auctions that don’t have an untouchable reserve or stratospheric buy it now price. Any bid you make might be the last one. So please be extra serious when bidding. You bidders are going to set the price in this auction. not us! And. to make this a very safe bet for you. you have 50 miles to drive it. If you can honestly show it has been misrepresented. we’ll happily refund you your money! Recently we’ve had to start requiring that our bidders have a Paypal account to bid. We’ve regretfully had to do this because of the sharp increase in deadbeat. non-paying. bidders since eBay has changed their feedback policy. We still ask that zero feedback bidders and bidders with no recent account activity contact us before bidding. If you don’t have a Paypal account and wish to bid. please contact us so we can add you to our bidding exemption list. PLEASE take the time to read the whole description and the Terms section after it. 95% of the questions we get on our vehicles can be answered by simply reading the description and studying the pictures we include. We get very worried when we see that bidders aren’t reading our descriptions because it makes us wonder what other important details they've missed. VERY few dealers take the time we do to give complete descriptions simply so that our bidders can make educated decisions and not be surprised when they pick up their new cars. Work with us here and at least read what we’ve written. 245 740 745 960 760GLE 760GL 240GL s70 960 We’re one of eBay’s top sellers of older cars and trucks. Normally we specialize in older Mercedes Diesels and Diesel trucks. Geo Metros. and classic Volvo 240s. Basically we like listing the interesting cars people like as opposed to the cars people are forced to drive. One thing about our auctions is that we’re one of the very rare dealers that lists everything we have in true no reserve auctions where the bidding starts at one penny! Other sellers hate us because they look foolish with their astronomical buy it now pricing but our buyers love us because we let them set the final selling prices! Whenever I’m listing a 240DL wagon I am always reminded of the idiots on the American Top Gear that dropped a 1990 model on its rear from a crane 20 feet in the air. But the fact that they did that and the car just drove away is why the Volvo 240’s are so special. These are hands down the safest and most reliable cars out there. Even now. 22 years later. they still return excellent fuel economy and are easily the most inexpensive car in the industry to maintain and own. The 240DL Wagons are considerably more desirable over the sedans as they are so useful as a family wagon as well as being so comfortable to drive on a daily basis. They are also harder to find because they’ve generally always seen harder use for the same reason. The 240’s made after 1990 are the best because they have the added benefit of the driver’s side SRS airbag for extra safety and ABS brakes. When we found this Volvo at a dealer auction we made sure we came home with it because they have become so hard to find. We brought it down to our shop. did our assessment. and here is basically the list of what we’ve had done to the car: We replaced the transmission with a lower mileage used one. Disassembled the fuse box. cleaned it. and replaced all fuses. Replaced the muffler. tail and engine pipes. and exhaust hangers. Replaced the relay for the condenser fan. Repaired damaged wiring within the AC system. Installed a new O2 sensor. Replaced the rear shocks and the brake pads. The end result $2500 and countless hours later was this long list and a very nice running Volvo wagon! We also had the car buffed and waxed and it made a huge difference and brought back a lot of the original luster to the paint. The body was rust free to start with so now it looks really nice and doesn’t have too many the little nicks and scratches you’d expect to see on a 200K mile family wagon. All the trim is also present. The winning bidder here is going to drive a really nice family wagon home! We always like to show some closer in pictures of our cars so you can get in idea of just how nice they are. There is nothing but good to see on this classic wagon! Here you can see how nice the proper period Volvo hubcaps are and what the tread is like on the tires. The tires are not new but all have very good tread on them. We’re not into hiding anything so here you can see the condition of the underbody! Both our service manager and myself put about several hundred trouble free miles on this Volvo. We have zero doubts about it being able to drive cross-country if needed. We’ll show this beauty off and let it speak to you itself! Everything about this ’92 240DL Estate screams quality. pure class and luxury. and longevity! No one makes a car to this degree of quality and simplicity anymore or ever will again. It’s rare to see them in this kind of condition AND also in a NO RESERVE auction! Here’s your chance to own one! For a 22 year old non-smoking interior we were very pleased! Pictures do not lie! The tan vinyl seats are all in excellent condition with the only wear being under the cover on the driver’s seat itself. There is very little abnormal wear showing anywhere else. This is really a beautifully kept interior for its age! The dash area is in the same excellent condition as the rest of the car. The dash itself looks great. So does the headliner though the plastic center console is broken where it faces the rear seats. All the gauges work including the clock. All the power windows work along with the wiper on the rear window. The left rear window operates on the switch on the rear door and not on the master. The right rear window goes down with the master switch but needs to be raised using the rear switch. The stock stereo has been replaced with a digital CD player that sounds very nice. The climate control system works fine and the blower motor does not have any bearing squealing. The AC compressor works and blows cold for the summer! Everything looks very nice and there is not a whole lot to go wrong here. The odometer is not working on this car so we are listing it as TMU (True Mileage Unknown). By extrapolating on the reported mileage on the Autocheck report we honestly believe that the miles are somewhere between 200-205K. In our experience this is the perfect miles for one of these 240’s when they are finally getting broken in. We tend to judge these Volvos more on overall condition than miles since they will run forever mechanically. The original manuals are included! Look at this SWEET. clean hatch area. What is VERY rare with this car is that it has the Volvo accessory shield in excellent working condition. These privacy shields are impossible to source these days. It is rare just to see one and even rarer to find one that still looks and works good. This car does not have the third seat option. This is an outstanding interior considering it’s age and the mileage on the car! Family Volvos. since they last forever and are so darn useful. normally get hard use from their owners and it is very RARE to find an interior in this kind of condition! Under the hood is the famous Volvo 2. 3-liter MFI four cylinder! This is the same engine that my wife has in her Volvo! This is pretty much one of the greatest gasoline engines ever built. It will easily go for 500K miles with only simple common sense maintenance. You do NOT need some big. blonde Swedish guy named Sven to work on it. Any mechanic can and all the parts are easily available. This one starts and runs great with no leaking or smoking! This engine is reliable and very inexpensive to maintain! It gives great torque and is still rated to return excellent fuel economy even by today’s standards! You can see how clean everything is! The automatic transmission with overdrive that we installed in the car shifts great in all conditions. While we didn’t get all the service records for this car (and there are several older receipts in the service booklet). it has been our experience that these cars do not survive 24 years in this kind of condition if they haven’t been properly maintained. We did have our service shop look the car over and put a lot of miles on it and they weren’t able to detect anything that was in need of immediate attention after we got done working on it. We worked on the window regulators. the exhaust. the rear shocks. and replaced the entire transmission. Volvo 240s are very safe bets as indestructible as they are. And here is the VIN plate just so everyone can do their due diligence! If you have EVER been in the market for a very nice Volvo wagon and miss out on this NO RESERVE auction. you MIGHT be tempted to do this! Because there is only going to be one lucky high bidder here in this NO RESERVE auction! Everyone else is going to be very disappointed because they missed on this very nice 1992 Volvo 240DL Estate Wagon! So don’t be like this guy! Run and place your bids Early! And please bid high. bid often. and bid in confidence! Because THIS Swedish Sweetie awaits the lucky high bidder! And you know you’re NOT going to see another one of these here in a NO RESERVE auction very often (unless it is us selling it!)!!! If you have any questions. please feel free to write US by clicking here! For the Terms. Conditions. Return Policies. and other Pertinent Information for this auction (everything you need to know about bids. warranties. fees. and delivery!) PLEASE keep reading! Or forever hold your peace (‘cause it’s not our fault if you don’t read them)! å PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION CAREFULLY PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR BID. THE MAJORITY OF YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED HERE! THIS IS A REAL AUCTION. YOU ARE NOT BIDDING TO LOOK AT THE VEHICLE OR FOR RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL. YOU’RE ALSO NOT BIDDING TO WIN A VEHICLE SO YOU CAN TAKE IT TO YOUR MECHANIC AFTER THE FACT FOR THEM TO TELL YOU IF YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT. YOU ARE BIDDING TO BUY AND TAKE DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE LISTED ABOVE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR WISH TO VIEW THE VEHICLE BEFORE YOU BUY. PLEASE DO SO BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR BID. WE WILL TRY TO SHOW ANYTHING TO ANYBODY BY APPOINTMENT DEPENDING ON WHERE WE HAVE THE VEHICLE STORED! AFTER YOU HAVE WON THE AUCTION IT IS TOO LATE TO ASK QUESTIONS. HEM AND HAW. ASK YOUR SPOUSE. OR ROB THE QUICKIE MART TO GET THE MONEY! A $500. 00 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE AUCTIONS ENDING (EITHER BY PAYPAL. BANK WIRE TRANSFER. OR MONEY ORDER). FULL PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 10 DAYS UPON DELIVERY OR BEFORE THE VEHICLE IS SHIPPED. AFTER 10 DAYS. IF WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR FULL PAYMENT. AND OTHER ARRANGEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN MADE. WE WILL RE-LIST THE VEHICLE AND YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT. O. K. . all that being said in loud print. we’re the nicest. most understanding people on the planet and want to work with everyone to make their purchase a happy. comfortable one. We understand fully that buyers have jobs. families. responsibilities and distances to travel. The one thing we’re big on is communication. As long as buyers keep us apprised of what is going on with their plans then we’re happy. Please understand that. as stated above in the auction. we would like vehicles picked up within ten days of the auction’s end. This isn’t because we like making buyers jump through hoops. Vehicles that don’t get picked up prevent us from bringing more cars into our lot to offer up for sale. Vehicles that aren’t picked up within 12 days will incur a $20 per day storage charge. As of February 1. 2011. we can no longer be nice and absorb storage fees for buyers after the pickup deadlines. In this recession our profits are way down and we’ve noticed more buyers announcing to us AFTER the auctions that they expect us to hold cars for them gratis an extra 2-3 weeks. We’re making very little money on eBay offering cars in true no reserve auctions and the storage fees we’re charged remain the same regardless of what something sells for. So. if you intend to delay on picking up your vehicle. expect to receive a storage bill. We’re NOT going to start selling cars here with higher buy it now prices that punish all buyers because of a few people Please show just as much willingness to work with us as we do with you! eBay’s New Feedback System As many know. eBay’s new feedback system doesn’t allow sellers to give buyers anything but positive feedback regardless of what they say about us. Being a long time. dedicated. eBay Seller that specializes in vehicles that average 24 years old. even the eBay Motors Support Staff tells us that it is going to be impossible for us to maintain a perfect record. They tell us that we’re easy targets for feedback extortion and nasty things of that nature simply because older vehicles are the most difficult to describe with 100% accuracy. As always. we continue to offer vehicles here represented as honestly as we possibly can without bankrupting ourselves having them checked out or having every flaw addressed. Please understand that we’ll own a vehicle for a few days and write a description based on our opinions of it. Having a buyer own it for 3 months. have mechanics take it apart. drive it for several thousand miles and then judge our description based on their greater experience is rather unfair but does happen. Generally. whenever we might receive something less than positive feedback. it is an indication that a buyer has shown an unwillingness to either let us know about an issue. or a refusal on their part to exercise their option to return a vehicle that they feel might have been misrepresented. We know that the vast majority of buyers are reasonable and know that there is always a risk in buying an older used car long distance from words and pictures and that there are always differences in opinions based on personal experiences. In a world where a dealer is more than willing to take back a car and refund the purchase price for misrepresentation it is actually very difficult to receive negative feedback though it does happen. This reflects more on the integrity of the buyer than the seller. Feedback abuse. extortion. and/or disputes will be adjudicated in the West Virginia Court system. Vehicle Shipping Shipping arrangements/charges are the responsibility of the buyer. We’re a used car dealership and NOT a shipping company ourselves. So PLEASE don’t ask us to obtain a shipping quote for you. Again. this is YOUR responsibility as a buyer and easy enough for you to obtain. If you’re serious about a car you should get your own quotes and not trust one obtained for you. Take the time to do your due diligence on shipping. A simple Google search will find you over 100 companies to choose from. Shipping is usually cheaper in the long run than flying in yourself to pick up your vehicle. One firm that our buyer’s have had a lot of success with is Mike at Safeway Auto Transport. His number is 800-453-6334. We strongly recommend NOT hiring United Road Services regardless of what they quote you. We’ve had nothing but problems the few times we’ve been forced to deal with them. We’d almost rather refund your deposit and cancel the sale than deal with them. Please read the following carefully Dealership Information After having been Amoco Auto in Washington. DC for 21 years. we’ve transitioned over to being American Export Pre-Owned Auto. Our new address is 736B Williamsport Pike. Martinburg. W V 25401. American Export is a licensed used Motor Vehicle Dealership in West Virginia for automobiles. All sales conform to the State of West Virginia Motor Vehicle laws. By bidding. buyers agree that any legal arbitration will take place in the West Virginia Court system. Viewing Vehicles/Test Drives While our physical address is in Martinburg. for logistical reasons we usually have the vehicles we auction stored in other locations. Most commonly our vehicles are stored in the Northern Virginia area to better accommodate buyers flying into either Dulles International or Reagan National airports or shippers traveling the I-95 corridor. Generally 95% of buyers opt to pick up their vehicle from an off site location closer to the main transportation hubs. Because all the vehicles we list here are in no reserve auctions we do NOT offer test drives. While this might sound offputting. please understand that. in a no reserve auction. a vehicle is technically sold the instant the first bid is placed upon it. We take our eBay business very seriously and will not betray the trust of those who have entrusted their bids to us. Even we don’t drive cars up for auction unless it is absolutely necessary to take it to a service or stoage facility. This policy protects vehicles for whoever the high bidder is going to be and we will not risk the condition of a vehicle for someone who only wants to see if they might (maybe) make a bid. Test drives are designed for more of a traditional retail buy it now/high reserve environment. Not the no reserve wholesale auctions we do. Temporary License Plates As a West Virginia dealer we can provide temporary tags to assist with the drive home. The West Virginia Temporary Tag is good for 60 days and can be issued to buyers with proper identification and proof of insurance. The fee for a temporary tag is $100 but it is good for a full 60 days after purchase. For both in and out of state buyers: $50. 00 Administrative processing fee This fee IS non-negotiable and non-refundable. THIS FEE APPLIES TO EVERY AUCTION REGARDLESS OF WHO THE BUYER IS. EVEN DEALERS MUST PAY THIS FEE! This fee covers the title reassignment. reporting costs. and paperwork maintenance fees every dealer incurs when selling a car. Because all our auctions are No Reserve. we are never guaranteed to make anything on a vehicle (and quite often don’t) yet still incur the same costs. This is why this fee is disclosed and added onto the back end. Before complaining. please note that the vast majority of dealers offering cars on eBay at high Buy It Now pricing or reserves still charge a similar fee even though their profits are guaranteed. Payment Types Accepted: We will accept Paypal for the deposit ONLY! Please do not try to pay in full using PayPal! Balances are accepted via Cash on Delivery in person. Certified Check. Bank wire transfer. or Postal Money Order. These are the ONLY accepted forms of payment. Please do NOT offer us chickens. children. credit cards. or other items. Please don't ask us to set up payment plans or to allow you to pay us Tuesday for a hamburger today. By bidding on this or any of our auctions you agree to our terms of sale and. you also agree that if you are the winning bidder and do not contact us or send a deposit within 48 hours. we reserve the right to re-list the vehicle and/or sell it to the next highest bidder. and report you to eBay as a "Non-Paying Bidder" in accordance with eBay’s Unpaid Item Policy IF YOU’RE TOTALLY NEW TO THE EBAY AUTOMOTIVE BUYING PROCESS. PLEASE DROP US AN EMAIL BEFORE YOU BID We do not want to discourage anyone from bidding. only to verify that you are serious and to answer any questions you might have about the process! Buying a car on eBay for the first time can be exciting. scary. and confusing all at the same time. We want to help make it as easy as possible for you and answer any questions you might have. Zero Feedback bidders. according to eBay rules. cannot be blocked. but if you have zero feedback and do not contact us before bidding. we do have the option to cancel your bid. We rarely ever do this but if we notice that you’re bidding on 15 other cars at the same time as ours we might wonder about your level of commitment to our no reserve auction. We take our eBay sales seriously and go to great lengths to protect the trust buyers place in us. ABOUT OUR DESCRIPTIONS & VEHICLES First off. the cars we list average 25 years old! THEY ARE NOT NEW OR ANYWHERE NEAR IT! If a car has been sitting for more than a year or two not being driven much. then the chances are very good that many parts will start wearing out quickly once a new owner starts to put a lot of miles on it in a short period of time. This is not something a seller can predict or be held accountable forDescriptions are based on our basic inspections of the vehicle. Descriptions of cosmetic condition are based on our opinion of what we see and may differ from your personal opinion. We have worked with hundreds of vehicles and base our comments on comparison and the age of the vehicle. A vehicle that is described as "very nice". "Excellent". "beautiful". etc. is described that way based on similar vehicles of that age and mileage. Some buyers are “experts” on some vehicles while we are not. These buyers might be comparing our cars to the totally perfect. mint condition. 250K mile. show car they own or have owned in the past and be very anal retentive. If you are this type of buyer. buying a car online that you can’t inspect in person might not be the right thing for you because nothing will ever meet up to your standards. No used car is 100% perfect. no matter how well it was cared for. Remember that blemishes or issues may exist that we have not noted. We do NOT examine every vehicle under a microscope. so small dings. scratches. chips. paint fade. windshield chips. washer motors. bushings. defrosters. loose trim. previous rust or damage repairs. rust. missing trim. loose headliners. missing radio buttons. etc. may not be noted. and we will not discount a vehicle because something like this is not noted in the description. Because we offer all our vehicles in no reserve auctions we are NOT in a position to have them extensively gone through by certified mechanics or body and paint experts to assess their complete mechanical and structural condition. If we notice something is wrong with a vehicle in the short time we have it before we list it we will have that issue addressed or disclose it in the description. After a vehicle is purchased and then put under a microscope by the buyer after the fact doesn’t mean we knew of. or will take responsibility for. flaws that we were not aware of when listing the vehicle. Issues we were not aware of can’t affect feedback. Please don’t tell us after the fact that we HAD to know of this or that flaw. We disclose what we’re aware of and don’t play those games. We also may neglect to mention a cosmetic flaw that is clearly visible in the pictures. Please look at all of the pictures carefully. as they are part of the vehicles description and ask questions if you have them. Unless otherwise noted in the description. the vehicle is in running. drivable condition. although we can never make any guarantees nor do we warranty any vehicle to pass a state inspection in ANY state unless noted otherwise in the auction description. Even then. if a vehicle has just passed a West Virginia or Virginia inspection. this doesn’t mean it will pass one from another state. Our return policy covers misrepresentation of the vehicle. We will not refund a purchase price or take back a vehicle just because you have buyer’s remorse or it doesn’t pass your state inspection or your personal mechanic’s inspection after you have taken delivery! Also. be warned. if you purchase ANY older used car and then take it to a new car dealer for an assessment. expect a $2000 estimate regardless of how nice it is. New car dealers are out to screw you fixing older vehicles! We have seen dealers give $2500 estimates for what turned out to be $78 repairs! Don’t moan to us if this happens. The cars we list are generally low tech and any inexpensive garage can work on them for much less. Concerns and/or issues that we are not aware of may exist with this vehicle (including but not limited to mechanical and/or cosmetic) that are not listed in the description. We make every effort to fully disclose any major mechanical issues we find with a vehicle (engine. transmission. safety). but other issues may and probably still exist. Remember this is an older USED vehicle and will have blemishes and or problems that are normal for the age and mileage or common on that particular vehicle. (Please keep in mind that some cars have inherent issues. ie: Neons all have bad head gaskets. Taurus’ have bad transmissions. older convertibles tend to have some dampness and mildew. etc. These issues may exist now or in the future with the vehicle you are purchasing. We don't build them. we just sell them! Examples are (but not limited to) dings. scratches. etc. trim pieces that are not in original condition. and/or but not limited to features/options that do not operate or maintenance that might be required. Lack of cleanliness is not a defect! Please use common sense before asking us silly questions like if a car has been in a flood. a major accident. or if the title is clear. We are very upfront in our descriptions and disclose everything we know about a car in it. It is insulting to us that someone would think we would violate federal law and not disclose that a car has sat on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Our descriptions. including vehicle features. are listed as accurately as possible. although we are not responsible for typographical errors in the listing. We cannot/will not guarantee systems like Air Conditioning. A vehicle’s air conditioning system may operate fine when we check the vehicle and then not when you come and pick it up. This happens if a system has a small leak that we have no way of knowing about. especially when a vehicle sits. The same thing applies to stereos. Many aftermarket digital stereos are difficult to operate without manuals and we’re not in the habit of checking the operation of CD players or changers. We will not reimburse for or perform any air conditioning system repair on any vehicle. even if the system is listed as working and it does not when you pick up the vehicle. This also applies to power options (windows. locks. seats. mirrors. radios. climate control. entertainment systems. etc) Being that these are used vehicles. not all original equipment is always included with the vehicle. Items including. but not limited to. extra keys or fobs. owners manuals. new car smell. spare tires (jacks. wheel tools). remotes. CD changer magazines. and floor mats. may not be included with the vehicle. The seller will not pay for these items if they are not there. or remove them from another vehicle. Most of these items can be purchased from a dealer. auto parts store. or on eBay cheaply. Any issue either currently present or occurring in the future. whether disclosed in the listing or not. will be sole responsibility of the buyer. and the seller will NOT reimburse for any expenses incurred. or discount the purchase price! We will gladly provide estimates to perform minor repairs if you wish us to. Remember that just about ANY mechanic can find SOMETHING wrong with ANY used car. Given time and mileage. something is bound to need fixing or maintenance. We do NOT respond well to people trying to trade positive feedback in return for us fixing their car for them. By bidding. you agree to accept responsibility for buying an older. USED car! Feedback extortion (no matter how nicely it is phrased) is a crime. both in court and with eBay! We take our business and reputation seriously and will go to court to protect it. Please use common sense when determining if you will drive your new vehicle home. A 25-year old car with 180. 00 miles. even in the best of shape. is still 25 years old and still has 180. 00 miles. Many of these vehicles may have never made a long trip. or have not been driven far in several years. Older cars with very low mileage might only have been driven locally their entire lives and never on a trip. We do our best to accurately disclose all issues we’re aware of. but we have no way of knowing if anything will fail during a trip. When we list a car on eBay we are aware of it being a national marketplace. We only list cars that we feel are capable of making a cross country trip but. of course. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY CAR TO MAKE ANY TRIP. NO MATTER WHAT THE CURRENT CONDITION! We HIGHLY recommend a AAA membership to anyone traveling cross-country. even in something brand new. No dealer or manufacturer can guarantee this on any vehicle whether new or used. Please don’t expect us to do differently or hold us responsible if a problem occurs. We don’t list vehicles with known problems or try to hide them! About Our Photographs People often ask me about. or compliment me on. my photography and how I do the pictures. I work on a system and take basically the same set of pictures for every single vehicle. Check our current and previous auctions to verify this. I try to use the same location every time if possible. I do NOT (and don’t have the time to) get sneaky with angles or lighting in an attempt to hide flaws. While I do not specifically highlight flaws we don’t hide them because they’ll be seen eventually. Some folks are scared that the vehicle pictured might be very different from the one they see. Our photographs are taken with a pocket sized Canon SX-120is digital camera or an iPhone 4S. I process them using Apple’s iPhoto version 8. 1. 2. The only modifications I make to photographs are to crop them so they are framed properly. Beyond that. I will only use the program’s automatic Enhance feature and then sharpen the photos so details will be more visible to the bidders in case they wish to download them to their desktops and further enlarge them. Several buyers have flattered me by asking to have copies of their vehicle’s photographs because they liked them so much. IPhoto is NOT like Photoshop and doesn’t give me the ability to alter or cover up huge rust holes in my photos. I take a HUGE amount of pride in what I do and enjoy taking photos and like presenting cars nicely but. when processing 100’s of pictures. I don’t have the time or desire to modify pictures beyond what they are. I’m not in the business of misleading buyers through pictures. I take the photos and I’m the guy that meets you when you pick up the car. Obviously. since I walk with a cane and my ass is easy to kick. it is better there are no surprises. It’s that simple. When you try it. digital photography is pretty simple. WARRANTY INFORMATION Please understand that the winning bidder will be purchasing this vehicle AS-IS with NO WARRANTY of any kind either expressed or implied. We want everyone to be happy with the vehicles they’ve purchased from us. After the purchase you have 50 miles to drive your vehicle. If you can show we knowingly misrepresented a vehicle. please return it to us for a refund! LEGAL INFORMATION BY WINNING AN EBAY AUCTION YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT! THIS IS NOT A GAME SO DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU PLAN ON PURCHASING THIS VEHICLE. OR YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS!!! You MUST have valid ID in order to purchase a vehicle from us. This is the law and we cannot make any exceptions!State law also requires that you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a motor vehicle from a dealer. If you are under 18 make sure you can have an adult willing to sign for & register the vehicle BEFORE you place your bids! Otherwise DO NOT BID. WE CANNOT SELL YOU THE CAR if you are underage no matter how much you like it! We will hold a vehicle. as long as full payment is received. in accordance with our terms of sale and storage. for up to 24 days. After 12 days a $20. 00 per day storage fee will apply. After 60 days you relinquish the vehicle and all monies received by us. BY BIDDING ON THIS VEHICLE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ. AND AGREE. TO THE ABOVE STATEMENTS. THE TERMS OF SALE. AND ALL INFORMATION PERTAINING TO THIS VEHICLE. AND THE AUCTION. IF YOU DO NOT PLAN ON HONORING YOUR BID OR DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BID! Please e-mail us at amoco_auto@cox. net with any questions that you may have. or for more information on this or any of our other vehicles. Thank you again for your interest in our auctions. and we hope to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers! Happy Bidding!!

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